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  1. So went to look about posting him in the Lost Mini Wiki but he was already there, which happens pretty often. I have an artists page there and when I add a photo to my own little page, ofttimes somebody grabs it and puts it where it “belongs”.
  2. I’d like to say I stopped using purple but just finished off a purple demon this morning. On the bright side she wasn’t wearing pants!
  3. I don’t think so, it’s really rough and lacks the geometrical patterns of his face. Johnson’s minis are usually so clean and smooth. And just found out who it was, Kevin Contos!
  4. Thank you Metalchaos! sometimes it’s hard to figure out if I want a tame or more out there color palette. I could have just as easily made him just shades of greens and yellows, but didn’t want him to be too boring. Thanks Polly, I guess the decision to mix it up again was merited! And a third thank you to ye!
  5. Hello all you Reaperphonics! So today's mini is a Druid, originally sculpted for Kenzer and Company under a miniature line they had for a number of years and afterwards sold to Iron Wind Metals who produces him nowadays. I have no idea who the sculptor is, maybe somebody else does. I've always liked this figure. Like so many of the Hackmaster figures, he's kind of a bit chunky and "raw", but he's got a goodly amount of personality, and was enjoyable to paint. I did notice that I've been painting a lot of purple pants lately, need to stop doing that.
  6. Huge group of minis and all beautifully painted! I only wish I could get so much accomplished in a short time!
  7. So from what I understand, back in the day Ral Partha worked with Citadel and they sold each other’s respective products on either side of the ocean. At one point, Partha resculpted, I think mostly Dennis Mize did these, a lot of the ones from Citadel, and then either sold them independently or under the auspice still of “Ral Partha Imports”. I’m pretty sure this has to be one of them. If you look around in the Lost Miki Wiki, you should be able to find both versions. Here’s another example of a Citadel miniature resculpted by Dennis Mize, one I’ve painted recently I really like the original Citadel versions and would love to paint some of the originals but I’m doubting that Games Workshop still sells these little gems!
  8. Listening to the lamentation of other painters’ women? or maybe just egg nog…. Thank you Poilu!
  9. Very nice and those eyes are just malevolent!
  10. So continuing my barbarian, slightly-avoiding copyright infringement miniatures, here's a random Barbarian Warlord with Great Sword, or is it just a great sword? Anyhoos, he may or may not resemble some great square jawed barbarian, only you and Crom know for sure: He's got a crazy, exaggerated helmet, but I'm guessing it's ceremonial? Or who knows, maybe he uses it when he's samba dancing.....
  11. Great job and should probably mention an uncommon figure!
  12. Thanks Iridil, I think the if I would redo the yellow it might also pop pretty decently as it would be quite the contrast to the skin, but I wanted to try a new color scheme! Or maybe she's just a modest barbarian and wears all her chainmail bikini under hear loose fitting "Footloose" sweatshirt and her pantaloons!
  13. One of my favorite minis from the last Kickstarter and you certainly did him a fine justice!
  14. Thanks Glitterwolf! The hair was what most bothered me with the first version, that there wasn’t enough highlights to it. With the second one, the newer one, I hope it doesn’t come off as too grey.
  15. Thanks Glitterwolf, Conan is definitely the boss!
  16. Thanks much Metalchaos, and if I may say painted nipples where they should be but weren't sculpted in!
  17. Thanks Chaoswolf! Upon some reflection it might have been a nice idea to do her in the same original colors, as in a progress sense, my yellows are better than they were years ago, et cetera. Maybe I'll do that some day still. I'm sure I have another copy of her hanging around somewhere. Thanks KruleBear! I thinks it's probably a very similar formula with probably the same colors, but ten years later.
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