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  1. Thanks, I wanted to drop some glowing highlight in the middle, but one of the sockets is too deep to really make it work properly, so went back to shade it. Next time I might try to put small balls of greenstuff in the socket for that purpose, live and learn :)
  2. A series of mistakes later calling this guy done :)
  3. Pretty quick paintjob, splochy discoloration on the stone followed by a drybrush is 80% of the mini. I think most time I've spent was on the rust on the wings and eyes. Could do better with the eyes, but just wanted to finish something in a day so calling him done.
  4. I did not even think about painting eyes on my first mini, good job there!
  5. Ah fair. Sounds like you have a plan, gl! :)
  6. Haha, yeah. I'm pretty good for now, and my SO is very tolerant, but once my Bones 5 haul hits the door I might need a new apartment :D. There are two stores in Germany that I buy stuff from that both have him in stock atm, they ship to Netherlands but looking at shipping prices that adds 10/13 EUR respectively, so there is that. Glancing at ebay there are some available from UK, which tends to have lower international shipping costs for me, so I reckon Netherlands should be similar. The wife situation I can't help with :D.
  7. WIP thread with progress pictures.
  8. Done with the spikes. Next I need to wash/glaze the ridges on the skin that the spikes protrude from with dark blue purple to tie them together, then maybe use the sepia ink just on where the spikes connect to skin to tie them together since the detail there is spotty on some spikes.
  9. Mouth roughly finished, made the "gums" brownish on the outside, sort of matching the underbelly (although more red and slightly brighter) and red on the inside. The teeth were super annoying to paint (not least because I stuck this guy on a 130mm base), so after doing a base coat I pulled out masking putty that I bought a while ago but haven't had a chance to use and highlighted it with the airbrush. After that it's just weathering with agrax earthshade and some very mild drybrushing.
  10. Underside done. I was considering different options here, making it teal or brighter yellowish brown, but figured that something toned down will fit better and won't steal focus from the maw where it should be once I paint that part. Dark fleshtone base, followed by tan drybrush, followed by same dark fleshtone + black pigment wash focused on sides, followed by tan + light skin tone drybrush focused on the center, and finally a sepia ink wash focused on sides. As I was drying the ink I got some leaking on the purple and noticed that it tints it into a nice brown, and it sneaks in some green hu
  11. One million layers later, I think I'm done with the skin.
  12. Started this guy, some progress pictures. I keep wanting to do a darkish blue purple to bright redish purple on the skin, but I keep screwing it up. My first attempt my drybrushing was way out of line and screwed the model up, plus the whole model was too blue, so glazed it over with more pinkish color and drybrushed again. This worked great until I decided to wash it with a GW purple wash, that shifted my whole hue into effectively monochrome (pic 3), and once it dried it left white-ish spots in deep recesses. So I just did another layer of glazing with some inks to get some of that blue back
  13. Haven't painted anything in a long time, forced myself to finally do this guy yesterday eve. Not the best painjob I ever did, my lines are super inconsistent, I go from nice and thin to blobbing them out badly, but he is good enough to go on the table :).
  14. I'll consider magnetizing the figureheads so I can swap them around. I'd also contemplate adapting the dragon bust for it, if it's the right size. On cannons: Pillars of Eternity 2 has these flame-thrower cannons with dragon heads on them, would love to see something like that.
  15. To add to this, here is an older video of Matt about tactics that's older and I feel often overlooked: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfYItCw00Z4 Bullet-points would be: Encounters that aren't life threatening should have a chance of becoming ones: patrol / guards / scouts are there not to fight alone, but to alert the rest of your baddies For encounters that are life threatening: Place your long range hard hitting dude more than 30ft away from PCs Place a line of mooks between said dude and the PCs, but have said mooks stand with 10ft gaps apart, so
  16. @Mini_Wizard_Studios What base did you use for this guy? I'm using the same style of tapered round bases but I can't find one that's 75mm (closest I found is 80mm from GW).
  17. I'm still a noob but I believe medium and thinner are the same thing (I've seen people refer to it as "thinner medium", which makes sense). I have a thinner and a flow aid as separate products from Vallejo and their product descriptions are: Thinner: "Dilutes color without loss of adhesion, resistance and consistency. Thinner is used to extend the colors, to increase fluidity and delay the drying time. We recommend the addition of a few drops of Thinner to the colors while airbrushing." Flow Improver: "Airbrush Flow Improver is a medium to improve the flow & delay the drying of
  18. With the upcoming February Bones Black release of Frost Giants, I'm warming up to picking up Reaper's line of Giants in place of Wizkid's, they are a tad smaller but Reaper sculpts are lovely and have a lot of variety. With that out of the way, can anyone who has the Bones 4 female raiders tell me how do they compare to any of the following: Bodyguard 77544 Warrior 77543 King 77591 Queen 77592 These are all the same price range, so I'm hoping they are all compatible with each other and the new models. Thanks in advance! :)
  19. Thanks! We are our own harshest critics :P. I'm happy with the end result, just not with the time it took me to complete.
  20. This ended up being way more of an adventure than I anticipated, Josh makes stuff look super easy and fast on the stream, and I swear if it weren't for the fact that I've seen him paint it, I wouldn't have believed it took him so little time. What went wrong: I started this Friday evening on a nice zenithal primer, and quickly run into issues. I had to mix my paint to match templar blue and in the end couldn't really figure out how much water to add, I added an amount that I thought seemed right, paint was thinned and from my experience looked like good milky consistency... a
  21. That's quite a lot of rust, but overall it looks good. I'd maybe try to add the original metal on all the sharp edges (tops of the pauldrons etc.) where you might thing the rust could be scratched off, can also literally paint scratches on top if you can do fine lines.
  22. Awesome updates! Now I'm hoping the final model of not-Demogorgon is going to be just as good as mammotaur.
  23. Ha, I was wondering if there is a word for this other than patina, which is correct, but more general term as it also applies to corrosion/residue on stone. Thanks Glitterwolf!
  24. No, I don't play any wargames, I just thought the skull looked better. I know the checkers are very WH Orc style too, didn't really plan to paint the pattern, but something similar is on the concept art and the store art, so I gave it a go just because :).
  25. The blister pack I got at my local store was unassembled, so didn't have to do anything. I was a bit surprised since most reaper minis come assembled, at least at this size. Anyhow, the head is a separate piece, on a pretty thick peg, f you don't care about preserving it (for bits or something else) I'd try to grab it with pliers and yank it out. If that doesn't work you might have to be more brutal, I don't know if you can get into the nooks and crannies with a hobby knife. I once ended up using an electric drill with an 8mm drill bit to remove a piece on a wizkids mini :P. Edit:
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