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  1. An older and clumsier time, but a time that some of us started being interested in minis!
  2. Hello Reapervites! So here are three more Wood Elf figures, been working on a group of these and getting them finished little by little. With them all, want them to be kind of the same but a little bit of variety, so tried to vary clothing colors and hair colors, but keeping it all in natural and autumn colors, browns, greens and oranges/yellows. So anyhoos, here are three more: Tried to some freehand that would tie in on the shield and banner. My freehand is sometimes not the greatest, but oh well, give me something to want to learn better! So enjoy!
  3. Yeah, that turned out very nicely! Beautifully done!
  4. Yup, I’ve got those first three primed and ready to continue painting and the last one is glued to a base but I haven’t primed him yet. Hope to have them done soon as well!
  5. Hello all you Reaperlodytes! Continuing the work on some old school goodness, more Ral Partha elves from 1976 I think: These are all wood elves, and I've got some more coming, so I'm trying to get them painted in browns, yellows, oranges and greens. These are their two spearmen. Just like the Elven Princess, back in the pre-history of miniatures. Super straight forward, a little awkward, amazing to compare these to Tom Meier's more recent figures!
  6. As of yet, I've only been able to do that once, when I found an old Partha gnome thief/rogue, sculpted by Tom Meier, in a box of bits. I was thrilled to find him amidst tons of plastic pieces!
  7. This is actually a figure I had wanted for a long time but only relatively recently good a hold of. I’m glad though I finally got her and was able to paint her up! Thank you Glitterwolf! Thanks! Wasn’t exactly going for the terry Rob look, but I’ll certainly take it! Thank you Chaoswolf! I have to agree with you there, she looks very sweet and innocent! It’s a nice figure too because she’s got no weapons, not a fighter or a monster, kind of rarer for the ‘70s.
  8. Yes, back then there were a lot less options, so more people had a smaller pool of figures!
  9. Good evening Reaperologists! So tonight taking a journey back to the past in the late seventies when Ral Partha was in its infancy, here is a Ral Partha Elven Princess, sculpted by Tom Meier. A simple miniature from a simple time, it shows how far miniature sculpting has come over the years with an early Meier sculpt. Take this one an compare it to his more contemporary works, from Dark Sword Miniatures for example: More oldies coming soon!
  10. Both adorable and deadly!
  11. I wonder if that first one isn't from Superior. Kind of has that feel. No idea about the second one though. Found the first one: Superior Knight with Axe and Shield
  12. Very small and very nicely painted, love his red nose!
  13. I can never say no to Stonehaven! And I really love the flag you gave the hobbit!
  14. I like this one because when I saw the unpainted version I imagined him much older, but your skin and hair color choices made him very young looking.
  15. Thank you Rubegon, I’m glad you liked her and I’m starting to feel better about her potion bottle. Do you ever wonder how many different potion bottles would actually get damaged in combat?
  16. Thanks much Marsya! Sooo… drow and purple haired minx both tied at 2 votes, with our blue haired bad boy firmly in third.
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