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  1. This is what Disney pins were like for us at the park! It’s a great tool for kids
  2. Blending isn’t even on my radar for this one, really only trying to play with contrast. I know the blending is garbage.
  3. @Wren, I dove deep and am just now starting practice. You weren’t kidding when you said let your shading quality fall a bit x_x but I was wondering if you could give me some feedback? i posted in the WIP threads. Title: 44003: ziba, female efreeti
  4. Im hoping for some specific feedback. I was challenged to work on contrast, and I’m wanting to know if I’m on the right track. I’m horrified by my work but I don’t know if that’s just me out of my comfort zone, or I’m doing something wrong here. I used the app See Value to make my base comparison, and used Zenithal priming. I’m attempting a purple/brown skin tone, lightened up for highlights with Sophie Champagne for a little extra shimmer. so far, the only thing I want feedback on is my shading/contrast of the purple skin tone. I have put no real work into anything else. Thank you.
  5. That’s what I do for cons. Sorry, I’m going, y’all just gotta work around that.
  6. OmenKitten


    That’s more of what I’m used to at shows
  7. How do judges feel about titles of pieces that may have strong language?
  8. Hahahahaha ha I mean, you can’t go wrong, right?
  9. Who here is ready to storm Reaper with this faction?
  10. TGP I may be representing an event I work for, and bringing a ribbon for that specifically. The task probably being: look up the website
  11. OmenKitten


    Oh gosh! We just ran an event In Arlington, and some of our staff overheard the desk staff tell other guests “don’t worry about THOSE people” and continue on to describe us as losers ugh so I am glad to know this con has had friendly staff
  12. That’s cool! I’m just enamored with everything ahhh, hotel room: kind of check, but I’m hoping I can get into the embassy badge: check check classes: soooooon entries for competition: working on getting güd, scrub.
  13. Okay, no problem. still, does anyone have a reference to more lore?
  14. I just registered. However, I don’t know what faction to choose! Does anyone have a link to more background on the factions? also, it’s making me choose one faction, but I bought two passes. Can I select the factions separately? Do I have to select them now?
  15. For people who have been before, what’s your favorite ribbon you’ve personally gotten, and why?
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