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  1. Warhammer Proxies Im not suggesting copy/rip off these sculpts but it would be cool to see what reaper could do with these as inspiration. Most are incredibly expensive or out of production or dont exist yet. Mourngoul, giant ghosty Lightning ghiest (lightning monster created when a stormcast eternal's reforging goes badly) Anvil of apothiosis, Large enough for a figure to lay on top. Carmine Dragon Warpfire Dragon Magma Dragon merwyrm (amazing looking monster) chaos dragon deathroller for bloodbowl treemen sized for bloodbowl alternate sculpts for aetherwings Metal minis i think would be cool in bones black Reaper minis ZELDRIIA, ELF SORCERESS KYRIE, FEMALE BARBARIAN deena, female barbarian MARDA OF THE BLADE ICE QUEEN JANNA THE WANDERER TARYN, SPEARMAIDEN VIKING GIRL PHARESS, FIRE SORCERESS Lilaea, Naiad ALYSCIA OF THE ABYSS Mastema, Darkspawn Demon LORELEI, DRYAD JALINRIX, FEMALE DEVIL Cleo, Weretigress. (both sculpts, resculpt?) ALYSCIA OF THE FOREST (DYOM) ARETHUSA, NEREID Monique DeNoir Labith, Female Spider Demon ARACHNILITH LADY DEVONA, CRUSADERS MAGE Amber Dracomancer angel of radiance Eilluvasheth, Succubus Queen Sea Lion Siobhana Of Weissburg Angel of Shadow Children of the Zodiac: Capricorn Mika, Female Samurai S'KARA, FEMALE SKOLI WARRIOR Lady Moray, Bard CHURRUSINA DEPORA AZINRAE, DARK ELF NALANI, DANCING GIRL DELADRIN, ASSASSIN DARA, PSIONIC WARRIOR RASIA, BLADEDANCER LONNIA, FEMALE DUELIST ELDESSA, NECROMANCER TEREZINYA, BONE PANDER WIZARD FEMALE DARK ELF CLERIC cav models that could be used in battletech. (units have no bt models or atleast no modern ones) infantry motorized infantry hover infantry srm/lrm infantry jump infantry infantry with cool TAG tripods. bones weapon sprues that can be used to customize cav models (or any mechs). Lasers, missile launchers, auto cannons, ect. i think the weapon sprues would be easy to sculpt and work with in the bones material and i think would be a big hit with anyone looking to modify their cav or newer plaatic battletech models into different variants.
  2. CELTIC MYTHOLOGICAL FIGURES. i think the MORRIGAN in particular could be an amazing sculpt. But a liytle set of the tuatha de danon could be something special. A hevily armored DWARF BATTLERAGER, no weapons just lots of jagged spiked armor GUAN YU/GENERAL QUAN. a well known iconic figure. Im sure itd sell well as a 28mm figure, blown up to a bigger scale and modeled like a statue, or as a bust. A GIANT TREASURE CRAB. Like from moanna except scary A HALFLING WANNABE KNIGHT RIDING A PONY/MULE A GIANT RIDABLE DRAGONFLY,
  3. A RETRIEVER. Giant mechanical spider demon things from the demonweb pits. they were a big part of the latest drizzt trilogy DEEP GNOME with prosthetic mining pick and hammer for hands please. (Based on a character from legend of drizzt-exile) SASSY OCTOPUS'S in different poses like guarding treasure or hiding amongst a scenic base, or wielding shipwreck debris like a knight or fighter. Maybe one stealing items from a mermaid
  4. A 600 pound panther companion in a dynamic pouncing pose or a sleek stalking pose. Possibly coming out of the mist/figurine. We all know the one 🙂 A giant hermit crab monster with kanjiras skull as a shell
  5. I've been told these are the pilots for the Mechs and it's very hot in the cockpit, which is why they are pretty scantily clad. Those are the old retro cooling vests, think padded/flexible radiators
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