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  1. Glad to see the early wave people are finally getting shipping notices! I started my first bones 5 mini last night - just blocked in the paint though. Might see about putting up some pictures at some point!
  2. I backed and managed to get backer #4 somehow. Haven't decided if I go all in or not, but I want them.
  3. I am not sure I have a scale fine enough to tell that small of a difference, but I did get those colours and mine also has a grey cap. It appeared to be full to me, but I can check again?
  4. My minis arrived yesterday and I am SO PLEASED! 😍 So many beautiful figures! Haven't found any issues yet (besides some warping and the missing dice), but I haven't finished inventorying yet.
  5. Maybe they want reaper to make more dragons as much as we do!
  6. Just saw an article that WotC has revealed their October sourcebook will be all about dragons and now I'm sitting here thinking about Bones 6 and all the new species of dragon minis it might have.... Also; my order has been out for delivery since about 7:30 am, but has not yet arrived as of 4 pm 😭 this is killing me!
  7. This reminds me a little of a time I had a comic/nerd convention get the fire marshal called in the middle of it! 😅 They'd not capped ticket sales because they'd never needed to before, but that year they exploded with attendance - fire marshal got called, nobody was allowed to come in, if you left the building they didn't let you back in and if you weren't leaving the building, you weren't allowed to move between the floors (and it was a 3-4 floored convention!) Naturally everyone, myself included, just sat where they were standing and refused to move because we refused to get kicked out of the only yearly comic convention in the province. Took ages for the amount of people in the building to drop low enough for panels and whatnot to resume. Which is why you should always bring snacks to a con; no idea if the fire marshal is about to strand you all on the level with no food vendor (or worse, an overpriced one!). It seems my minis might indeed be arriving today, two days after they were shipped! I got an import scan in the regular customs sorting centre near me about an hour ago - usually it means something will arrive the next day, but that's for Canada Post, and UPS seems to be moving this along quickly. What an agonizing 12 hours this is gonna be.
  8. That does make sense. I suppose I assumed they maybe went by backer number after wave number, since that seems to be something Kickstarter supplies, but perhaps the order thing makes more sense. They did keep the PM open for much longer than usual, so it's possible that contributed to mucking things up.
  9. I like all of these - I know a lot of people during the active campaign and afterwards were talking about a Norse expansion for Bones 6 and I'd be behind that! That suggestion was very popular - I think Aztec and Egyptian was also brought up - I wouldn't mind an Indian one or even a mix of different Aboriginal themes from across the world; there are some interesting things in those stories. It would be nice to see some fantasy/myth stuff that wasn't just so European-centric. I believe - when the software is cooperating - that they go by your wave number, not your order numbers. I don't think order numbers have ever been something Reaper looks at; so many people do multiple orders. I just went and counted, and I did 11 in the end! 😁 My last one was on the 7th of January, 2021 and was order #28,575. I think that might be a bit too complex for them to take into consideration... its just easier for them to bundle things under the waves. ... also I could have sworn I was wave 12, but the PM is telling me I am wave 9. I guess that's why it went out a little sooner then I expected.
  10. UPS seems to alternate between saying "check back at a later date for a delivery time" and "it's coming tomorrow!", but despite this, I still took a detour on a fb marketplace pickup and stopped by the only local store that consistently carries reaper miniatures... to buy more miniatures. I'm getting 24.50 pounds of Reaper miniatures, possibly as early as tomorrow, but I bought more today anyway. My excuse is that they were townsfolk only, which I solely lack in, and I was mostly there to get some inks for the translucent minis I'll have soon.
  11. I'm getting very excited about this. I want these miniatures so bbbaaaadd
  12. All I can think about in regards to this is the old saying "no plan survives contact with the enemy". 😂 Its been a guiding philosophy of mine many a time. In other news, got my customs prepay option: $125. Blah.
  13. I'll second the others saying the kits are a good point to branch off into other sections but I will also add; I believe there is an ongoing event called miniature Mondays (or something similiar) from Reaper's twitch streams, where at the beginning of the month they sell a kit with the colours and/or miniatures that you'll be painting, and then over the month the streams have a professional painter doing the kit, and you get to paint along and ask questions. That is, however, my understanding of a stream I have only peeked at a few times, so I could be dead wrong on it. At the very least, however, they DO have a series of videos from their streams where their pro artists go over a miniature over several sessions and paint it - you could get the paint colours and miniatures yourself and then follow along the already finished videos. I also find searching the product code or name of a reaper miniature on the forum here or in Google gets me plenty of good WIP or finished versions of that mini, and I can usually then replica parts or all of it, if I can't come up with my own thing.
  14. I got an email about a label being created for my order about 15 minutes ago! 😍 no ships, dragonfolk, runes and Syv, wave 12, in case anyone was wondering. No estimated delivery yet... But it's going to Canada, so we'll see p:
  15. I'm only waiting on the runes and dragonfolk and possibly the dragon, but seems I haven't gotten a shipping notice - nothing in spam or my inbox. I was wave 12, though, as a reference point, guess they didn't make it that far down.
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