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  1. A little bit of an update! Finished the skin tone for the top half, need to refine it a bit. Going to work on the hand, wrist, and club next time.
  2. Excited to go to my first reapercon and enter into my first large painting competition! Going for that gold!
  3. Thanks! Thank you :) Yeah, i found the medium skin tone to be a bit too yellow, so I'm trying to blend it out. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys! Here's some pictures of my current project. This is a practice on skin tones. Thank you for viewing :)
  5. Oh my gosh, thank you so much :) that means a lot to me! Thank you! Thanks :)
  6. My final mini of 2019! Please enjoy :) MVI_0148.MOV
  7. Thank you! Oh wow, that's a big compliment, thank you :)
  8. Finished my beholder. It's a little over exposed after stacking the photos. I'm too lazy to take new pictures. He was fun to paint! i'm happy with how he came out, Need to keep pushing myself though. MVI_0102.MOV
  9. It is! And i was trying to make it look like the magic was coming from inside him Thanks :)
  10. Finished the d12 Dice wizard from Reaper Miniatures, happy with how he came out! d6 familiar included. MVI_0055.MOV
  11. Clearly! Hey, thanks! Appreciate it :) Thank you!
  12. Painted up this cute little evil Mousling Sorcerer on todays stream!
  13. Thank you :) Thanks! I'm surprised I'm on someone's radar! Bork! Thanks!! Thanks so much :)
  14. Doggo finished! Took this picture on my fancy new camera! Had to get used to it, but I think I'm going to like it better than my phone. Only issue is getting used to a few more steps. Hope you guys like it! Really like how she came out.This mini is from the Dungeons & Doggos set from Steamforged Games.
  15. Thank you! Hey there, thank you for the kind words! The teeth were done wit ha base coat of MSP Graveyard Bone, then a light wash of GW Seraphim Sepia about halfway down, pushing the paint the same direction, down into the gums. Then the same thing is done with agrax earthshade, but a quarter way down instead, pushing the paint the same way. Then the line were done with Vallejo Sepia Ink, since it's much stronger. These are known as striations, and I just randomly placed them around the teeth area. I went back in wit ha thinner brush and then intensified the Sepia line, again pushing down towards the gum. I then used the sepia ink around the base of the gum/tooth area. Then I glazed with the Graveyard bone towards the tip to bring everything together. Finally I glazed with ivory to the very tips. I followed along to this video: Hobby Cheating 41 - How to Paint Bone Horns (youtube search that)
  16. Snake Cultist is done! Really fun mini to paint, the nmm gave me a lot of trouble especially on the sword. Over all I'm happy with it, especially the belly! Thanks for viewing :) 20191212_175505.mp4
  17. Finished the golem super quick job. I hate it, but that's ok. Not everything you paint needs to be perfect.
  18. thank you guys so much! Glad i can inspire ;)
  19. Thanks you two, i appreciate it! I mainly want that warning struck off my record, i don't think that's very fair
  20. That's silly, nippleless breasts can be shown on public tv. Well, now i know what's considered nudity. I would have never considered that nudity. And thank you!
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