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  1. Jeez, you leave my version of this for dead... I really like the subtle modification to the model, it adds an extra 'laziness' to the skeleton. My only criticism would be that the helmet seems quite a different tone from the rest of the steel. Otherwise, excellent stuff! fet
  2. This guy was, except for the cloak, an absolute joy to paint. The problem with the robe is that there was a big mould line running straight into the big fold on the rear, which was an absolute to get rid of. Oh well, the rest of him came out rather nicely, I think. The pics sort of ruin the metallics a bit, which are much nicer in person, I really must arrange a proper photography set up. The shield was in experiment in faded red, whereby I simply painted as I would any red normally, and then applied a good few white glazes. These built up to make the colour nicely dusty (without a dusty texture, thankfully). I also just noticed that the base edge has rubbed off in spots. Bugger. Comments, criticisms, witticisms? fet
  3. I'm working on this exact model myself at the moment. It's interesting to see your colour choices. I really like the weathered metallics you've used, especially on his left thigh. It looks fabulously corroded in the first pic. Can't wait to see it finished. fet
  4. Wow, nice composition! I especially like the subtle freehand detail on the shield. You've definitely pulled off the steel nmm on the sword, but the armour areas aren't as convincing, and the gold is a bit yellow. Oh, and the eyes are fantastic. Very sultry 'I'm going to gut you' sort of look to her. fet
  5. I could have sworn I posted this thread yesterday... Anyway, this is another model I picked up from my FLGS, and aside from the shoulder pads I'm pretty happy with him. The only problem is that the photo really washes out the depth to the robes, and you can't see how oily the steel areas are. I opted to paint up the studs on his mesh-thing as gems, which took a while as there are -- iirc -- 54 of them. Still, it adds a nice touch of class that works in well with the overall colour theme. Comments and criticism (even witticisms), as always, more than welcome. fet
  6. It does look shiny in the pics; but he's almost perfectly matte in person. There was no flash from the camera, so I can only assume it had something to do with the incident light. fet
  7. Hey guys, long time pseudo-lurker here. I don't normally manage to get pics taken, but I've been painting for over a decade, though my skills only really got going a couple of years ago. Anyway, my FLGS started getting Reaper in last year, and I've managed to get a couple of pics of my Ashkrypt, for your viewing pleasure/loathing. Please excuse the lack of a proper photography set up. If I was to do him again, I'd probably remove the horns and make the circlet into a spiky crown-type object, but that might unbalance the composition. Feedback is more than welcome, but especially on the gold nmm trim on his skirt, although I can appreciate that it's a bit hard to see in places (I only use nmm for 'metallic' fabrics, as I prefer the grittiness of old-fashioned metallic paints for pretty much every other purpose). Cheers, fet
  8. I also need very little sleep, so I frequently get a couple or four hours after my girfriend goes to bed; I also have jobs that don't have set hours of attendance, so I can arrange to get them out of the way in one lump of time and use the saved time to get more painting in. All up it adds up to a good 4-8 hours a day of potential painting time. Handy. fet
  9. Such as THIS? A classic from the old days of Citadel. The puppies look good, any chance of a close-up on one of them? fet
  10. Hey there, I'm working on an Ashkrypt the Lich at the moment, and I've given him a nice gold nmm trim to his skirt which I'm rather proud of. But, I've also decided to put some lettering on this trim, ideally looking like it's engraved into the gold (like stamped lettering). My current plan is to apply the lettering with my darkest shade, then to highlight the bottom/lowest edges of each letter with my lightest highlight, with strangely angled bits in a mid-tone. This should (theoretically) emulate the reflection of the indented parts. Has anyone got any further ideas on how this should be achieved? As I say, I'm extremely happy with the trim as it stands, so I don't really want to mess it up... but at the same time I want to push myself Thanks in advance, fet
  11. I, too, am from NZ, and there was someone down here (in Dunedin) who painted up an Iron Warriors army using interference paints, though I think he used a spray rather than painting them on directly. On a more helpful note, I'm pretty sure I've seen interference media being sold in my local art store, but that was a while back. fet
  12. Be proud, that came out really nicely. Couple of points, even though you can't change anything now : 1) I think the nmm needs some sharp white highlights, at the moment it looks more like stone. I could be wrong, of course, I've only done nmm as cloth trims and on banners, etc. 2) I'm not sure what it is, but the eyes are being 'blurred' in the picture against the eyelids. Perhaps a bit more darklining or darker eyelids would help. Maybe even making his eyes look a bit sunken with some purple/deep red bruising sort of effect? Otherwise very nice. I especially like the wood of the staff; it looks nicely worn and aged/well-handled. fet
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