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  1. When the "Underwater Expansion" first popped up I thought to myself "oh great, everybody hates underwater content, that's a waste". Fast forward till now, I ended up pledging for Dark Depths, Brinewind, Brinewind Extras, and the bloody ship. Before this is all over I'll probably add fan favorites to the basket, might depend on how well that finished not-demogorgon looks like. This was my first Kickstarter (Bones or otherwise), and it's been actually fun to follow this through, cheers to everyone!
  2. They are on 3" bases, but they are so much bigger than their bases I think it's easy to qualify them as Gargantuan in D&D terms.
  3. That looks very much like the ghoul encounter they previewed later, from a different angle.
  4. Maciej

    Val Fails at Painting KDM

    On iOS you can adjust exposure if you tap somewhere for focus and slide the little sun icon next to it in the regular stock camera app. No idea about Android but I reckon it should be possible too, if not in the stock app then a 3rd party. I've had my phone for years and only learned about it recently when I wanted to take pictures of minis on white/black background and run into the same problems (white being underexposed, black being overexposed).
  5. Maciej

    Dire Boar

    All good options, though I'll probably just go to my local store and see what's available, they have a good stock of reaper :).
  6. Maciej

    Dire Boar

    Thanks! I might have to paint a wild druid of some kind to add to the mix before I throw them at my players :).
  7. Maciej

    Dire Boar

    Managed to pick this guy from ebay, so mr bear can have a friend
  8. Maciej

    Bear McBearson, including progress pictures

    Thank you! I've been painting since July and by now I'm pretty comfortable with basic techniques, but any kind of green stuff sculpting that isn't simply filling a gap I'm like "that looks like a thing that could exist... does it?".
  9. A fairly relaxing paint job, I took pictures at various stages and pasted them below. No idea if it's helpful for anyone or not :P
  10. Damn, I don't even how people discover this stuff, definitelly getting Arakoth so will see how that goes, 2021 can't come soon enough :P.
  11. Do we know how big the loathsome trolls are? I know they showed off some prints (the "pot head" at least) on twitch, but I don't remember if they said what size it is. Particularly, I'd like to know if the Loathsome Trolls, the troll in Dungeon Dwellers expansion and the Moor Troll from bones 4 are roughly the same? They are looking like classic 4-finger trolls, and together they would make a nice band I could terrorize my players with.
  12. Maciej

    Rock Troll

    Vallejo Acryllic Matt Varnish is properly matt and is my go-to now. I apply it with an airbrush, but I believe it should work fine with brush application, use it straight out of the bottle without dilution. I had couple minis that I used a different varnish on that turned way too glossy (and tacky in touch :|), putting the matt varnish on top kills the gloss. Edit: they seem to make a spray version of it too, haven't tried so can't comment on how well it works.
  13. Maciej

    Rocky Boi

    Thanks! This is second reaper mini I finished, I already have a whole bunch of other bones black in pipeline and already looking forward to my bones 5 in 2021 :).
  14. Maciej

    Rocky Boi

    Should have spent a bit more time cleaning the sculpt, but oh well :).