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  1. The results definitely show the amount of work you put in. Phenomenal job!
  2. It is always sad when a marriage ends.
  3. Try going with a more pale glow from the mushroom. It matches the mushrooms color too closely and probably shouldnt extend so far. After all, it is a glow, not a shine, so it should be more faint.
  4. Im not really sure if it would mess it up after only a couple hours but honestly i wouldnt risk it on a mini i spent so much time and effort painting (twice). What i would do is slap a couple coats of paint on an unpainted minis cape or something and give it a test run there
  5. I havent checked in in a while but wow! She is looking beautiful! And that base! The glowing mushrooms would definitely be cool, but definitely unnecessary if you are looking to wrap up the project. I do think the log is colored a bit too brightly. It looks as if it is in daylight when the bottom of the mini is in dim light or darkness.
  6. Some undead requests Zombie / skeletal goblins Zombie / skeletal orcs Zombie / skeletal kobolds Skeletal/ zombie wolf pack Skeletal / zombie bear Bone golem Skeletal/Zombie horses More mummies Other: Dire rat (based closely to 4th edition art) Devourer
  7. Not sure if you guys noticed this but most of the new releases just added are showing image not found.
  8. Im not an osl expert but it seems to me the light would still touch on the edges of the lantern frame that touch the glass. I would hit those with some highlights and leave the rest. Assuming she is using the lantern because she is in a dark setting, there shouldnt be much to highlight the outer parts of the lantern.
  9. I admire that youre willing to put so much time in to make her perfect. i recently gave up on one that just wouldnt go my way and i use nowhere near the same microscopic level of detail you do. Edit: it was Seltyiel. Forget that guy.
  10. Your osl and blending look so good! I do agree regarding her left shoulder though. It should be hoghlighted but a bit less than what you have now. Though i honestly hadnt thought about it until you mentioned it, lol, so you could probably get away with it. I am very excited to paint this mini in bones black once bones V ships out
  11. Those minis are awesome. I followed. Any idea on pricing?
  12. An issue i had with tacky primer was when trying to strip it instead of rubbing Or brushing off the mini it seemed to run around. One thing that seems to work is ising my spray on acryllic sealer which seems to harden and dry the primer.
  13. For summary -Armored battle angels (large+ size, male and female) -Elven elk-riders -zombie horses (no riders) - Elven royal guards (currently in metal) - more polearm weilding humans and elves -balding inquisitive rogue First and foremost I would love to see some armored battle angels in large+ size. Not a lot of angels in reaoer as a whole amd most arent dressed for battle. Havimg these guys and gals would be awesome to paint. Zombie horses. No riders. This will allow people to use them for individual encounters or strap on a wagon, et
  14. I never really liked the sculpt of this dragon. His head looks off to me. However, i love your color scheme and you have done a phenomenal job painting him. Love the detail in the scales and the wings. Good work!
  15. Very nice work. Really impressed with the work on the club especially.
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