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  1. Box is officially on its way again - here's what I ended up picking; - a single die - one reaper blister pack - 1 3D print - 1 wizkid mini - 14 various reaper miniatures I was quite happy to grab some of the pathfinder goblins - those are currently the only "mob" minis I have, so I am excited to have more of them to add to the group! I think I have about 30 of them now. ;^^
  2. Had something come up, so I was a little delayed at finalizing the box, but I am doing that today and should have it shipped out tomorrow or Monday, depending upon how things work out. I'll have pictures up later of my choices :)
  3. Box has safely arrived in Canada :) I'll crack it open and then message the next person. I should be able to have it out by the end of the week.
  4. Excited to be getting the box next! It's been very cool seeing everyone's pictures.
  5. I'm liking this idea to put LEDs in the shadow dragon. Not sure I could pull it off though myself :p Colourwise for dragons; I haven't decided on all of them, but I definitely want to do a dark green/black swamp combo for the green, and do a pink/albino base for the white. Not sure about the others though
  6. That's good to know about green stuff! I have been looking online and have found some deals - but then they want $20 to ship to Canada and the exchange rate starts coming into play and it's not fantastic. shipping to Canada has been climbing a lot these past few years
  7. I'd definitely mix it up! I haven't tried them, but I know there are a lot of mixing exercises out there that walk you through making charts so you can compare your experiments and see what you like. I imagine YouTube's got some guides or something. If you're making dinosaurs and reptiles, I'd recommend leaning towards warm tones - yellows and reds are not uncommon in reptiles or dino artwork. Blues less so, but are still out there!
  8. I don't have a lot of experience working with darkening and lightening olive greens (I picked up a box of Vallejo's Panzer Ace paints and there is a LOT of olive greens in there) but the few times I have, I have actually used browns - more specifically, dark browns to darken, and beiges to lighten. The cooler/less saturated, the better, generally. You can also use turquoises or potentially dark blues to take it into more of an olive teal if you are looking to switch it up a bit. I would personally stay away from black, unless you were mixing a small amount to do some very heavy shadowing work
  9. Yeah, I have DEFINITELY painted over a few gaps and mould lines in my time.... (who am I kidding, I did it over the last one I just started) I am glad to hear about the vallejo putty, because I think that is one of the few that I can actually get locally, vs ordering online (Canadian Amazon marks up waaayy too much and I am not paying $19~ shipping on a tube the length of my palm). Incidentally, the only one I know I can get locally is Army Painter's Green Stuff, specifically the two bar mixing part you're suppose to mix together yourself. And for the same reason, I have not tried it - it just
  10. Okay, I am HERE for Amazons! I backed in the end. I've never built miniatures like this but... first time for everything!
  11. Everyone's talking about glue and I'm over here worrying about how much that green stuff/gap filler stuff I should buy. I am..... an extremely slow painter and have a few minis with bad cuts or larger gaps that I have yet to even touch because I can't find the stuff for cheap anyway. I know I should pick some up in preparation for any miniatures that need touching up around seams or something, but having never used it before, I am somewhat hesitant to just grab anything or buy a bunch of one thing that turns out to be super annoying. Glad to know I'm not the only one goi
  12. Oops, I turned around for a day and somehow became the starting post for this thread. Sorry @MoonglowMinis! I'll edit the first post in the next day or two and introduce the topic a bit better, as well as add my thoughts to this. I want to thank everyone for being really supportive about this topic - I have developed my own habit over the years of not speaking up about diversity in general, open 'nerd' spaces, as it doesn't always go over well and I'd rather not.... get into that, when I'm trying to have fun. I am very glad that this community has been so great when this was brought up.
  13. That is a very good point and something that might be worth starting here. I'm willing to lead a cheer for some gender-neutral / gender non-conformjngcharacters. I'm non-binary myself and decent gender non-conforning reps of any kind are... not common in many cases. I haven't actually checked out Starfinder but I am going to have a look based off those comments; though admittedly I am not particularly fond of non-binary representation that just happens to always be supernatural or alien. P: (nothing like the subtle implication that gender non-conformity is viewed as non-human ) I
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