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  1. This is my thought, zombie dwarf tomb needs the maximum amount of zombies/ghosts possible - plus I feel like a lot of the set pieces would be better if there were doubles. Those dwarf statues? Definitely need two on either side of an entrance. Same about the extras, though. They'll probably be destined for bits or experimenting if I don't unload them. Also loving the overgourd - though I almost wish it was just a smidge less tall, the vines seem a little bit stretched, I would have preferred it hunkered a bit more.
  2. I know I don't need two of the Dwarf Crypt encounters... but I looking at close-ups is making me want two.
  3. Oh, I am very pleased with these power-ups. Feeling like I might need to get multiple copies of both the new ones - maybe even three of the demon one, to make a good swarm.
  4. Pretty good in my opinion? Some of the early review stuff I've seen I have set aside as side adventures to be done later and other things I've folded into the world at large just as world building or larger events. There are a few things I could see someone building a whole campaign around and a few that can easily be "here's a random session" (the rumour ones are particularly good for that). Pretty good mix as well between things you can build an encounter or dungeon around or things that'd give your players a good chance to think for themselves and role play.
  5. Admittedly I've only backed the last rumours one but from what I heard from others he's pretty good, and has a good reputation in the RPG community in general? From the Sinister Rumours kickstarter, six of the seventeen PDFs have been released for community review/pre-viewing and he's apparently got another 3 that are almost at that stage with nearly every single one otherwise sourced for artwork. He seems to be moving fast imo.
  6. Phillip Reed has launched another Kickstarter to add to his recently finished campaign "A Dozen Sinister Rumours", which ended up giving out seventeen system-agnostic PDFs for fantasy RPGs for only a $1. This new one is following a similar idea, pledging for a $1 gets you access to all unlocked PDFs of RPG flavour inspiration, each of which have a dozen ideas, adventure hooks, important items or NPCs to use. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/102137316/a-dozen-troubling-rumors-for-use-with-fantasy-rpgs/ The project launched yesterday and is already funded with two stretch goals unlocked.
  7. ... well, I am now. And here was me thinking I only needed one of them.
  8. Who ended up winning the subs giveaway, I haven't been able to watch yet. Also agree that this new air scion is a nice add to fan favourites, and I think it'll make me jump in for the elemental pack as well. Might as well if I'm already getting 1/4th of the set. :p
  9. I can access the pledge manager at the moment and it is showing the Henchmen and Hirelings as a $12 add-on (for 7 minis based off the kickstarter update).
  10. Honestly thought I was in the clear having dropped Brinewind and sticking to just three expansions... Now looks like I'm back to 4. My spreadsheet is telling me $643.00 USD (before shipping) and $846.16 CAD (before shipping). I might have to trim that somewhere...
  11. Aaaahhh, that fan favourites!! Holy !!! I love it!!!
  12. I have very little money this month but I finally raised my pledge a tiny bit. Fan/Artist's Favourites ppllleaasseee
  13. Ooooooooooooo, now that's a good idea. I was thinking more like - do I make a lion version and a tiger version and a housecat version, but I could combine that with doing different coloured dragons as well
  14. Okay, those pictures have changed my mind on the ghoul encounter... definitely getting it. And that!! cat dragon!!! What's even the point of getting multiples? I'm not sure, I'll figure it out.
  15. Yeeesss..... cat dragon in the core!! Honestly looks like such a beautiful mini that I kind of want multiples just because.
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