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  1. That base is fantastic!
  2. Buglips the goblin is looking great, and I really like both of the head options for the landsknecht. These renders have all been solid so far.
  3. I got the winter fairy because I missed out on her the previous two years.
  4. When I was younger and had time to play tabletop wargames regularly (and paint tons of models), I would eventually sell my armies after a while. I just didn't have the space. I've given away individual painted minis as gifts, but nowadays I hoard everything.
  5. (1) Greek. My favorite expansion by far. This is was what drew me into the Kickstarter in the first place and Reaper exceeded my expectations for it. (2) Dark Depths. Love the mermaids, the Fathom Tyrant, the giant, and all the enormous sea creatures. Lots of opportunities to paint brightly colored critters! (3) Brinewind. The skeleton pirates were cool but I didn't think it would be something I would want. But after the second and third parts were revealed I had to increase my pledge! The tavern and docks stuff is excellent. (4) Dungeon Dwellers. I won't be getting this one but I really like the models. (5) Fan Favorites. Some interesting stuff, but not enough to get me to buy it. The artwork for the axolotl warriors is intriguing, as is the landsknecht, but it's not enough to get me onboard. (6) Daimyo. Not really into this set at all, except for that cool dragon. (7) Chronoscope. Not bad, but I'm not looking for these kinds of models. I really like the space queen with the classic ray gun, though!
  6. This is a great paint job, but the display really brings it home for me.
  7. The raft is a reference to "Tales of the Black Freighter," a comic book that one of the characters reads in the Watchmen.
  8. The giants. Cloud giant, storm giant, and the sea giant, specifically. And the kid heroes are awesome.
  9. I love the runes on his cape. His staff looks really nice, too.
  10. I've seen the first two episodes and I'm enjoying it so far.
  11. Same! The best monsters are the real ones! You've got at least one other taker with me. Prehistoric animals are fascinating.
  12. The mottling is solid. Really nicely done.
  13. Really nicely done! The colors are very crisp and striking.
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