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  1. @haldir The Errata Update #1 for 2E that is to be released soon states that Wizards won't be able to take a First Level Wizard feat. I was wondering if you wanted me to follow this or to follow base rules as is. I'm honestly fine either way, just wondering how you'd like to run it.
  2. @Roonfizzle I updated my character sheet with what you said. I’m having a problem keeping the Prep and VSM stay selected on my spell sheet. Otherwise, I added what I could.
  3. For my Halfling Wizard, her character sheet is here: https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheet.html#id=2035912 Backstory goes here:
  4. @Roonfizzle What Dilvish said. I intend to play a Halfling Wizard if that’s okay.
  5. Hey, I’m the person that @Dilvish the Deliverer was referring to. I was wondering if I still had time to join your PbP game.
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