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  1. Without having the piece in hands yet, I'm going to assume it was meant to be snow, but that might've come out as an undefined mass.
  2. Absolutely agree. I'm probably not the only one who struggles using the triangles and the block to properly tell me how big something is. The prices definitely give us something to go on (e.g. Kyphrixis at 20 bucks, Blightfang at 30 and T'raukzul at 50, that tells me something about their relative size.) Ideally, I'd like to end up with a bunch of dragons of different sizes. A set of new chromatic wyrmlings might be cool to have, though I understand also that young dragons aren't quite as impressive.
  3. So how big are the dragons, then? Both in actual size and in D&D terms - adult dragons, I assumed? Although, as far as picking the correct base size goes, I think I'll just continue being very flexible with those. Reaper's Bugbears and Orcs certainly do not fit on a medium base, and even a few of their regular humans have a wide stance that makes 25mm bases feel like a tight fit.
  4. On one hand, I can't afford more kickstarters. On the other hand, this is nautical themed and I am expecting a big ship in one of the coming weeks... An animal crew for Sophie's Revenge? Ah hell...!
  5. By all means, keep this thread up! I was very excited to see this kickstarter finally launch and wanted to share the excitement. Been eyeing that dragon as a diorama display piece for a while now!
  6. Oh no, this was one of the figures I was genuinely looking forward to the most and it does look a little off.
  7. Based just on the pictures so far, these Scions might the biggest surprise for me! Emphasis on big, because they look nice and imposing.
  8. Not even carpeted! There is literally nowhere it could have gone. The floor is perfectly smooth! I feel like I'm losing my mind. As for the busts, seeing them now, the dragon is the only one I feel the slightest twinge of remorse about not getting. The flipside of that is immediately realising that I'm already going to be getting more than I know what to do with.
  9. For what it's worth, I do agree with you there. Just a little joke because my mini's head went flying into the room and despite searching for the better part of the day and turning the room upside down, it is nowhere to be found. But maybe that's what I get for daring to work on my backlog instead of waiting patiently for the new pile of plastic...
  10. The less stuff comes on sprues, or with stuff to cut away, the better! I was just preparing a figure and as I snipped the head, it jumped away from me, presumably into the void, never to be seen again. ... Bring on the Bones instead.
  11. I'm not saying they did this especially for us, but we can't know for sure that they didn't.
  12. I was hoping for an update today - it's probably happening soon, though.
  13. Mmmmh - trying to make the final decision on whether the Learn to Paint Kit is worth getting or not. Lots of paint, instructions, brushes... and some duplicate figures. I think getting the new paint sets is more tempting than this array of generic colors... but still, I am unsure. Are all 12 figures included with it figures from the Core Set? I'm finding it a bit tricky to cross-reference.
  14. Oof, I'll admit I was not aware of any problems with their campaigns in the past! They only really came to my attention when they did the Critical Role miniatures, though I didn't follow that closely at all. Possible that it was a case of struggling with Dark Souls being their first project? Either way, that's something to keep in mind!
  15. I was surprised to see there wasn't a thread on Bardsung here yet. It immediately caught my attention and it's been doing well so far. The miniatures included look fun and original. Especially their decision to focus on Hobgoblins as one of the main enemies hooked me, as they continue to be the D&D monster that I struggle to find good miniatures for - and the look they went with here is absolutely my bag. Additionally, the core box includes Duergar and Bugbears, and of course, a number of bigger centrepiece baddies. A pretty good addition to the D&D arsenal.
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