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  1. Corby Morlock Barbaric style hobgoblins Ettercap Ghoul king Wolf folk Vampire knights full helm Evil barbarians
  2. Would love to see Reaper get license to do a frazetta line.
  3. Walking creature of blood reef. Two headed dragon. Gargantuan spikey alligator. Werepanther. Skeletal naga. Hellborn death knight. Fenrir. Not squid kraken. More Zombie giants. Smokey translucent familiars. Huge bat demon. Crusaders in robes with helms. FF style dragoon. Adventurers with wicked spears. More peoples of the north. Evil vulture humanoids. Briar golem. Thorn goblins (little spikey jerks-no clothes)
  4. * black knight - raven/night themed * green knight - nature/wild themed * red knight - war/dragon themed * blue knight - lake/ocean themed * white knight - light/sun themed Ranger jokes incoming! :)
  5. * dragoth standing to go with throne. * fighter in wolf armor male * dragon knights good and evil cool helms * keep adding to dungeon dwellers :)
  6. * fat swamp dragon Ron mentioned * resculpts of crimson knight grunts (can be used as dragon knights) * dwarf blacksmith female * fantasy Viking expansion * fantasy Viking encounter * fantasy Viking longboat * fantasy boat like in latest Conan film * basic wolves * wolffolk :) * new town guard sculpts * subterranean humanoid cannibals (bat like ears big bulbous eyes) * give murkillor treatment to dragoth * stirges and nest encounter * werewolves in creepy forest encounter * barrow entrance and standing stones * resculpts of the horsemen * trashpandafolk like gypsies * orc,goblin,bugbear zombies\skeletons * elf vampires * elf and dwarf townsfolk
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