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  1. Yeah man, love how those colors turned out. Nice work!
  2. Fun game, and really cool sculpts. Must be a joy to paint. Looking forward to your take on the boss figures as well. Nicely done!
  3. So pretty. Want to touch... These flowers are perfect for a quick encounter for players or otherworldly scatter terrain. Nicely done!
  4. I'm pretty happy with these guys. It was a quick job of a basecoat, wash, and highlights to help with contrast. There are a couple things I could do to really make them pop: repaint the bottles to show liquid and give the illusion of transparency, and an osl effect from the lantern. I might revisit those details because they would be a good opportunity to practice those techniques. I'm going to be using this group, with the big glow-in-the-dark ship from Bones 5, and the life life boat or raft from Bones 4 as the pieces for a one shot, adventure. Should be a good time.
  5. Yeah, man. I love the red. Nice work!
  6. I really like the painted runes on his shield. Yes. It's a painted mini, but the runes are faded, and look like he, or some clan shaman, painted them on for protection, or success in battle, or bravado idk I don't read runes. It's a lovely touch that helps tell this guy's story. Beautiful piece.
  7. The scales are smooth, but what I love are the hints at reflections in the metallic pieces. Such a cool little detail.
  8. I love the smooth transitions of the skin tones, and the hints at "fire" in the hair and armor. Very nicely done.
  9. I can hear "Shake! Shake! Shake, Senora. Shake ya body line..." I love it! It's fun and the bold colors really help sell it. Nice work!
  10. My D&D group has an encounter with some drow, having traveled off the beaten path through the mountains to take a more direct route to their final destination. We're doing a hex crawl to make the travel more interesting, and it has been a lot of fun so far. To prep for the encounters with the drow, I painted these dark elves from Bones 4 quickly, only going for a table-top standard. I haven't painted anything since March so I wanted something quick, but useful, for the project to jump back in with. I went for a unified paint scheme in the interest of time, but also in my head c
  11. Love the colors you used on this. Looks great!
  12. Love this guy. Well done! You have given me inspiration on how to approach painting mine.
  13. I love how the purple of the dress carries through on the sword. I would have dismissed that idea out of hand. However, seeing the execution of it here I can see that it not only works, but how good it looks. It's a good example of trying something and having it pay off. Nice work!
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