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  1. I am in the midst of the wizkids primer stripping process. I tried LA's and Krud Kutter Graffiti. The LA's softened the primer up but did not dissolve anything. I let it soak for a week. I scrubbed with a hard bristle tooth brush every other day. Most of it came off but only through labored scrubbing. I read up about Krud Kutter and gave it a whirl. It was much better. 2 hours and a noticeable improvement. It has been 24 hours of soaking now. I have brushed and brushed and most of the minis are 95% free of primer. The joint gaps are really noticeable now. I think this is the reason for all the primer. I started to get nausea from the fumes. Please do this with gloves on and in a well ventilated area as the warning label recommends. I am worried that the remaining primer is soft and will flake off after I paint. Some of the nooks on the bone golem are not easy to access to brush off. All and all, I don't know if I will do this in the future. I will just by reaper.
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