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  1. Hello all, I recently painted this miniature from games workshop using majority reaper paints. Hope you enjoy!
  2. Finished this little project last night! Hope you enjoy :)
  3. Thank you!! Thank you so much @Crissair, it feels nice to be noticed
  4. Every so often there comes a mini where I feel I advance my techniques on and this miniature was it for non metallic metal (nmm). I spent about 40 hours on this miniatures (I listened through 3 and a half Star Wars books on audible lol). I hope you guys enjoy! For the metal I used these colors: VMC Black, VMC, black gray, Reaper MSP Shadowed Stone, VMC Blue Gray Pale, MSP wethered stone, GW Ulthuan Gray, and VMC Ivory, with Kimera Kolors The White as final highlight
  5. Not a reaper mini, but i did use reaper paints for most of her! Very fun miniature to paint, she is really tiny, my skills aren't there yet to paint faces on her scale yet. Hope you enjoy
  6. Hope Koala completed! She's ready to plant some trees :)
  7. Finally finished my Cave Troll! I wanted to give him an amphibious feel, hopefully that translated well to the mini! Hope you enjoy :)
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