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  1. Yeah, my recent figures have been a little bit on the bizarre side, whales, squids, chickenasaurus….
  2. Greetings to those of the Clan Reaper! I think this has got to be one of the quirkiest figures I've painted, a Chickinasaurus sculpted by Tom Meier from his Sparkle and Savage range, from Theoland! I was a bit confused as to what colors to make him, so thinking about chickens, I tried to imitate a nice brown chicken with a green tail, hopefully he turned out okay: a really nice and simple figure to actually paint!
  3. Probably traded away for some new-fangled mini from the 21st century…. Thank you Glitterwolf!
  4. Yay! It’s legible! I was kind of worried. I can read it, but I wrote it. Thanks for confirming!
  5. Hello all you Reaper Acolytes! So painted this one as a gift for a friend, now that she's got it, can finally show it off: A Thumper Standard Bearer, I think sculpted by Richard Kerr. It was so hard not go go all crazy Easter Bunny on this one, so added a few Easter eggs, quite literally. Hopefully his banner is legible! After listening quite often and watching Anne Forester's Twitch channel, one great tip she gave was to start with your free hand using a white base instead of black. I did so this time, so hopefully the banner text and the belt are a bit brighter than they otherwise would have been had I used a black base color. Anyhoos, enjoy and a premature Happy Easter to all!
  6. It's basically a problem of limited employment opportunities at the bottom of the ocean. Too many young folk with time on their hands Interesting, I had no idea where this little phrase might have been invented. When we were kids we didn't read MAD magazine that much. My limited funds usually went to miniatures, fantasy books, and D&D stuff, and a little bit to comics.
  7. So for the purpose of full disclosure, there is no freehand done on this figure. The front and back of his t-shirt are both sculpted in raised fashion. I just painted what was already there. Thank you Chaoswolf!
  8. Thanks Iridil! It was hard to figure out what color I wanted his squiddy squid to be. I thought of purple, or blue, maybe orangey, but ultimately, he became pink!
  9. So hello there all you Reaperlies! So here is Squidboy, a figure sculpted by Tom Meier originally for his Thunderbolt Mountain range and currently available out at Ral Partha Legacy. The hardest thing with this figure was to figure out what color are squids and eventually made him pink. Judging by his t-shirt, I have a feeling he is supposed to be the archenemy of Whaleboy, in a recent posting of mine. Anyways, please enjoy!
  10. Walking whales wielding wonderful weapons tend to make people wonderfully wistful and happy!
  11. Hello Reaperlonians! Here's one I just finished, a pretty simple miniature, Whaleboy, from Tom Meier's Sparkle and Savage range with Thunderbolt Mountain, that he sculpted for his kids. There's a Squidboy too that I hope to get painted one of these days: A very enjoyable figure to paint!
  12. These are great Rob! On my lunch break, now that I'm working from home, I very often go down into my basement/nerd cave and paint maybe a half hour/45 minutes. It's a very nice way to spend a lunch!
  13. Like the little Partha victim in the middle of it all!
  14. Very cute, love the colors and the eyes are particularly well done!
  15. Thanks Metalchaos ! I wanted to get it orangey enough so it just wouldn’t look like it was gold.
  16. I agree, I’d love to see more figures with different versions of themselves.
  17. Yeah, it's interesting and pretty fun. Found this on a Shadowrun Wikipage for fans: Anne Penchyk was General Franklin Yeats's running mate; they ran on the Republican, "Rebuild America" ticket. She took his place after he was assassinated in a Chicago hotel room, by a wasp insect spirit posing as an FBI agent. She ran for the presidency, giving the dragon Dunkelzahn a run for his money. She was also an insect spirit, with connections to the Desolation Angels, who were still stuck in the CCZ (Chicago Containment Zone) Gives a bit of history to the miniature and then starts me down that Rabbit Hole, because they talk about Dunkelzahn another miniature that I have and now should probably start painting.
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