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  1. I backed the last two Mythexplorers kickstarters. While the packaging isn't great, the models are fantastic quality and arrive quickly, even from overseas.
  2. A stellar finish on the human doxie. And it's great to see all three of them together! And you're absolutely right about one's mental state affecting one's art. Happens to me, happens to just about every creative type I know, and being able to understand it and navigate it is often part of the process.
  3. I think the legs look great now.
  4. She's going to be fun to paint. I like the skull and crossbones on her corset.
  5. Really impressive work with the fur!
  6. The lighting is really great. And I love the dark gray skin tone of the male.
  7. She's looking really good! She definitely strikes me as a halflings; I think you hit all the right points when sculpting her face.
  8. Exactly this. Of interest to me, in particular, are the practical concerns that come up while you're sculpting. "X didn't work, so I tried Y instead." All the tweaks that have to be made as the miniature evolves from concept art to finished product is really cool to see, and it makes me feel more invested in the final incarnation.
  9. That's a really slick conversion!
  10. That it one ugly beastie, and I mean that as a compliment.
  11. I love how she turned out. Very nicely done! And thank you for sharing your process with us. It's fascinating to see everything that goes into making a miniature!
  12. I really like what you did with her! I picked up this model last month; this really makes me want to paint her. I really like what you did with her! I picked up this model last month; this really makes me want to paint her.
  13. Very striking color scheme. I like it!
  14. Thanks! That's not a bad idea. My wife was convinced that once I set this up in the house, there would be orcs around the manger. My kids insisted. And who was I to argue?
  15. Really nicely done!
  16. I just finished painting up my Reaper Nativity scene (minus the wise men, who are still being painted), and what better time to show it off than now, with Christmas only a few days away? I added some additional sheep (01438) because the poor shepherd looked pretty incompetent with only one, and I also added a cow from one of Reaper's animal companions sets (03719). Everyone is mounted on their own bases so I can arrange them however I need to.
  17. Sweet! Good to see the pledge manager up and running. I just locked in my initial order (#239): Kid Heroes x1 Gem Dragon x1 Aganzarax x1 Storm Giant x1 The Dwarf King's Crypt x1 Sirens x1 Charnel Pit of the Ghoul Queen x1 Shadows of Ravenhome x1 Greek Odyssey Expansion x1 Dark Depths Expansion x1 Brinewind Expansion x1 I'll definitely make another order next year, though...
  18. That base is fantastic!
  19. Buglips the goblin is looking great, and I really like both of the head options for the landsknecht. These renders have all been solid so far.
  20. I got the winter fairy because I missed out on her the previous two years.
  21. When I was younger and had time to play tabletop wargames regularly (and paint tons of models), I would eventually sell my armies after a while. I just didn't have the space. I've given away individual painted minis as gifts, but nowadays I hoard everything.
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