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  1. ShantyShakin

    25th Anniversary Darius the Blue: 2.0

    So much fun to look at, both of them! I love the details. Very well done.
  2. ShantyShakin

    A few random speed paints

    Love the colors on display with these. Very nicely done!
  3. ShantyShakin

    The Eyes Have It. Twin Beholders (WizKids)

    It's hard to pick out what I like best about these. Really well done!
  4. ShantyShakin

    Sister Hazel, Plague Doctor 07017

    Man, those transitions between highlights and lowlights are super smooth. Love the color scheme as well. Nicely done!
  5. ShantyShakin

    89003 Pathfinder Goblin Warriors

    I love these guys! These (and the pyros) were the first minis that I painted for my first home game I ever ran. Mine are rubbish compared to these. It's fun that they're different colors, and those rusty weapons sure look menacing! Thanks for sharing these, and the pyros!
  6. ShantyShakin

    A rainbow of HeroQuest goblins

    Ha! I love their little pink ears and noses. It really highlights the sculpt. Such fun pieces to look at. Lovely work!
  7. ShantyShakin

    Rescue Mission Diorama

    What materials did you use for the sculpting of the rock face? Looks like the lock might be green stuff? Loving the progress on this. Nice attention to detail in a lot of places.
  8. I painted that little diabolical dolly as well, once I figured out what it what I was looking at. Such fun possibilities at my table I had to paint it up just to have it ready. Nice work!
  9. ShantyShakin

    Sir Conlan, Alistrilee, & Sajan, Iconic Monk

    I love the colors you went with on these, especially the last one. Really pops! Nice work.
  10. ShantyShakin

    Zadim, Iconic Slayer: Bones Version

    Looks great! I like the skin tone and the attention you paid to the little details like the blue dagger sheaths and pouch flap on his left thigh.
  11. Yeah. Your posts are bangin'. Thanks for posting these! The minis are well done too!
  12. I love that you told a story with your painted minis. Thanks! That was fun! I also liked the way you painted the rat pelt cloak so that you could easily see it was composed of a bunch of different ones. Very nice touch.
  13. ShantyShakin

    Johnny 5 (Custom scratch built/kit bash)

    Man this takes me back. Really nicely done. "Number Johnny 5 is alive!" ...I couldn't resist. Sorry.
  14. ShantyShakin

    Warhammer 40000 0bjective marker

    I'm not a Warhammer guy, but I am a gratuitous violence guy. Nice touch with the impaled skellie. It's a super fun detail!
  15. ShantyShakin

    Frost Giant Bodyguard with 2 handed axe

    The flecks of snow are a nice touch. I love it!