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  1. I know it'd set me back a big amount, but it would break my heart to not get all of the dragons. I, too, haven't painted any pieces of that size, and it'd surely take me a long time to paint them all, but I can't help but feel like they're a "set" - and having one for each color would be great. Shavynra and Valfuryx are probably the ones I like best in terms of being "intimidating" dragons. Aganzarax is great too on that front.
  2. Was just thinking, when I open up the Core Set in the distant future, I'd love it to include a fold-out poster of the Core Set graphic from the Kickstarter page, just so I get a reminded of exactly HOW MUCH is included.
  3. The Empty Wallet The Bone(s) Collector Sophie's Chance The Opportunity The Better Judgement
  4. There's always these of course... I have decided it is far too early to plan any color scheme for any figure I haven't officially purchased yet... but it's definitely not a bad idea. I have no experience with any transparent figures, so I'll probably wait to see what it ends up looking like, maybe even see what others do with it.
  5. Whoa there. Mind your step. Watch out for mushrooms. It's Gnomevember and these little guys are out in full force. Anyway... this figure is Dablin by Spanish manufacturer MOMMiniaturas. Thoughts on the painting process under the pictures. At several points during the process, the paint somehow just refused to go on the figure (priming it in black was a mistake given how bright all the colors are), and that really knocked the wind out of me. The sculpt is pretty fun - I'm really happy to have him painted up - but I did struggle with "hard to reach" areas. Figuring out what colors to put where on that backpack was daunting. Other than that, the only thing that bothered me about the figure itself was just how many air bubbles there were and how I didn't spot a couple of them until after I'd put paint on. The feather on his hat was probably the most challenging part. I really wanted to go for more of a duck feather, but I could not get a good color so I ended up painting over it a few times and just going with this version. I'm also still figuring out the best way to photograph my minis. It's remarkable how a lot of the highlights aren't all that apparent when you get them on picture. Even while painting, I often felt like I had put on a color that was way too light - only for it to look really subdued once it dried. I think that's a good lesson to learn. I can definitely afford to go for more contrast in the future. Please, let me know what you think and paint some gnomes for Gnomevember!
  6. I was just painting a gnome with a big beard, a red hat and a big backpack - with the right color choices, that could've been a pretty solid 'Santa'. I like that more in a fantasy setting, a dwarf or a gnome with a big beard as a Father Winter.
  7. The Krampus works as an enemy without Santa (I mean, Saint Nicolas and Santa share the same root, obviously, but the 'Santa' character is a different thing entirely from my European perspective.), and running a Holiday one-shot with the kid adventurers is a great idea that I might just have to steal co-opt. A regular NPC dressed up as a 'Father Winter' character would be hilarious though. You ask Santa for help and he pulls down his beard - "come now, kids, you KNOW I'm just some shmuck with a fake beard! I don't know what to do!"
  8. Well, that made me take a second look at the Elemental Scions. This one looks like it could be pretty good.
  9. Thank you all! I was looking up how other people did their red noses and I think I got the general idea from this Warhammer video about Grots. I does feel nice to make the details on a "simple" but fun sculpt stand out like that.
  10. My immediate thought for how to use the Ghoulsbane figure was for a particular fight in the Curse of Strahd campaign. There's a monster that uses the stat block of a Shambling Mound, but feels random when you imagine it as a plant creature. It works a lot better as a grotesque pile of animated flesh, sinew and bones... basically, that would be a great figure for it.
  11. I've been hearing plenty of stories of DM's buying a whole bunch of figures to build their monster and NPC database, while players buy their own character off HeroForge. And that's that. Not quite an equal investment, but hey, any player that makes any investment is a good egg, right? I did buy two characters off HeroForge last year to represent a set of characters my girlfriend and I want to play together at some point in the future, a gnome and a firbolg. I love the figures, they're delightful. Of course, that was right before they pushed another update that included specific firbolg customization options, and the update that allowed for taller minis and the one that allowed for custom posing... so now I have this suboptimal figure and I know I can make it even better. Either way, it's a really great service for making that model you can't quite find, and they keep making it better, but there's something satisfying about finding an ACTUAL sculpted figure that matches your fantasy. I have some other characters I've wanted a figure for, but mysteriously haven't found a match for even though the concept isn't that eccentric (a clean-shaven, fresh-faced nobleman's son, a sword-wielding bard, probably one who wears a fencing vest type outfit - that's something I could definitely piece together if I chopped up different mini's, but buying different figures to frankenstein might end up setting me back as much money and give me... well, a frankenstein of sorts.)
  12. Seconding this! Well, I'm sure I'm not second - I've seen a lot of people praising the diverse choices made in this kickstarter. I know for a fact that the muscular female bartender in the Brinewind expansion will be a huge hit with every single D&D player I know. All of the sculpts in that second part were so full of character. The female adventurer in the ghoul pit encounter was another one that people were really excited by. The female landsknecht looks like it could be awesome too - just seeing a woman actually wearing heavy armor is great and the whole aesthetic of Reaper's Dreadmere and Brinewind has just been so INSTANTLY inspiring. Now, sure, if a sculpt has too much character, a player won't pick it out to represent their player character. I for one would love a professorial dwarf wearing a pince-nez and a fez. Would it be useful for other people? .... I mean, yes, yes, it would, it's the best character concept I've ever come up with.
  13. I know a lot of people grew up with HeroQuest, and for those that did, it was often their start into painting minis. Even though I had never painted a mini until the start of this year, I did grow up playing HeroQuest, and I always loved the game's monster sculpts. The old copy at my parents house was claimed (unpainted) by one of my siblings, and I haven't seen the box in years. I went looking through eBay for a game of my own and I quickly realised how expensive it could get. Every now and then, though, I would find a lot of minis for a pretty decent price. So, I had a handful of miniatures that I thought I'd paint one day. The blue and beige goblins were the first two I painted, as a test to see if I liked the skin color I had picked out for them - I love goblinoids in D&D and I wanted to make sure I could find a look that I liked for anything from goblins to bugbears. I really did my research for this one, and went out to get a specific set of paints that I thought would do the trick - my first time buying paint outside of reaper's Learn to Paint kits. What I settled on, and immediately liked is Vallejo "Dark Yellow", a wash of "Athonian Camoshade", highlight, then highlight more in a skintone (Cadmium Flesh) and wash those areas again (Vallejo Flesh Wash, in my case). I was less sure about what color to make the tunics, I just decided to go for a whole rainbow and see what I liked best. I have another six, unpainted, still waiting to decide what to do with those! I don't know the limits of image size on the forums, so you can see some more high-res close-ups at this imgur link.
  14. Folks, let's get ready for Bones 6! A dwarf professor wearing a fez! Start spreading the word!
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