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  1. Those bases are shivering my timbers. Nice work!
  2. That’s three models in as many days..as the fiendish Simon Phoenix once said: I’m possessed! I don’t think he turned out bad at all. Fun model to paint and the pose is just rad. I kinda took him from an approach like the old Playmates TMNT line; there were lots of mutated human-sized animals with big exaggerated muscles and dramatic details. I dunno, I could’ve seen him as a figure back then. His particular fur shades are inspired by my fiance’s very own pet rat, Malachi. He’s a very good boy and would never hulk out into this abomination. Off-topic, but I’m gettin’ hitched in 3 weeks! I just wanted to say a special “thank” to @MoonglowMinis for giving me advice/the guts to improve my photos...I think these turned out better than my usual (...aaand they’re sideways...take a moment to stretch your neck):
  3. Wicked, I’m hoping to snag this set myself. Nice!
  4. Wowwwww so even just setting my model closer to the wall makes for an improvement in photo quality. Thanks for the tip! I’ll work on a backdrop of some sort. Better?:
  5. Quick n’ dirty; a new personal best at right under 4 hours (I really should visit the Photography section):
  6. Very nice. The one on the far right is particularly cool, great spectral appearance.
  7. Siiiiiick! \m/ Very very nice work here. (also, death to the false emperor)
  8. Exactly! Most of the monster figs are rad and have great detail, as do most of the nick-nacks (I love the telescope and sextet). But the humanoids are all just meh and hard to work with.
  9. Completely off topic, but you have my favorite screen name on the whole site. As a former restaurant worker, it speaks to me. And of course your paintwork is always fantastic!
  10. My first metal minis...I am not terribly proud of the work here but that’s how we grow...or something. Could not get the damned monkey’s eyes done to my liking. Both models just look a little messy to me, but for better it worse here we are:
  11. Ah man I’d love to have some Eastman/Laird Turtle minis.
  12. Ahhhh interesting, and that explains a lot. The movie neglected this fact I think.
  13. Yeeeaaahh it seems we have similar ambitions lol
  14. Really nice work, love those ghost pirates....er, pirate ghosts.
  15. Oh boy, there is a lot to unpack with some of these replies!
  16. The Indian In The Cupboard is a relatively blah, questionably-titled 1995 film where this weird little kid finds a magic cupboard that, upon placing an action figure in the cupboard and turning the lock, said action figure comes to life. A legit flesh-and-bone version of itself, maintaining it’s scale; 3-3/4” Vader, a Jurassic Park rex, and of course the titular...uh....Native American figurine. It’s kinda got a Night At The Museum vibe? Anyway, I was curious...given the chance, what mini(s) would you throw in the cupboard?
  17. I was so pleased with the results on my Orc Marauder with the Learn To Paint kit that I decided to apply the same lessons to all of Reaper’s orcs and make a little clan of greenskins. Tempted to redo the warboss in Loren Forest since I adhere to the “darker green=more mean” lore. Dunno what color to do his little...I dunno, Spanish tile vest? Paint swatches? Is he wearing a coat check? Various stages of completion; I still need a few models to have the whole family but here’s where I’m at:
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