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  1. HIPPA has nothing to do with individuals or businesses asking for anything medical related, it is solely to do with hospitals and care providers only.
  2. Still looking for at least one roommate (or a couple).
  3. Absolutely! Message me and I’ll connect with you over a faster medium of your choice ^_^; I don’t spend much time on here
  4. Thanks, ReaperAHawk!!! Well, now as an update, I’ve got a queen set up for Wed night checking out Monday. If anyone wants to pitch in in exchange for room space, let me know. We’re gonna have a great time!
  5. Hi! I am looking for a room for the weekend (or as many days as I can get). I have medical conditions that make hotel hopping less than ideal, but I’m willing to work with what I can get.
  6. The idea I have would very certainly have a mostly sculpt based focus, which is why I’m thinking open, so the rest really helps me out. Thank you
  7. I’m not really sure how to ask this, but I’m playing around with a few ideas that I want to work on this year. I’ve also never been to a Reapercon, so forgive me if this is something that is easy to discern for attendees. 1. what constitutes a mini? How big is a piece allowed to be? I know sculpts are allowed, but are we allowed to use a base of something to build on, like, say, a 10ish inch doll? Is this something that would be considered a statue or bust? 2. If, say, something like that would be allowed, could we use non-sculpt additions, like custom hair, leather accent (with or without a paint job). I could go either way on this, but wanted to ensure I can adhere as closely as I can to guidelines to be considered. 3. If this doesn’t really fit, is there another category that would work with this type of medium where i could still enter and be judged, or is this something you don’t think would do well at all at Reaper con?
  8. For the tabletop games, do people bring characters, have premade characters, make their characters for the group, or a mix of all?
  9. As a side note, does anyone have an anticipation for how soon registration will be released?
  10. It looks like there may be availability to help teach it! Lol i love all of these ideas im somewhere between Basing and Scenic, would you recommend not selecting Scenic?
  11. It’s so exciting, isn’t it??? i can’t wait for the carrying case!
  12. I have a room, but so far it’s at one of the secondary hotels
  13. This is what Disney pins were like for us at the park! It’s a great tool for kids
  14. Blending isn’t even on my radar for this one, really only trying to play with contrast. I know the blending is garbage.
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