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  1. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this one before! Beautifully done!
  2. She’s an interesting one, and I think she is one of their later releases, after Ral Partha became Iron Wind Metals, but I’m not sure, likewise maybe she’s a Ral Partha Import. I always stick my photos into the Lost Mini Wiki, and of times they place the miniature where it belongs and I get a bit surprised as to its origin.
  3. She is in the market for a new man, most recent romantic partner having met his demise in a mysterious accident. I think though she might still be pretty emotionally attached to him though, as she is still wearing him.
  4. Hello to all you Reaperthalians! Here's another figure I just got done with, Shara Darksteel, a Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals figure. I really like her skull mask, and tried to give her some darker slightly Gothy colors, without making her just black, and her robe ended up looking more or less like a monk's robe. my settings that I use seem to tamp down the color of these figures, her hair is much more vibrant and the features on her bolts are a lot more red. I used bright skin as her base color, which was a color I hadn't used in quite a while so that was nice to do something different. I wish I knew who the sculptor was for this miniature, but not quite sure. Might have to hunt her down in the Lost Mini Wiki. So anyhoos, more to come as long as breath flows from my body and my hands don't shake! Hope everybody had a nice Turkey Day!
  5. Thanks Poilu, it's pretty basic, but I happily accept the compliment!
  6. Yeah, I kind of agree after having seen it, I was going for a light greenish, but should have more contrast with a deeper green or even a blue. Of course now that I've finished I'm kind of lazy, so probably unlikely that I go back and actually fix it. I wonder if by boxed he meant a blister? If she was indeed sculpted by Dennis Mize, which stylistically makes sense, then sorry for the error! It's amazing in any case, whether it be Meier or Mize how much their skill levels increased in such a small amount of time!
  7. Yeah, Tom Meier did some great work back then, and even more incredible nowadays! Thanks Mad Jack, I wasn't aware they all originally came in one set!
  8. Hello all you Reapertoniks! Here's a few more Partha classics, three more elves sculpted by Tom Meier in around 1976-1977, a musician that belongs I think to a command group, the commander with that command group, and a female elf that I think came separately? Used the same color schemes I had for my earlier elves, hope you enjoy!
  9. These are such cool figure Rob and petite! I don’t think I’ve ever heard of this fantasy line.
  10. She’s not in Bones USA but she’s a normal metal mini!
  11. GreyHorde! Long time no see! Nice little gnomes you’ve got going on there!
  12. Thanks Iridil, not to worry, and I very much appreciate it! Yup, trying to get them all painted up for their catalogue! I've got the rest of the elves as well, trying to get through them all before the end of the year! Trying to remember, I think I started out using Camouflage green for the archer's cloak and then some browns, deeper greens for shading and I think I went up to lemon yellow with the highlights, or maybe white, I don't even remember any more. Great photo of those old school minis! I hope to get some of their goblins as well some day. Thank you Noble Glitterwolf!
  13. An older and clumsier time, but a time that some of us started being interested in minis!
  14. Hello Reapervites! So here are three more Wood Elf figures, been working on a group of these and getting them finished little by little. With them all, want them to be kind of the same but a little bit of variety, so tried to vary clothing colors and hair colors, but keeping it all in natural and autumn colors, browns, greens and oranges/yellows. So anyhoos, here are three more: Tried to some freehand that would tie in on the shield and banner. My freehand is sometimes not the greatest, but oh well, give me something to want to learn better! So enjoy!
  15. Yeah, that turned out very nicely! Beautifully done!
  16. Yup, I’ve got those first three primed and ready to continue painting and the last one is glued to a base but I haven’t primed him yet. Hope to have them done soon as well!
  17. Hello all you Reaperlodytes! Continuing the work on some old school goodness, more Ral Partha elves from 1976 I think: These are all wood elves, and I've got some more coming, so I'm trying to get them painted in browns, yellows, oranges and greens. These are their two spearmen. Just like the Elven Princess, back in the pre-history of miniatures. Super straight forward, a little awkward, amazing to compare these to Tom Meier's more recent figures!
  18. As of yet, I've only been able to do that once, when I found an old Partha gnome thief/rogue, sculpted by Tom Meier, in a box of bits. I was thrilled to find him amidst tons of plastic pieces!
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