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  1. I'm kind of in the same boat, I have no real technical expertise with cameras or phones or anything. I've had my actual camera probably for four or five years already. It's the second "nice" camera I've owned, a Nikon Coolpix L110, but I've got very limited understanding on how it is used. It has a macro setting for close stuff, like miniatures and then I have to reduce the exposure to it's not too light and washed out. This is why this iPhone has been so nice, I literally just pushed the button and the photos came out like they did. I then just crop them and adjust the size but that's all. And in any case, it's much better than my first photo I submitted to the forum so many years ago: I can't even remember what camera this came out of.
  2. Thank you Chaoswolf. I’m just hoping that the photos represent reality! Started out as leather white, then lots of different yellow, orange, brown and a purple washes. Then she got highlights of linen white and pure white.
  3. So the background is a piece of black paper, but depending upon the light and day it either shows up as uniformly black or black with a grey line above it. What I have always had to do with my camera is lower what I think the exposure is because the photo is always too light, so there is a scale where I had to lower the exposer to -1 so it doesn't show up with too much light in a uniform sense and I really don't edit the image much more than that. With the phone I just took the picture and this was the first version of the photo it gave me, even though I know it's doing some kind of auto-editing because before the photo shows up it shows the original photo for a tenth of a second where the colors are a bit more washed out. Of the two photos I'd say that the actual miniature colorwise comes in the middle somewhere. not as muted as the first photo. However, the second photo brings out the whites better that I have on the miniature, which sometimes is a pain with my metals because even though I'm highlighting up to white with the photography I've been using you don't quite detect the white spots. I think I'm going to have to continue comparing different versions of photos for future miniatures.
  4. Thank you Wolf of Glitter! Crazy what a new tool can do! Thank you Rigel, it's always nice to see a figure from different angles!
  5. I wonder if my new iPhone has made my camera obsolete?
  6. Thanks Metalchaos! The eyes are actually the sizes painted as the figure is, I didn’t paint outside of the eyes. The different with this figure is that she had the irises already sculpted in, which made things a little more difficult. I eventually filled the holes full of paint and painted over the “holes”.
  7. Thank you Inarah! You should dig them up and give them a coat of paint! Thank you Iridil! I sculpted the base pavers out of green stuff, and as she didn’t really come with an attached base, I just super glued her on to it.
  8. Good evening Reaper Hoppers and Poppers, So I just finished this miniature, who is a pretty small one. She's Gwenyvere, from Tom Meier's Arthurian line at Thunderbolt Mountain, currently being produced by Ral Partha Legacy. I just got a new iPhone, and I took the pictures with it. I think the pictures came out really nicely, and have done an automatically good job on the exposure and all. My concern is does the automization of the exposure make it any different than if I would have had to work a little bit with the exposure? To give a comparison, here is how my camera turned out: It's a lot darker. Anyhoos, looking for photographic opinions. And to give you an idea of how small this figure it is, here she is in comparison to a US quarter:
  9. Hi all you reapergraphers! So he's my question: I just got a new cell phone, the Apple 12 Pro Max, after having the same phone for about five years. I just finished a miniature and took pictures with the camera I always use, and then I went and took the mini with my iPhone. Here they are to compare: Old Camera: and here is the same miniature with the iPhone: I think the second one looks better, but I also worry, am I somehow cheating, as I think the iPhone is correcting the exposures rather nicely to show the miniature in a very positive "light". Is this in any way dishonest, or does the new camera simply take a nice picture? Opinions very welcome!!!!!!
  10. Just picked this delightful lady as my favorite of the group!
  11. Picking my favorite… lady monk!!!!
  12. Or he will creepily kill me and eat me.
  13. That guy's pale dead skin is creeping me out!
  14. Thank you Iridil! These faces are actually relatively large, with nicely exposed eyes that were easy to reach.
  15. Thanks very much BardicDave! What little talent I may have comes from decades of self-imposed painting torture.
  16. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping it arrives all while my wife is at work.....
  17. Oh I only wish it were a stylistic choice. Sadly, it’s the only way I know how to paint!
  18. Good catch! I was thinking of them more like their male and female versions of their archetype sets of adventurers.
  19. Everything about this figure it just perfect! Took a long time to get to, but definitely worth the wait! He’s got to be pretty heavy as well, solid metal!
  20. Thank you very much Chaoswolf! Thank you BardicDave, yes, it is NMM. I still struggle with it so much, sometimes it turns out better than other times. I always bring it up to white, but fear that it doesn’t reflect those brightest white points in my photos, or maybe then hence even in real life. Thanks Rigel! Thanks for the kind words Glitterwolf! May you glitter for eternity!
  21. Good evening all you Reaper Spirits! So just finished these two, that I think to belong in a single blister, but not quite sure. Ral Partha High Elf fighters, a male and female. With High Elves, I always have color issues, but end up invariably towards blues and grays. Just a few of a great number of elf figures Chris FitzPatrick sculpted for Partha back in the day! Enjoy!
  22. Yeah, I’m guessing it was pleasurable and it turned out fantastically!
  23. Thanks Buglips! I’ve seen some of her swords very crooked and other ones a bit shorter than they were supposed to be so I’m considering myself kind of lucky!
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