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  1. thank you, and yeah in the end i also just would love to see more bones versions of the warlord miniatures. mainly for the cost considering back in the day me and my brother always ran into money issues building our armies. been following Reaper since 2006 or so, my first foray into the hobby was by chance at a geek convention in my area my friend took me too and we played a demo for warlord 2nd edition and i wound up winning a free model from it. Shad coalshadow i think his name was. i put a pic of the one below. and it was with that first model that lead me down the rabbit hole that is Tabletop miniatures. and i forever loved every second of it.
  2. just wishing to put this out there, but what are the chances of warlord coming back, hopefully with the success of bones reaper can really hammer our full fledged army boxes. i only ask this as warlord was my very FIRST miniatures game and heck it was the first miniatures i ever bought and wish to see it again even if its just bones army sets or something. maybe even a third edition possibly. i mean am i alone in wanting warlord back?
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