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  1. Thank you. I am probably waiting on Shav and the campground power up.
  2. What items are on that last container? I am wave 2 and have not received an email. starting to get worried.
  3. Thank You Jon and Male for the info. The Krampus I received was definitely "something new." I am excited to see how the new line turns out. The detail looks great so far.
  4. Well done! Did you struggle getting the camel to stand up straight like I did? Your basing looks great for the desert. How did you accomplish this?
  5. Aside from paint trays, what creative ways do you reuse the blister packs from your reaper minis?
  6. I am in the midst of the wizkids primer stripping process. I tried LA's and Krud Kutter Graffiti. The LA's softened the primer up but did not dissolve anything. I let it soak for a week. I scrubbed with a hard bristle tooth brush every other day. Most of it came off but only through labored scrubbing. I read up about Krud Kutter and gave it a whirl. It was much better. 2 hours and a noticeable improvement. It has been 24 hours of soaking now. I have brushed and brushed and most of the minis are 95% free of primer. The joint gaps are really noticeable now. I think this is the reason for all the primer. I started to get nausea from the fumes. Please do this with gloves on and in a well ventilated area as the warning label recommends. I am worried that the remaining primer is soft and will flake off after I paint. Some of the nooks on the bone golem are not easy to access to brush off. All and all, I don't know if I will do this in the future. I will just by reaper.
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