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  1. Thanks you two, i appreciate it! I mainly want that warning struck off my record, i don't think that's very fair
  2. That's silly, nippleless breasts can be shown on public tv. Well, now i know what's considered nudity. I would have never considered that nudity. And thank you!
  3. My post was removed because of nudity? May i ask exactly what about my mini, that is a reaper mini, was considered nudity?
  4. This was the mini that everyone painted for this year's local painting competition. Last year i didn't place, so my goal was to at least place and I did! I got bronze! Super happy with my accomplishment :) going to take that gold next year! Edit: I suppose there was nudity in my picture? I disagree, there isn't, at all. There's green nippleless breasts and maybe the faintest hint of a buttcrack, but that's about it. This mini was for a competition that everyone who entered had to paint in a family friendly store that allows no cursing to give you an idea. Anyway, here's the link http://imgur.com/gallery/1hdo6S2
  5. He's done! Goremaw was a ton of fun to paint, but holy heck he was a beast of a mini. I had a lot of issues with the paint coming off for some reason, especially on the spikes. But I'm happy with him. Very proud of it! Hope you guys enjoy it :) 20191206_154833.mp4
  6. Thank you so much! 2020 is going to be year of the red cloaks! Really going to push my reds
  7. Thank you! They were difficult to do at first, but i found out less is more Thank you!
  8. He's finally done. I feel like I spent an eternity on him, but he's done! Lots of mistakes, but my first display piece! I'm proud of what i accomplished and hope i do well in the competition. Basing him was a lot of fun, never really went all out on a mini like this. Learned a lot on him. I really want to practice my reds and stippling more too. Up next, Goremaw! If you'd like to see how i paint, i stream! Twitch.tv/mini_wizard_studios
  9. Added some rust effects and worked on the cloak a bit.
  10. Don't mean to necro the thread, but I am new to reapercon. What category would a bust be considered? If it straight from the box, no conversion?
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