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  1. Thanks all for the help! I'll keep working on the NMM stuff because I can see in the future it might start turning out pretty well if I keep at it. What worries me more right now, though, is the chalkiness, because when I look at the mini without the camera it looks fine.. It's when I get such a close up that it looks chalky. The other thing is that I'm not using thick paint. I'm really watering the paints down before I apply them and after the initial layer of base color, I'm really wetting the paints down to do the shading and highlighting. One thing I am using is cheap paint, Dreamcoat stuff I get at Michaels. I almost want to try some different/better paint, but I've got so many of the Dreamcoats, to replace them could cost a ton. What to do, what to do??????
  2. Hello all, Please let me know what you think of my metals on this miniature. Apart from the little Reaper Halloweeny familiar dagger and another miniature that really had only an metal armband, this is the first model where I've really tried NMM. My results, I think, aren't that good, but it's a first attempt, and I'm going to continue to try it out I think. Out of the three metal colors I tried to replicate, I liked the gold the best. The Silver on the spear tip is iffy and I couldn't quite figure out the blue metal of the helmet and the shield. As an aside, this was kind of a goofy model I got off of EBay. Obviously, I like Grenadier stuff, but this one in particular was odd because the back of her legs were pretty much missing, so I stuck some putty back there and tried to make them look as normal as possible. One of her feet is also really odd and thin, but I didn't really do much at all with that. Anyhows, let me know what you think. I'm thinking of doing more of this non metal jazz, but it's harder than I thought to make it look convincing, which I don't think this does too much, but oh well, let me know.. And here's here back....
  3. Here is the other Reaper model I did over Turkey day. With this one I'm adding the rear shot because this miniature is my first attempt at NMM. Please let me know what you think about it.. Here's the back shot. I did the dagger without using any metallic paints. Looking to see what you all think. I've been since working on some other figures with NMM and maybe I'll stick those up later. Thanks!
  4. Hello All, Finally I got around to painting a Reaper miniature. I wanted to finish this before Halloween, but just didn't have time. Let me know what you think! Then here is the requisite booty shot, which I actually prefer to call the pumpkin shot..
  5. Hello there, After painting the Satyr from Grenadier, I wanted to paint the other two miniatures that came in this set, so here they are. I did them over the Labor Day weekend in a rare spurt of painting. Please let me know what you think of these, especially let me know if you think they look too chalky and rough. I was having problems with the dryad because I didn't know if I had highlighted the skin enough, as it was very dark and I had tons of problems with the nymph's eyes. I had to peel one whole eye off with an exacto knife because it looked so bad and the eyebrows I had originally painted were huge and bushy and ugly, so those came off too and got replaced. With the dress on the nymph, I tried my first attempt at semi-transparent clothes, so let me know if you think that's too rough.
  6. Thanks for the comments. Believe me, it's not the first time I've been told my work is a little chalky. Here's my question though: I usually am using especially with the lighter colors very watered down versions of my paints. Could it be that water is not good enough to use as a thinner or extender. I do notice that as I'm painting under a lamp, which is normally pretty warm, the paint dries up pretty quickly. I know that I've heard of different chemicals/products being used as thinners. What do people use generally that somebody would recommend? I think my main concern or worry with a different type of thinner would be that it would take too long for the paint to dry on the miniature. Is this a valid concern? Thanks!
  7. I probably should clarify: I painted it, I bought it off of Ebay.
  8. Hello again, Here is a Satyr that I found off the internet that I think came out okay. Let me know what you think!
  9. This is one of Julie Guthrie's old Grenadier models, probably from the nineties I'm guessing because they came out after I stopped painting. Dragglestown or Discounthobby.com still sell them. The hobbits I painted last are from the same place. And yes, they are typically smaller, more on the size scale of Ral Partha, which is nice because that's kind of what I'm used to, but the miniatures nowaday seem to be able to capture a lot more detail and a little bit bigger are easier to paint.
  10. Here is the other Grenadier Hobbit I painted within the last month or so.
  11. Hello, Here is an old Grenadier hobbit thief I painted recently. I hope it doesn't show up too big. Being it was so small I was having problems getting it to not be blurry, but the bigger it is, the easier you can see my various imperfections.
  12. And here's her back. I don't know why I have it in my head that Gnomes have greyish skin and white hair. I've been buying two sets of all my gnomes so that one day when I get over the greyness, I can paint them as normal skinned little folks. I tried to do a bit of freehanding on this one with the gloves and the ghosts on the smock and the little globe on the end of the wand.
  13. Here's a gnome illusionist I've been working on from a company called Kenzer Co., not Reaper sorry, but I was just looking for some input. It's a pretty small miniature and looks kind of rough, but I think that's the miniature as much as my paint job. It was sculpted by Jim Johnson some years back.
  14. Hello all, Here are two miniatures I just got done with last week. They are two succubae that I did after working on the ogre I did last. After spending all that time on one miniature, I wanted to do a few that I could kind of do in a hurry without anything complicated going on. I'm putting a link to this one because there's a bit of nudity going on here. http://www.electricocean.com/gt/Moonglum/succubusduo I originally wanted to make them opposites and have one be white-skinned with black hair and the other to be black-skinned with white hair but I kind of let the idea go and just painted them more natural looking. I also thought about giving them very colorful robes, but then went with whitish/light blue.
  15. The skin tone started out as mudstone, then down to dark burnt umber. After that, I highlighted once again with mudstone, then went up to an ivory color then white. The total number of layers of color was probably from mudstone to dark burnt umber five and then ivory and white, so seven different gradations. It's a pretty large figure. In total the whole thing probably took around 12 hours because I'm pretty slow. I also accidentally slipped with this one and a paint brush full of black paint went crashing into the back of his head! That kind of bit. My next figures are going to be far more simple and less time consuming. I just did a Ral Partha succubus that was only skin, hair, face and a cloth draped around her. It only took three hours. Giving the club feet and arms would be a hilarious idea!
  16. Thanks for all the very nice comments! The skin color is a Dreamcoat brand color called Mudstone. I actually wanted it to be a bit browner, but I'm okay with how it turned out.
  17. and here's the back view...
  18. Here's an Ogre I've been working on for the longest of times now. I'd get an hour or two here and there and would do a bit on him. I tried to make him kind of dirty looking but not sure how well I succeeded. I was also tempted to try NMM, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I'm going to look for some fighter in plate mail or something maybe later for that attempt.
  19. Okay, I hope I've got this figured out. Here is a link (hopefully): http://www.electricocean.com/gt/Moonglum/egypt2femti_001 this is for the two miniatures I've painted last and http://www.electricocean.com/gt/Moonglum/egyptchicks2femti this one shows two priestesses, one I did just two weeks ago and the other one that I did about a year and a half ago. Hopefully these will come up and hopefully you'll notice the difference between the old and new.
  20. Hey guys, I'd like to post my Pharaoh and Priestess (Neferu I think her name is), but people are always putting up links because of nudity and the priestess is topless, but I have no link to put her to. Is is enough that I just warn you all that a topless female is coming before I post?
  21. Here's a Celtic Civilian from a company called either Black Tree or Black Forst, from Britain, can't remember which. I think it turned out more or less okay, but her hand on top of the vase is kind of weird in the way it was sculpted. And of course my paints probably too thick, but oh well..
  22. Here's an old wizard from Ral Partha. I originally wanted to paint him with white hair to make him look kind of old, but after giving him some oriental toned skin, I decided to make his hair black and I think that made him look more sinister.. Just another journey back into yesteryear..
  23. He's a giant, so he's actually a pretty tall miniature, about 3-4 inches high. That probably makes a lot of different, more space with which to work..
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