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  1. Jellyranger69

    Rescuing Droopy the Dragon (Bones 4 Gauth)

    Clearly his mother never told him to avoid slouching.
  2. Jellyranger69

    Breast Caner Awareness Pink Uses?

    Came here to say it, you beat me.
  3. Jellyranger69

    Speed Paint: Skeletal Monsters Bones 4

    Nice work! Bone coloration seems to be the only thing I can nail every time.
  4. Very cool, I can almost hear the chop.
  5. Jellyranger69

    Kev!'s 44069: Darkreach Crystals #1- InMiPaMo d6

    I cracked a “do I sniff this?” joke at my LGS while browsing battlefield snow. Did not get the laughs I hoped for. Beautiful work here, very unique depth and edging.
  6. Jellyranger69

    Reapercon 2020: early excitement and chatter

    So I’m actually taking my first vacation in 9 years to come hang out with you lunatics. :) Never been to Texas either; I’m gonna try the PeeWee Herman “Deep In The Heart of Texas” thing. Any advice for a ReaperCon first-timer? Any classes I should be sure to catch? And more importantly, where the best food nearby? Is there a wife daycare? Kidding, kidding.
  7. Jellyranger69

    Gantrell's Shipwreck Revenant - 77627

    The oxidation on the bell is really awesome
  8. Jellyranger69

    Question about retail miniature pricing

    I’ll consider myself lucky that my LGS is dead on with Reaper, and I’ve even snagged a few at reduced price.
  9. How cool, I’m making my first order next Monday and I’m super excited.
  10. Apologies if this has been covered, I didn’t have much luck with a topic search.... I purchased the incredible Shipwreck Revenant piece today, but his left arm ended up getting bent a little while in the package. Any tips on fixing this? I’ve heard tell of warm water, but I dunno....considered affixing a dowel or something to it with rubber bands and letting it sit for a while? Thanks I’m advance. - Jelly
  11. Jellyranger69

    "Sword in the Stone" hommage

    Incredible diorama, and also my favorite Disney flick. Absolutely terrific job!
  12. Jellyranger69

    Bones 4 Rulers of Hell

    Absolutely wicked, I gotta pick these guys up. Stellar work!
  13. Jellyranger69

    My first Reaper mini - Eye Beast

    Sick model, nice work and welcome! I’m new here too but these guys are incredibly supportive and a valuable resource!
  14. Jellyranger69

    My Cthulu

  15. Jellyranger69

    03381 Satheras, Elf Warlock

    What a grim visage indeed, outstanding job!