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  1. Love this guy. Well done! You have given me inspiration on how to approach painting mine.
  2. I love how the purple of the dress carries through on the sword. I would have dismissed that idea out of hand. However, seeing the execution of it here I can see that it not only works, but how good it looks. It's a good example of trying something and having it pay off. Nice work!
  3. I love the choice of snake species to base this piece off of. It really adds a lot of character to it. Nicely done!
  4. I like all the details on that diorama base. It really sells the scene.
  5. With spending more time at home, I have been able to start painting a bit more. I have chosen to focus primarily on the figures that will have applications across multiple scenarios that might come up at the gaming table. I decided I would try to knock out some of these types of figures that I wouldn't normally choose to paint with the limited amount of time I normally have...outside of a global pandemic. These types of figs are good practice, and frankly, it will be great to have these figs ready to add to the table for atmosphere, if nothing else. Imagine that there is an encounter in a city
  6. Nice work on those highlight transitions. You did a great job on making those dimensions pop.
  7. The freehand is well executed and I love the nod to the Mandalorian. The nmm is realistic and gives the armor a bit of age. And that watermelon tourmaline is juicy. Love it!
  8. That subtle OSL is such a beautiful touch to an already great piece of work.
  9. Great transitions on the highlights as well as the color scheme. Love the use of the skulls on the base. I was thinking of saving my larger ones for the Bones 5 dragons, but you've shown me that you can creatively employ them for medium sized figs. I like it!
  10. I love the color scheme you choose for this. I can't quite articulate why but I find it very satisfying. Nice work!
  11. Thanks! The metallics are Cuttlefish Gun Metal that i edge highlighted with Vallejo Model Color Silver, and rest is Vallejo Model Color Bronze with Agrax Earthshade in the recesses, and a brush of Vallejo Model Color Gold on the more rounded shapes to try and accent the dimensions. I don't remember where I picked up the idea to highlight one metallic with another, some helpful youtuber, but this was the first chance I got to really try it out. I am satisfied with the results and would do it again. It's fun to try new things and keep pushing my envelope. I appreciate your complime
  12. Great figs. They remind me of my youth when I was reading all about Icewind Dale and the dwarves that hailed from that region.
  13. These guys are from the Dreadmere Expansion numbers 416, 417, and 418. I thought these guys would be nice and versatile to be used as mercenaries, a sophisticated villain's professional guard, or some sinister looking city watchmen under the employ of the even more sinister looking constable. Fun figs to paint and were nice and quick. Practice, practice, practice.
  14. Another tough call, but #2 gets my vote.
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