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  1. Now me personally i am a heavy Purist Dungeon master i find the aesthetics of a miniature extremely important when i make my selection. now i Know WIZKIDZ being the owners of D&D they have full use of all Iconic baddies in the Monster Manual and their miniatures sculpts are leagues past "normal" Reaper Bones, but reaper's quick thinking introduced Bones BLACK & they are quite close on terms of detail. 1. Wizkids miniatures have a more livly dynamic feel and poses to their sculpts while Reaper minis have a slightly more casual tame/muted presence in comparison. 2. Reaper covers a vast selection of Miniatures kudos! i feel that making miniatures that are difficult to find give a huge edge. (that Catoblepus, War Wammoths are outstanding selections!!!) 3. Reapers mini's are somewhat too cartoonish on a vast selection of models and sculpts (I.E. the new BonesBLACK Efreeti face lacks that intimidating look, great scupt but the face and feet size are. . well comical) 4. Reapers fire and frost Giants are KILLING IT MAN! im sooo ecstatic that Reaper giants are incredibly >>UNIVERSAL<< the facial expressions and powerful poses are on Target. i would helichopper my shirt over my head to see reaper revisit some of their older sculps and put a little for of that BLACK magic on thoes bones (i.e Yephima, Male Storm Giant, Frost Wyrm) 5. no more fixed terrain base for flying creatures please. i would much preffer optional modular miniature with a choice of either a flight stand or "environmental" stand (i.e. Succubus will always carry around that piece of rubble every where, Mortar, Gargoyle again same thing, Roc is attached to a rock.) 6. unique original monster are a blessing!!! Jungle Titans as absolutely stunning, Coral Golem please take my money!!! Mashaaf POWERFULL! more of what ever prescribed substance you guys were taking that day. lucky7. guys i just want to say how grateful i am that you divers not only in types of miniatures but more importantly the gender of miniature, i have all of your major monsters and beast but by far my most favorite models are the gals. so just a quick shout out for mini's Sophie & friends "minotaur", female Snake cultist, female stone giant champion, Frost giant raiders. thank you for reading my gripes and rants guys, please i only mean this is a positive light take everything with a grain of seasalt keep up the good work Reaper crew.
  2. Hey Reapamunity! it may come to no surprise that recently WOTC Wiz kids miniatures have been growing in Popularity and has been tiding over some of your local gaming stores. i am fortunate enough to have 4 such game store here in Houston TX. Now i am a MASSIVE fan of Reaper's bones miniatures line, the Reaper Co. took up 95% of my actual miniatures collection. . 2 years ago. and now with the Popularity of Wizkids Deep Cuts/Pathfinder & Nolzur's miniature growing FAST in popularity my collection is now 65% Reaper co. 30%WOTC, 5%various. now don't get me wrong more Miniatures is a win for EVERYONE indeed, how ever after seeing in ALL my local game store stock walls completely adorned in WizKids mini's line and Reaper selection has been drastically reduced as a result i find that i want reaper miniatures to remain 1# choice for affordable mini's. so to avoid ranting on too much i wanted to start this Topic of how we as a dedicated collective community of game masters and players alike, can give reaper crew some more direct insight on what we look for in a miniature please share your Ideas, Criticism, suggestions & laudation how we can give our Reaper guys a nudge in the right direction.
  3. Normal Bones miniature are actually pretty resilient, the worst you will see is bad warping. im actual in the process of making a temporary cardboard miniature drawers for Storing & sorting my miniatures
  4. i would love to see the following: Goliath - various worriors & tribes man (INCLUDING FEMALES) Redcap Kenku equivilant - 3 not enough i need more birb in my life tabaxi/cat folk - civilians MORE GALS PLS Dragon born/kin - civilians MORE GALS PLS Firbolg WITH GALS aurumvorax - with relatively large size Dire Corby Deep crow Androsphinx (with actual man head) that looks intimidating AF lillend Quickling equivliant ALSO GALS PLS *if its even possible to sculpt that small Leucrotta Ettercaps - creepy or terrifying ((>>>Casualies<<<)) or some sort of Dead body marker - they are so hard to find FEMALE GOBLINS FEMALE HOB GOBLINS FEMALE ORCS FEMALE BUG BEARS FEMALE WERE BEAST please just boobafie everything, put a pair of boobs on a dragon if you have to! my collection is a sausage fest! i hate the question *how do they multiply so fast*, or *where do these come from* i would love too see "more" of ****Teifling/Helborn**** Dwarven civilians MORE GALS PLS halfling civilians MORE GALS PLS gnomish civilians MORE GALS PLS elven civilians just the right amount of gal Dark elf's - just the right amount of gal Eldritch horrors lesser Demons (NOt devils) Flying creatures that use Flight stands, (looks funny when a bat Carries is tombstone in the air when using a flying stand basilisk - Larger size (3-4" size) i would like to see less of Goblins - guys please you CAN have too many goblins trolls
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