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  1. Like the little Partha victim in the middle of it all!
  2. Very cute, love the colors and the eyes are particularly well done!
  3. Thanks Metalchaos ! I wanted to get it orangey enough so it just wouldn’t look like it was gold.
  4. I agree, I’d love to see more figures with different versions of themselves.
  5. Yeah, it's interesting and pretty fun. Found this on a Shadowrun Wikipage for fans: Anne Penchyk was General Franklin Yeats's running mate; they ran on the Republican, "Rebuild America" ticket. She took his place after he was assassinated in a Chicago hotel room, by a wasp insect spirit posing as an FBI agent. She ran for the presidency, giving the dragon Dunkelzahn a run for his money. She was also an insect spirit, with connections to the Desolation Angels, who were still stuck in the CCZ (Chicago Containment Zone) Gives a bit of history to the miniature and then starts me down that Rabbit Hole, because they talk about Dunkelzahn another miniature that I have and now should probably start painting.
  6. Good afternoon my Reapergogglians! So just finished up Ann Penchyk, a Shadowrun character apparently (don't know too much about Shadowrun still, after months and months of painting different Shadowrun figures. I really dig this little blister pack, where we have Ann dressed in her corporate 9-5 job, and then the another version of her, the "adventurer" version of her. So with that in mind, I at least tried to keep her skin tones, hair color, et cetera the same so it looks like she just might be the same gal in different attire. 9-5 Ann: and how she spends her time Shadowrunning on the weekend: and here they are together, side by side: This is the first Shadowrun orc I've painted and from what I could tell with all the other artwork I've found on line, Shadowrun orcs can be any normal person's skin color, so even though I thought it was a bit strange, I painted her starting out with Tanned Highlights and worked up and down from there instead of doing some type of green base. So ta-ta for now, hope you enjoy!
  7. Very nicely done! I really like the green tinges in his skin!
  8. Very cool, reminds me of those Shrinky Dinks we used to have as kids!
  9. That looks to be a piece of his necklace, if you look on the other side of his head. Beautiful work Derek and such great freehand!
  10. Thanks Iridil, I used a whole bunch of different Reaper "leather" colors! Thanks Krassling, hopefully in a few days these painted versions will show up there as well on their catalogue.
  11. I don't usually remember quotes from movies and TV shows, but I wrote two down in my phone because I really enjoyed them so much: "Queen of Hell is not the life we hoped for you, Sabrina", from the Netflix Sabrina the Teenage Witch show and "O meu Hamster", from a Brazilian Netflix Series, called Nobody's Looking, where they realize that God is a little hamster running on a wheel.
  12. Thank you Darcstaar, I'm glad that all these layers haven't gone to waste! I watch Anne Forester a lot on her Twitch and I'm always amazed at seeing her results, and she only does four or five layers lots of times and her stuff comes out so beautifully. Sometimes I want to figure out a way to economize, but at the same time, I'm so used to working the way I do I don't know if I'd change my process.
  13. Thank you very much Glitterwolf! Thanks Darcstaar! It started about as the base with Restone Highlight and then went down: to Redstone Redstone shadow Dark Skin Highlight Dark Skin Dark shadow Dark Elf shadow Walnut Brown and somewhere in there, I think between Dark Skin and Dark Shadow I put some dark elf skin. And then going up from the Redstone Highlights: Tanned Shadow Tanned Skin Tanned highlight Fair Skin Fair highlight White I always paint very watered down layers, which I’m not sure is a good or a bad thing, whether they be the highlights or the washes. If I wasn’t so old and set in my ways, I could probably get away with less and thicker layers, but oh well.
  14. Hello all you Reaperhemians! So my last four minis were a blister pack of Ral Partha Shadowrun Tribals, sculpted by Dennis Mize, with a date stamped on the bottom of 1992, so 19 years ago.(EDIT -apparently I can’t do math. I was thinking a moment ago, wait, my kid is twenty eight years old and he was born in 1992, so the miniature is actually 28 or so years old!) I really enjoyed working on these figures. The first thing was the Native American skin, for which I used the Redstone Triad to get figured out. I hope it doesn't look too red. The other thing was all the beads they have on their clothing, for which I gave up and decided to go with the same colors for each bead set, even though I though of doing different colors in the same string of beads but kind of gave that thought up because I didn't want it to take forever. The other thing I kind of tried was to use a red, white and blue color theme for the accents, with their natural leathers and I threw in a bit of green and yellow. So anyways, hope you all enjoy!
  15. Those are all fantastic! Love the dour skin tones.
  16. Unbridled goofy creativity! I agree with you there, pretty odd, but pretty cool!
  17. Crazy what folks will invent! Thanks Glitterwolf! It's back to the classics of horror! Yeah, and those moments of confusion could cost them their life!
  18. Hello all you Reaperhavians! So Tom Meier, when he was still running his own company, did a range of figures called Sparkle and Savage. His daughter inspired him to sculpt some figures (armed fairy ballerinas with unicorn mounts) and his son inspired him to sculpt other ones, like this one. Once you actually see the figure you'll see where the name comes from. a nice combination of the classics!
  19. Wow, those are some beautiful skin tones!
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