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  1. Mmmmh - trying to make the final decision on whether the Learn to Paint Kit is worth getting or not. Lots of paint, instructions, brushes... and some duplicate figures. I think getting the new paint sets is more tempting than this array of generic colors... but still, I am unsure. Are all 12 figures included with it figures from the Core Set? I'm finding it a bit tricky to cross-reference.
  2. Oof, I'll admit I was not aware of any problems with their campaigns in the past! They only really came to my attention when they did the Critical Role miniatures, though I didn't follow that closely at all. Possible that it was a case of struggling with Dark Souls being their first project? Either way, that's something to keep in mind!
  3. I was surprised to see there wasn't a thread on Bardsung here yet. It immediately caught my attention and it's been doing well so far. The miniatures included look fun and original. Especially their decision to focus on Hobgoblins as one of the main enemies hooked me, as they continue to be the D&D monster that I struggle to find good miniatures for - and the look they went with here is absolutely my bag. Additionally, the core box includes Duergar and Bugbears, and of course, a number of bigger centrepiece baddies. A pretty good addition to the D&D arsenal. But beyond that, the writing team sounds interesting. With Rhianna Pratchett, Luke Gygax and Ian Livingstone on the team, the minis probably won't be the only interesting aspect.
  4. Hello, fellow painters! Certainly my photography needs a little work, but that's neither here nor there - this is Karlov Diedrich (03484), here painted up to represent "The Mad Mage" from D&D's "Curse of Strahd" module. He's one of the possible NPCs that the party might end up befriending, or... well, no spoilers! What has proven worth repeating, is to paint the face before doing anything else. Getting paint on something that was well-painted is a huge fear. It's also why the chest area of the figure might be my least favourite. I kept it sort-of dark and then didn't know how to return to it. Hopefully the attention is drawn elsewhere! This fella also fell off his paint handle at one point and the top part of the cowl's paint chipped off, though luckily I was able to repaint that. Nothing's without its hurdles!
  5. Apparently today's that kind of day where I think about Otterfolk. Will I be able to introduce Otterfolk as a core race in this ocean campaign that Bones 5 is leading me towards? Will Reaper have to make a full Otterfolk-themed expansion for Bones 6? And what about those Axolotl adventurers, will they also be limited to just those three incredibly cute figures? Will I forever only be able to have three NPCs of each of these incredibly crucial races?! What about Otterfolk clerics? Otterfolk construction workers building a dam? Otterfolk barbarians?! Otterfolk doxies?! Never mind, forget I said that last one! In addition to all that; I'm still not all that keen on the Mandupar Pass encounter, but for some reason that dwarf Sherpa really appeals to me. Worth waiting a few years.
  6. Absolutely. I'm most drawn to the "useable" figures like that, which is why the encounters are so nice! They're absolutely meant to be little scenes that would make for good diorama's, but they're a great spread of figures for a D&D combat too. I'm well aware most of these figures probably won't end up making contact my gaming table, but I'm still debating useability with my potential choices... "if I get those ocean-themed expansions, I may end up writing an ocean-themed campaign, and then I may need the ship anyway, so I might as well..."
  7. Came back here to see if people were already gushing about the bigger henchwoman. I love her. I haven't looked at the pledge manager in a while - specifically decided to let it rest before revisiting what I actually want to get. But I know in my heart of hearts there are way too many good figures. Maybe I'll wait until everything is done and the graphics are ready, but by then... I'll want... everything.
  8. I couldn't quite figure it out, or find an answer, but I feel like it HAS been asked before - do we have any idea of how the 5 big Chromatic Dragons in Bones 5 are going to compare to the existing dragons in the Bones line currently? Are they intended to be a different "size class", or are all dragons essentially just big boys? Thinking of getting some of the existing dragons to get some practice in, and thinking it might be more valuable to have different sizes.
  9. I know it'd set me back a big amount, but it would break my heart to not get all of the dragons. I, too, haven't painted any pieces of that size, and it'd surely take me a long time to paint them all, but I can't help but feel like they're a "set" - and having one for each color would be great. Shavynra and Valfuryx are probably the ones I like best in terms of being "intimidating" dragons. Aganzarax is great too on that front.
  10. Was just thinking, when I open up the Core Set in the distant future, I'd love it to include a fold-out poster of the Core Set graphic from the Kickstarter page, just so I get a reminded of exactly HOW MUCH is included.
  11. The Empty Wallet The Bone(s) Collector Sophie's Chance The Opportunity The Better Judgement
  12. There's always these of course... I have decided it is far too early to plan any color scheme for any figure I haven't officially purchased yet... but it's definitely not a bad idea. I have no experience with any transparent figures, so I'll probably wait to see what it ends up looking like, maybe even see what others do with it.
  13. Whoa there. Mind your step. Watch out for mushrooms. It's Gnomevember and these little guys are out in full force. Anyway... this figure is Dablin by Spanish manufacturer MOMMiniaturas. Thoughts on the painting process under the pictures. At several points during the process, the paint somehow just refused to go on the figure (priming it in black was a mistake given how bright all the colors are), and that really knocked the wind out of me. The sculpt is pretty fun - I'm really happy to have him painted up - but I did struggle with "hard to reach" areas. Figuring out what colors to put where on that backpack was daunting. Other than that, the only thing that bothered me about the figure itself was just how many air bubbles there were and how I didn't spot a couple of them until after I'd put paint on. The feather on his hat was probably the most challenging part. I really wanted to go for more of a duck feather, but I could not get a good color so I ended up painting over it a few times and just going with this version. I'm also still figuring out the best way to photograph my minis. It's remarkable how a lot of the highlights aren't all that apparent when you get them on picture. Even while painting, I often felt like I had put on a color that was way too light - only for it to look really subdued once it dried. I think that's a good lesson to learn. I can definitely afford to go for more contrast in the future. Please, let me know what you think and paint some gnomes for Gnomevember!
  14. I was just painting a gnome with a big beard, a red hat and a big backpack - with the right color choices, that could've been a pretty solid 'Santa'. I like that more in a fantasy setting, a dwarf or a gnome with a big beard as a Father Winter.
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