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  1. 2 minutes ago, Shadespyre said:

    Same date stamp as mine then, probably the same model. You'd only need to separate the upper tentacles from its chins and then twist the heads forwards a little.


    Anyway, he looks very good, and you've captured a bit of a 1980s vibe somehow


    Thanks! Probably because I'm an amateur like most of the people painting these in the 80s. haha

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  2. 15 minutes ago, Shadespyre said:

    Yes, it's an old Grenadier model (still sold by Mirliton I think) and made famous by it's TV appearances in "Stranger Things"


    Did you re-pose it a bit? It looks a little different from the one on my shelf


    I did not. It does look a bit different; that's why i wasn't sure. Perhaps it was bent by the previous owner.


    found some pics from before i painted it - shows grenadier 1984

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  3. SO a couple of months ago i bought a bunch of miniatures and painting supplies, finally had some time to start and this is my first attempt. I tried following some zenithal priming and glazing/highlighting technique tutorials on youtube. I would very much appreciate any tips, constructive criticism!


    EDIT: added my second and third attempts. Tips still appreciated :)


    Thanks for all the feedback so far. I'm still painting holding the base because I haven't had a chance to go out and grab some tacky tape. I will grab some today. For the moment, I've been using a matte sealer in a spray can; is this okay or should I get something for my air brush? Still learning to use the airbrush - flow is a bit much as it's hard for me to just press down the right amount to get less paint flow.


    I also have a big pewter dragon that doesn't seem to want to stay together no matter how much green stuff and super glue i put on it. I guess i'll have to resort to trying pinning. WIll post results when i get around to it!








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