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  1. This is actually a figure I had wanted for a long time but only relatively recently good a hold of. I’m glad though I finally got her and was able to paint her up! Thank you Glitterwolf! Thanks! Wasn’t exactly going for the terry Rob look, but I’ll certainly take it! Thank you Chaoswolf! I have to agree with you there, she looks very sweet and innocent! It’s a nice figure too because she’s got no weapons, not a fighter or a monster, kind of rarer for the ‘70s.
  2. Yes, back then there were a lot less options, so more people had a smaller pool of figures!
  3. Good evening Reaperologists! So tonight taking a journey back to the past in the late seventies when Ral Partha was in its infancy, here is a Ral Partha Elven Princess, sculpted by Tom Meier. A simple miniature from a simple time, it shows how far miniature sculpting has come over the years with an early Meier sculpt. Take this one an compare it to his more contemporary works, from Dark Sword Miniatures for example: More oldies coming soon!
  4. Both adorable and deadly!
  5. I wonder if that first one isn't from Superior. Kind of has that feel. No idea about the second one though. Found the first one: Superior Knight with Axe and Shield
  6. Very small and very nicely painted, love his red nose!
  7. I can never say no to Stonehaven! And I really love the flag you gave the hobbit!
  8. I like this one because when I saw the unpainted version I imagined him much older, but your skin and hair color choices made him very young looking.
  9. Thank you Rubegon, I’m glad you liked her and I’m starting to feel better about her potion bottle. Do you ever wonder how many different potion bottles would actually get damaged in combat?
  10. Thanks much Marsya! Sooo… drow and purple haired minx both tied at 2 votes, with our blue haired bad boy firmly in third.
  11. Drow 2 Blue hair 1 Purple haired minx 1 Drow chick still ahead by a point!
  12. So as of yet, votes are: Drow 2 Blue hair 1 Drow ahead by a vote! Thanks Chaoswolf, they are a crew with a mission, apparently top secret!
  13. I’m glad you can choose a favorite, for me it’s kind of like my children I have to love them equally.
  14. Love this color scheme, colorful but yet relaxing on the eyes!
  15. Thank you Glitterwolf, maybe you can save the purple haired elf for something special like Christmas dinner!
  16. She’s definitely got a more subdued color palette and it almost feels like she’s got some type of military style or government style clothing.
  17. Good evening my Reaperhoovians! So just finished up this little blister pack of Shadowrun Elves sculpted by Ral Partha either latter eighties/early nineties, by Dennis Mize. Two ladies and two gentlemen, challenge as always was figuring out what colors I wanted for them. Being it's all funky monkey science fictiony, can't help but thinking of a little more lively colors and lively hair colors for the most part. and I figured the last figured I'd do as a Drow, no idea if there are any Drow in Shadowrun but painting's not solving world peace or saving lives, so even if there are no Drow in Shadowrun, nobody will lose a finger. And here's the group as it's all together: I wanted them to fit all in one page so I didn't put them on bases, and I painted the rim black, and I can see a little bit of irregularities on that. Not sure if I may eventually actually either repaint the base or actually put them on bases so they don't fall over. The biggest problem is after I take them off their temporary base, I don't want to touch them and that's where it all gets tricky. Anyhow, a problem for later, hope you enjoy these in the meantime!
  18. Thanks so very much! Her mother thinks she’s beautiful too! Thank you Glitterwolf! Excellent choice, you can never have too many colors!
  19. Thank you Poilu! I think my next order for Reaper is going to be with some more paint and I'm going to try to hunt down some new purples as well. I think I have about three nice deepish purplesl, and could always get more! Thank you Iridil! I'm glad the potion came out decently. I've seen some other potions recently that have been extraordinary from some other painters.
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