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  1. There's 14 days left on this one, and their previous Gnome Kickstarter just shipped. I might wait and see if those get to me before the end of this campaign before making a decision, but I've always liked Midlam's old-school style.
  2. I was only bringing up the possibility as a possible concern. Not all the detail from a 3D sculpt is guaranteed to transfer to the physical product as well. I'm also specifically thinking of how the original flexible Bones formula would obscure details on some figures. This is a new material for me that I don't have experience with, but which looks okay. So I don't think these will be blobs of plastic, at all! There haven't been any pictures of the finished results, except for the Ogre. That's a bigger figure and I think it looks great! Not the crispest miniature I've ever seen, but it does look good.
  3. Currently this campaign gets you 129 miniatures for 80 bucks - 60 cents for a mini. A pretty sweet deal that's only getting sweeter as it goes on. Too good to be true? Maybe. I am still waiting to see some good pictures or videos posted of what the actual product looks like. Even though I said I don't like painting multiple identical miniatures, I did have to hop on board. If I counted correctly, there are currently 49 different sculpts, with more to be unlocked. That's still only $1,6 per unique figure. A couple of those are pretty large sculpts (Elementals of each type and a Beholder still to be unlocked). Even if the material doesn't hold detail too well, like some early Bones figures, it'll still be good for the bigger sculpts.
  4. "That certainly is a big, impressive, good-looking dragon," I say, as I open my wallet and watch a fly come buzzing out.
  5. Mmh, certainly more likely to look at this knowing that it's a European company. Shipping would be easier and cheaper for me, for one. That said, there's not a lot of standout sculpts for me, and not a fan of some aesthetic choices - if I'm going to get multiple identical copies of a figure I'm going to want the style to be interesting. It's just a bit too stylistically neutral to really be appealing.
  6. For what it's worth, they've also not been clear on whether these percentages are picking the orders or shipping the orders. (ReaperRooms Facebook post on August 6th said '95% done with wave 1' and then later clarified 95 done picking Wave 1.) On July 15th, two months ago, their FB page said "We have started shipping from the UK warehouse! In the coming days ahead we will be working through 2694(!!) orders." - once again unsure if that's their total amount of orders; or if it's just the UK orders, or if they meant that's just what they were planning to get through "in the coming days"...? Could mean anything now. That's the only estimate I've seen this whole time: mentioning days, and mentioning "ramping up next week". The rest has just been "as quickly as possible". The wait just feels very long.
  7. According to the latest Kickstarter update, the "UK team is on Wave 4 and is over 50% complete." Some other backers and myself were justifiably confused, as the UK team was "nearing 50%" on August 16th. It's unclear how much of a difference that meant. Is that a jump from 40% to 60% in the past month? Or has it slowly crept from 48% to 52%? Yesterday, Reaper responded to a few comments: A vague promise that things will pick up. I have no idea how big the team is and how much they've slowed down. Constant reassurance that they're working their hardest only means so much. With this new info, I'm not so sure how accurate that estimate of "100 orders a day" earlier in this thread was. I now understand not really communicating transparently at all if your information is going to be this incomplete or fabricated.
  8. I understand that things take a long time, that this is happening outside of Reaper HQ, that the team is much smaller, etc... ... but the last time anything was officially communicated in the Kickstarter Updates about "UK Zone" shipping was on August 16th. EU shipping was supposedly 50% done, one month after the July 16th update said EU shipping had begun. So, if that's anything to go on... update in another 6 days? Then again I also understand that there might not be much to communicate. Still, whatever there is, I don't feel like I should be going on a scavenger hunt for breadcrumbs to know what to expect, and I'm not the only person in the dark. I dunno, I'm getting a bit antsy now.
  9. It does look like a very tempting set of 'classic' monsters, good for the tabletop, with a few sculpts in there that I don't already have another model for. That non-Mindflayer in the latest episode is definitely one. I tend to lose the will to paint a bit when I'm painting multiples of the exact same sculpt, but in this case they're clearly meant for the tabletop, so you could knock out a paintjob faster. I'm also keeping an eye out to see if anything else still gets unlocked. Not 100% sold yet! I do like the dragon, the flying pose looks right and the size looks reasonable too (I'm assuming a fair bit smaller than the Bones 5 ones, though I don't have those yet, and "Huge" would still mean Adult in D&D terms...)
  10. I wasn't actually sure which Wave I had ended up in... 14, it turns out. Oof. With no indication for a while now of what speed things are moving at... maybe I'll have something by the end of the year? Halloween/birthday if I'm lucky?
  11. Oh yeah, this one has real weight to it. Kind of gross, undeniably malicious and scarily otherworldly. And I love the smaller spectator - that way even low level parties can be terrified!
  12. As mentioned above, the color on the wing membrane is phenomenal. The belly scales look neat too! The gradient on them looks wonderful. About the lining, I will say it seems to me like multiple brushstrokes on each section. It's either that which is causing these irregular spots at certain intervals, or maybe you are trying one motion but the brush 'won't stay straight', which I've also cursed over a few times as well... I think it's probably a matter of control - I find lining a pretty hard thing to do, and on most pictures, I see no real fault with yours!
  13. I'm not familiar with the original state of the figure so I had to look it up... and wow, yeah, what an incredible improvement! The paint job itself is quite clean as well. I do think the chainmail between his legs has lost some definition in the repaint, which is something a targeted drybrush of silver could fix. The beard is his most attention grabbing feature for sure, because those light grey streaks really stand out! Don't be afraid to throw on brighter highlights! Great job!
  14. Very dramatic colour choices! That's a scary beastie.
  15. Oooh, this one paints up quite nicely. That Killer Croc-face really draws the attention.
  16. More NPCs from Curse of Strahd... Rudolph's lantern is the first time I've actually attempted a lighting effect. I did this by priming the figure black, doing an overall drybrush of a light brown (the main color for the figure), and a drybrushing of white in raised areas that would be hit by the light. Then I laid down the basecoats, layered the highlights and glazed on a spot of yellow for the lantern. For Ezmerelda the challenge was making the two legs distinct. I don't think I photographed her super well, but I think it reads well enough as a wooden leg. A few hard-to-reach spots on this sculpt, though! There's a few details that I might make small adjustments to after I come back from my brief holiday and look at her again, but for now, I'm satisfied. These characters have been sculpted quite a number of different times; in the Nolzur line as "vampire hunters", in their prepainted line, etc. I considered tracking down all possible versions to compare them, but I already knew these sculpts by Gale Force 9 would be my favourites, and looking at the results, I doubt I could be proven wrong. Quite satisfied!
  17. ... is how I start each session of my Curse of Strahd campaign, before recounting my player's disastrous choices and whatever wicked thing I threw at them last time as a result. Although we play our game online and the campaign is drawing to a close, I decided to immortalise these characters in miniature form. I was planning to paint a Strahd for them to fight, but then, uhhh, while I was cutting the figure from the sprue, its head flew into the office and hasn't been seen since. Of course, I should have known, he's a vampire, he can change shape and move through walls. I'll never find him. But will this party be able to defeat him in our next session? Fingers crossed! First off - the party's secretive and somewhat paranoid rogue who goes by "Hope". Out of a traumatic fear of magic users, she dislikes being healed and shaves her head to avoid anyone scrying on her. I decided to pick Serena, Dreadmere Rogue (03873) to represent her, opting for a cloak rather than a bald head. Then, the party's warlock. Ira was an aspiring actor and playwright who made an arrangement with a local lawyer to benefit his career and learn a little bit of a magic. A whirlwind romance turned into a longterm relationship, but when his patron actually proposed to get married, Ira ran off on an adventure. Commitment issues, you know? But at least he has a magical book that allows him to communicate his regrets and learn new spells from his fiendish boyfriend... I struggled a bit to find a figure that matched the "Victorian dandy" aesthetic. No staffs or wands, but no guns or playing cards either. I was in the dark a bit, so I decided to modify Drake Whiteraven (03599), using the book that comes with Khalib, Runelord Apprentice (60098), and fashioning a dagger out of bits. Not the best 'kitbash', but it does the job. The party's druid is Mikal - a half-elf and the oldest member of the group. Though he started off as a loner and a hermit tending to nature, when strange creatures began emerging from sudden mist banks, he had to go take a closer look. Perhaps the real Curse of Strahd was the friends he made along the way. This figure is Vodelis Winterhand (04009), who I believe was a freebie sometimes last year. I modified the staff to be a spear (a magical item found in Barovia!) Finally, the party's cleric - Petrus. Many things in Barovia would challenge a man's faith, but Petrus has come out of it stronger and even more pious than before. This is not a Reaper figure, but a sculpt from Mierce Miniatures. The scale on this one was much finer and the figure itself was obviously shorter, sculpted with more realistic proportions. I decided to place him on a rock to make him appear taller, but of course, that only made him look like he was compensating for something. (He is.)
  18. Ooooh, I like that! Might take a bit of inspiration from that for my own actual white dragons. Indeed it feels like a very natural white color. Same thing goes for the pink on the membrane, feels very realistic.
  19. Does that mean the bed didn't make it either, or just the figure sitting on the bed? I now remember the original issue was likely the orc lady leaning against the bed, so they turned her pose into a free-standing figure, but then decided to try sculpting a new figure to go with the bed. It's a shame, I quite liked where they went with this one!
  20. Shame about the doxies indeed... so which three is it then that made the final cut? I seem to remember there was something wrong with the bed, but then I thought they sculpted another figure, and then tried to fix the first sculpt, but didn't? Or was it some other way around? ... I don't remember that part.
  21. Without having the piece in hands yet, I'm going to assume it was meant to be snow, but that might've come out as an undefined mass.
  22. Absolutely agree. I'm probably not the only one who struggles using the triangles and the block to properly tell me how big something is. The prices definitely give us something to go on (e.g. Kyphrixis at 20 bucks, Blightfang at 30 and T'raukzul at 50, that tells me something about their relative size.) Ideally, I'd like to end up with a bunch of dragons of different sizes. A set of new chromatic wyrmlings might be cool to have, though I understand also that young dragons aren't quite as impressive.
  23. So how big are the dragons, then? Both in actual size and in D&D terms - adult dragons, I assumed? Although, as far as picking the correct base size goes, I think I'll just continue being very flexible with those. Reaper's Bugbears and Orcs certainly do not fit on a medium base, and even a few of their regular humans have a wide stance that makes 25mm bases feel like a tight fit.
  24. On one hand, I can't afford more kickstarters. On the other hand, this is nautical themed and I am expecting a big ship in one of the coming weeks... An animal crew for Sophie's Revenge? Ah hell...!
  25. By all means, keep this thread up! I was very excited to see this kickstarter finally launch and wanted to share the excitement. Been eyeing that dragon as a diorama display piece for a while now!
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