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  1. Nice job on that shear effect. Looks great!
  2. Yeah they can see this but i won't spoil too much with this answer: her character will be rewarded with an epic boon for following the theads of her backstory. I really lucked out with having such a fun group. So much so that I want to reward them when they start really investing in their characters. Thanks for the question!
  3. So one of my players is playing a willful teenager, half-orc, barbarian (Mizi), who is undergoing certain...changes. It's not like that. Mizi died a few months back and she recently started noticing strange spots on her head, neck, and shoulders. Kinda like the spots on a jaguar. Aaaaand because her mother (the orc half of her lineage) died at her birth, she doesn't know much about that half of her ancestry. When she asked her human father, the baker with the tastiest treats in the city (just ask the paladin 😉 ) more about her, he told Mizi that her mother's family is known as the Tribe of Mothers. He didn't know much about them, really, just the region they hailed from. So this willful teenager has naturally co-opted the entire party to go help her discover what she can about these strange spots on her body. A couple of important DM notes here: 1) My players are beginning to see that together we can create a much more interesting story than this Eldritch b*llsh*t I put so much time into. Her story really does kick *ss. They all have great backstories. 2) Never underestimate your players' propensity to try and screw each and every one of your NPCs. The paladin was a surprise, i promise you. Damn hilarious though. Anyway, here's the Tribe of Mothers for our next sesh:
  4. So nice to look at. Great use of color, silky smooth blends, and pops of contrast to get the eye moving. Lovely piece.
  5. Nice work! Love the avatar too, btw.
  6. This is fantastic! Great job on them. You should be very proud of how they turned out. What a fun and immersive idea.
  7. I love that you tried something different and experimented with new materials. It's a good way to improve your current skill set. Nice job on the piece too!
  8. Man, nice work on that camo. Love it!
  9. ... or Fae Bastard, or He Whose Web is Stickiest...or something like that. I wanted to use this guy as a set piece for a Drow encounter the moment I saw him on the kickstarter page. When I painted up the Drow for this set of encounters for my players, the matron mother's throne has a stylized spider on it, which I painted up as bone. I wanted that to be a hint to the players. In the War of The Spider Queen books, the matron mothers of Ched Nasad employ a construct made from obsidian, iirc, and i wanted to have that be something this particular house had the power to do. However, most of the drow figures had skulls on them, and heck one of them is even holding a skull with a crown. So I decided to roll with that. Instead of an obsidian construct, they have somehow a monstrosity of bone and strange lineage under their control. I could have painted it to be covered entirely in a bony carapace or exoskeleton, I think the sculpt would have lent itself to that interpretation, but I personally love it when a spider has a colorful abdomen or distinct markings on their abdomen. Then I found this little guy and felt inspired. I built up the base a bit with sculpt-a- mold and chip board, to make a proper diorama out of it, and mostly to hide my crimes of messing up the assembly. I'm pretty sure I swapped a pair of legs somewhere during its construction. It all worked out though. I was super happy with the gradients that I got using my airbrush and the new black indigo and Rich Indigo paints from the kickstarter as well. To get the iridescent finish I ultimately went with on the abdomen, I used Folk Art's Blue Violet Flash color shift paint. It actually ended up being perfect for my needs as it goes on like a glittery glaze with a tint of color, preserving the gradient I achieved with the airbrush. I'm super happy with how it turned out. I love the blends I got for the bony bits. I also feel like the iridescent abdomen lends itself to other encounters such as the feywild, or even something like the astral plane, perhaps? Despite me using a camera phone, and an abysmal lighting set up, I think the idea still comes across. I hope you enjoyed hearing about how I am going to use this awesome fig, as much as I enjoyed painting it.
  10. Yeah man, love how those colors turned out. Nice work!
  11. Fun game, and really cool sculpts. Must be a joy to paint. Looking forward to your take on the boss figures as well. Nicely done!
  12. So pretty. Want to touch... These flowers are perfect for a quick encounter for players or otherworldly scatter terrain. Nicely done!
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