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  1. I just got my package here in Virginia. These minis look great in person!
  2. Got home from a late shift last night and found my Stonehaven minis in the mailbox. Mission accomplished.
  3. I got my shipping notification the other day, so I should have some minis soooooon.
  4. Looks interesting. I've got a few Yedharo models from past Kickstarters and the quality's really good.
  5. This one's being fulfilled. Got my miniatures over the weekend!
  6. This is really cool. The antlers are great, and I like how you made the integrated base look like stairs.
  7. I really like your choice of colors!
  8. This exactly. This particular Kickstarter has gotten a bit too aggressive with its messaging and it's not a winning strategy.
  9. I threw in my lot with this one. $36 for 10 guys (so far!) is a good deal, and I really like that wizard.
  10. I love what you did with the water. It's a really clever way to create the appearance of a waterline without using resin, and I am FOR it.
  11. Very cool. You really nailed this; it looks like he's standing out in the rain!
  12. Nice! Now you just need some brave adventurers to ride him around the countryside.
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