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  1. 4. I love the smooth transitions and the effect of the red glaze. Hard choice. They're all great pieces!
  2. I love all the different colors and textures of fabrics. Great effects and free-hand. This piece is so much fun to look at!
  3. I love the definition of the scales and the different highlights. Very very nice.
  4. That glassware really sparkles. It's such a nice touch of detail. Very nicely done!
  5. Killer job on that base. It really sets the piece. Nice work!
  6. I love the detail of the eyes focusing straight ahead of him. Very emotive. Nice work!
  7. The level of detail on this fig is worthy of envy. Fantastic piece. It's a lot of fun to look at!
  8. I love the blotchy skin on the creamy colored grub. Very nice touch that I could see needing a Con Save.
  9. I love your transitions. The color choices are very nice too. The pops of yellow really give the piece punch!
  10. I love the texture on the apron. It really makes her stand out. Very nicely done!
  11. Man, this is really nice. All the little details you painted make this piece fun to look at. The colors you choose work really well too. Great piece!
  12. Here is my take on the Nagendra figs from Bones 4. I will be using them as Yuan-Ti at my table in an upcoming adventure for my home game. I have seen a few different submissions of other folks' nagas and took inspiration from the ones that took advantage of a variety of colors. Just seemed more interesting to me in that it told a bit more of "the story." I have been challenging myself to be more patient, and to try not to rush. These guys were a good exercise since I painted each of the scales I could reach with a brush individually. It seemed daunting at first, but settling in, knuckling down and taking my time was a pretty enjoyable experience. Plus, I am very happy with the results! This project was also my first experience using sculpt-a-mold as a medium to give the bases the look of a worked stone. Was shooting for a sandstone desert temple. I got close enough for my first go, I think. I really like this stuff, and it was a lot of fun to experiment with.
  13. ShantyShakin


    I love using fender washers for stability as well. Just a quick coat of primer and they'll paint up as good as anything. Nice paint job, btw!
  14. I thought the bird poop was a nice touch in the movies, and I love that you've echoed that on this fig. Very nicely done!
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