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  1. There's a lot of great models in here. Might have to back this for a handful.
  2. My vote is with 9. A model might be sculpted with an expression, but the way the eyes are painted on 9 adds a little extra.
  3. Thanks! He's big but not very intimidating. Thank you. The axebeak is my favorite, too, but I've always been partial to terror birds.
  4. I LOVE that ship, but I don't know where the heck I'd put it that would keep it safe from the kids. This was actually my first thought for this! I wanted to carve it up and turn it into terrain, but I think that would be an even bigger undertaking than assembling it the right way.
  5. Here's a bunch of giant animals from the Bones 4 Lost Valley expansion: the axebeak (44075), giant snake (44078), giant cave sloth (44079) and cave bear (44082). My typical color palette preferences tend to be fairly muted but I experimented with primary colors on the axebeak.
  6. I really like that bright blue skin. Very striking.
  7. I like him. He's got stripes and such a lovey mane.
  8. Thanks! His skin is so pebbly that I was able to paint it entirely with drybrushing and washes.
  9. This is great! Congratulations on achieving the might painting milestone!
  10. The mighty Mumlaaaaaaaak! With an attendant caveman, just to highlight how huge this guy is. I just finished him this morning, and with him done I only have one more model to paint from the Bones 4 Lost Valley expansion. His axe incorporates a nude fertility idol, so I've created a link to the uncropped front view.
  11. I hadn't planned on this purplish skintone for these guys. Originally it was going to be much redder, but I wasn't paying attention to the colors I was mixing, and the basecoat ended up looking lighter and tanner than I had intended. Instead of starting fresh, I made a wash with a lot of purple in it and applied it liberally to their skin, and this was the result.
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