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  1. As long as it's a good value for a pledge, like the last one was, I'm in.
  2. Out of curiousity, where is a good place to talk about trading Bones? I ended up with a lot of duplicates, and while I traded some with my friend I have more to trade. Is this forum the place, or elsewhere?
  3. I got mine, but sadly I had a lot of duplicates (like, 37) and a lot of missing minis (more than 40, since a few whole packs of familiars were missing). So I can't wait until everyone gets their Bones so I can get my missing minis. On the bright side I have a ridiculous amount of tradeable minis now. :) Took a while to sort through, but I did it thanks to the spreadsheets and links I found here.
  4. No problem. I'm generally not that guy. :) I just want more minis. The collectibles are fine, but the secondary market is often priced by rarity and game utility, not by "how much is Peter willing to spend on one freaking mini of that for his game?", which is the standard everything should be based on. ;) That's helpful, thank you. Cerebus looks cool. I already have a gigantic cyclops, thanks to those plastic monster figures at Michael's. :)
  5. Thanks for the reply. I pretty much knew that stuff - I was just wondering if there were plans to expand the line. I wasn't suggesting it was a dead line, that Reaper go collectible, woofing that they didn't have some giant line, etc. I'm just curious if it's going to expand. The dinos look cool, but I don't need dinos. And I already have bunches of spiders . . .
  6. I've just started collecting the LE minis. Well, not collecting so much as buying a bunch of the ones I need for game. I'd like to buy more, but I've got as many of the existing models as I need. Are there plans to release more? The up and coming LE line minis announcements all seem pretty old, and I haven't seem new ones pop up on the online store. I hope you guys can make and sell more of these. They're very useful in my GURPS Dungeon Fantasy game and they transport well (IOW I can toss them in a box instead of slotting them in one by one in a foam-lined box and hoping they don't bang around too much).
  7. Oh, nice! Next time I'm by a craft store I'll pick up some Folk Art Green Umber. In the meantime, I found I had a half-empty bottle of Plaid's extender. So I added a few drops to the Troll Flesh bottle, plus a few drops of water, chopped up semi-solid mass as best I could, and got to shaking. I literally carried it around all day, shaking the container while I walked, shopped, etc. After hours and hours of shaking, it finally returned, mostly, to a useable form. There are still some blobs of pigment in it, but the liquid portion is fine. Thanks for the color equivalency link, Lazlo, and thanks to everyone for the advice. I wouldn't have put that much shaking time in it if I hadn't known it was worth trying.
  8. I've lost one bottle of one color I care about. I lost over a dozen paints and inks all together. Sadly, all $3+ per Reapers and GWs. I'm trying to revive this bottle because I'm not that interested in buying a $3 bottle of paint + shipping (no one near me carries Reaper paints anymore) so I can paint just a few last orc minis. Call me cheap, but I've bought two bottles of this one color and I've never gotten the full amount out of it. I'm not looking forward to buying a third one. If I could find a $0.33 bottle of Apple Barrel Colors with that same green color I'd buy that. So that's why. I'll try the mashing around the stuff in the jar and report back on the results. That bad pain mixer looks good, but I don't have that many bad paints I need to bring back to life. And Lazlo, when I re-started painting about 10 years ago your website was a fantastic resource for me. Thanks! I'm glad to see it's still up and running.
  9. I like the broccoli bases. Good and solid. Even fairly top-heavy minis stand up well with them on. Not particularly hard to cut off if you want it off, either. Plus they're easy to cover with glue and flock. It's worth noting I'm one of those buy 'em, paint 'em, and put 'em on the tabletop mini buyers. "Doesn't fall right over when the table gets bumped" is not an optional extra on a mini, it's a critical feature. If I get a top-heavy mini I put them on the heaviest base I can find. Rarely an issue with the broccoli bases.
  10. Hi folks. I just returned from a long stay overseas, and I've started to paint minis again. My paints did not all survive the intervening years; most of them did, but one critical one died. I'm hoping to rescue it. The other dead colors (and the dead inks, bleh) aren't very important. I can substitute for them easily. But my Reaper Colors "Troll Flesh" has gone bad. It has fully separated into a tough, thick, barely-maleable blob of semi-solid green, plus water. I need it to finish off the last of my orc minis. I've searched the forums on this and the suggests seem to be to add water or add extender. I don't have extender, and buying some Reaper extender is exactly equal to the cost of buying a new jar of "Troll Flesh" paint. So that's out! Adding water seems reasonable, but it's already got some in the jar, and no amount of shaking or stirring (if you can call shoving the semi-solid mass around) seems to make it mix up. When I try to mix it, the mixer gets wet from the water, but the green pigment blob doesn't stain it at all. It seems more like hard clay that unmixed paint. This is actually my second jar of Troll Flesh - the first one I got turned into unusuable goop about halfway through...so I'm not surprised this one died as well. Any suggestions? I really don't want to buy yet another jar of this one color. But none of the other greens I have seem to match it just right, and I've been using it straight-up for all of my orcs. Any help you can provide would be most helpful! Peter
  11. Wow Gus, nice find. That top-left demon was in a diorama I saw in Dragon magazine way back when, someone had splattered it with "blood" and it looked really gory. That reminds me of when I worked IT in a college...some professor had a Grenadier Demogorgon in his office, unpainted. I was in there scoping out network cable drops and pointed it out to him, told him it was a very old, rare mini from D&D. He wasn't very impressed that I knew, but heck, he had no idea what it was, someone had given it to him long ago and he kept it. I figure on making my own Juiblex. That Faceless Horror mini is way, way too "Gibbering Mouther" to be a numbers-filed-off Juiblex. If it was I'd expect some kind of "Faceless Demon Lord" name instead of a more generic name. The Undead Ooze is cool too but I think the homemade version might be nicer. The Grenadier guy will be way too small compared to modern minis. Peter PS - Have fun in Thailand, Gus. It'll be hard being away from the minis but otherwise it sounds like it'll be an adventure.
  12. Yeah, but where is our short-pants wearing elementary school boy to put next to him? Gamera is really neat. He is filled with turtle meat.
  13. Thanks guys! Yeah, he sure is big. That's a sweet giant ape. I'll get one as soon as I reasonably can. As for greenstuff fur - when I my Giant Gor he needed greenstuff to fill the gaps so I could carve fur on. Once I finished it looked just fine. Somewhere I have pics of him...he shifted off his drying frame during the epoxy setting and so he ended up slightly too upright. I needed to prop him on something or he'd fall over. So I pulled out a broken lead mini from my old TSR Magic-Users & Illusionists boxed set, mashed him into proper "ape victim" state (face down and flattened) and propped the Gor up on him. Put a nice pool of blood on the base, too! I need a Kabaka to go with him, though, now that I've seen how big he is. (And yeah, it's been a couple years since I posted regularly...moved to Japan and left the minis in storage. It's less fun to talk minis when you can't paint any of your own. But I really got the painting itch right now, and I'd like to get some work in when I'm back in New Jersey).
  14. GwydionGreen - thanks. Sounds like he'll do fine next to the Gor mini (and this other Gor-sized plastic Ape I've got), maybe as the bull ape of the trio. Sangreal - Nice ape! How hard was the head swap? I'm wondering how he'd look clutching a giant dinosaur-sized bone club now that I see that one. I'd love to see a human-sized figure (or just a coin) in there for reference. I've got no idea how big a Ral Partha T.Rex is. I'm worried I'll get a circular answer ("How big is Kabaka?" "He's as big as a Ral Partha T.Rex!" "How big is that RPTR?" "Oh, he's about as big as Kabaka...") ;) I'm plotting my triumph return to my painting table, and I know I have just too few apes waiting to be painted. I'll have to get one of these guys!
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