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  1. Wow, inspiring output. Love the texture on the Countess' dress!
  2. Accountability Post: End of week 3: 0/150 miniatures done I would feel bad about this, but life has just gotten in the way. I lost a bunch of the first week due to rain and the inability to prime, and I lost a big chunk due to being out of town for work. I did consider bringing some paint along, but it was wise that I didn't. I wouldn't have had the time or energy. Still, I've got three that are very close to being done. Since I am wanting to put a bit of extra time into their bases, they won't be actually done for a bit. But that is also fine. I have 10 miniatures in the wings ready to be painted, so while I am working on the bases of this current batch, I'll hopefully also be making progress on the next (and prepping the batch after that). I've made a list in my journal of all the things I'd like to get done, and that is way more than 150 models. So I don't have a lack of options. Buglips - you mentioned having small models to get ahead. After I finish with the figures from Unmatched, I want to paint my Mice and Mystics box. I started playing it with my son ages ago, but we stopped for some reason and never returned. I was thinking that I'd really like to get back into that game with him, and figured that it would be more fun with a painted set. Among the enemies are a million little cockroaches (16 I think). It does feel like cheating a little bit... I mean, they are not tiny, but they should be a lot easier to paint up than a regular figure. One thing I need to be mindful of is that I don't have any Bones miniatures in the queue yet. I need to rectify that soon, I am "supposed" to have 2 done by the end of next week. I decided I want to try out NMM, so I am going to pick out some that look like good candidates for that. I'd like to try both gold and steel/iron. I might even just paint a figure up as if it were a gold or silver statue.
  3. Okay, getting very close with these three. Originally, I wanted to try my hand at doing non metallic metal. I have never done it, but I felt ready to give it a go. I am chickening out now, though. If it was just Sinbad with his swords, I think I would have done it. King Arthur, with his chainmail and helmet with a bunch of little bumps, feels like it might be tricky for a beginner at the technique. Also Alice's sword is such a focal point of that model, I would feel like I would need to do more than a basic job on it, so that would probably add many hours to this project that is already way behind schedule, because I know I would be going back and forth until it was just right. So we will just go with metallics.
  4. Made more progress on the above figures, but don't have any pictures to show. Here are a few showing my progress on Arthur's cape. Started with some underpainting with blue liner, moonstone, and white. Then I did some glazes of red Need to punch it up some highlights. Not liking how some of the shadows are laying either, so still a bit of monkeying around that needs to be done here.
  5. You could look at the upcoming game Oceans from North Star Games for some inspiration. Pretty amazing artwork in there. You can look up their recent kickstarter for more images as well.
  6. I made a little bit of progress. Just did some work on Alice an d Sinbad. It is weird, on the box cover, Alice is wearing the iconic white apron, but on the miniature she is not. Still not sure what color to do for Sinbad's pants. In the game, there is not an actual image of Sinbad's full body anywhere, so I can't just copy anything. Most of the card art is very abstract in nature (it is super cool, though. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out). The graphic design of the Sinbad's cards has an orange motif, though, so maybe I will go with that for consistency.
  7. Good call on the brush on primer. I've been meaning to try the badger primer, heard good things about it. Cool travel kit! Don't think I'll have an opportunity to do much painting on this trip, but I'll keep that idea in mind. Most of my stuff is somewhat portable because I don't have a dedicated painting space. I have to port stuff out of my closet to the table every time I want to paint.
  8. I figure I should do a weekly accountability post. End of Week 1 of 75: 0/150 miniatures completed Had an auspicious start, I guess. I realized at the beginning of last week that I was out of primer. Then, once I got the primer, it rained most of the rest of the week. I guess I should have spent the time prepping the other miniatures in the queue... Anyway, I finally got some priming done last weekend. You know, I've been thinking about getting an airbrush for some time, I think this challenge is going to make that a reality sooner than I thought. Santa might be leaving me an airbrush under the tree! Anyway, I should get some paint on my brush this week. Unfortunately, I have to be out of town for work from Thursday - Sunday, so I'm not going to be as productive as I'd like... I did start filling out my journal to create a pathway, write some thoughts about projects I want to do, notes about possible color schemes and basing ideas, materials I might need to get, etc... so that felt good.
  9. Wow, that white color scheme is 100 different kinds of awesome. It has a very definite "dragon of light" vibe to it. Almost has an angelic feel. When I ever get around to painting this, I don't know how I can avoid stealing this... what is seen cannot be unseen! I know you said that the purple didn't work out for the dark dragon, but you might reconsider. I think some purple hues in the dark dragon would really work here, as yellow and purple are complementary colors. But I agree, not a warm purple, something cooler. Another option would be to play off of the angelic feel of the top dragon and maybe delve into the bottom dragon having more "demonic" characteristics. Maybe incorporate some reds into the scheme. I'm thinking something balrog-esque. The balrog is a creature of shadow, but it emanates light. You don't have shadow without light, after all. I guess the issue for me is that the contrast of the white with the sepia/yellow is so striking that it makes the dark dragon feel like it is lacking as much visual interest.
  10. Rather than a calendar, I made up a spreadsheet showing the weeks and a pacing guide so I see where I "should be". The two numbers are for total miniatures and for bones miniatures. I am working on four miniatures right now, so if I can get them done in two weeks, I'll be right on schedule! :) One thing that I am going to need to get in the habit of is preparing new miniatures while I am still working on current projects. Usually I am laser focused on one thing at a time, but I can't wait until something is done to start basing and priming the next thing.
  11. This is the first project in my 150 miniatures in 75 weeks challenge. I am starting off with the miniatures in a new game by Restoration Games called "Unmatched." It is a light card driven skirmish/arena type game. It is a reworking of the old game Star Wars: Epic Duels, if you are familiar. These will be painted primarily with reaper paints, so I think this is still "legal" to post. I am starting off with the four miniatures that come in the base box, Alice (in wonderland), Medusa, King Arthur, and Sinbad. The models are very nice for board game minis. They came pre-washed. I gave them a soak in simple green to try to get some of the wash off, but it didn't really come off. It doesn't seem to have obscured detail, so I am just proceeding. Often, when I paint board game miniatures, the bases are an afterthought. For these, I have decided to give the bases more attention. For Sinbad, I am going to have him on a beach, with the ocean water receding under his feet. For that I made up some texture paste by mixing some pva glue, baking soda, and water (sorry, don't know the proportions). This paste, when dried, does a good job of approximating fine sand. I tapered the paste on his base because the water is going to be behind him. After it was dry, I mixed up another batch and added a more roughed up section at the front. This is the sand that hasn't gotten wet yet. For Alice, she is going to be in a garden/lawn setting with flowers. I wanted the texture paste to be a bit more coarse, so I added in some corn meal into the baking soda mix, then as it dried, I used a brush to make the ground a bit uneven. I did the same thing for King Arthur, but then I had a change of heart. I didn't want his base to be the same as Alice's, so after it had dried some, I took a dental tool and scratched in some lines so that it looked like he was on stone. I'm not sure how this will turn out and if the texture will read much as stone after primed. If not, I can do some things to fix it. One thing I worried about was whether it looked like his feet were sinking into the stone, so I tried to subtly taper the stone around his feet. If it doesn't read right at the end, I'll add some rubble around his feet. For Medusa, I wanted the ground to be rougher as she is going to be among the rubble of her victims. So, I sprinkled on some corn meal over the top. I'll be adding more rubble and stuff later on. There isn't much room on her base, but I want to have pieces of a stone victim somewhere. I might grab a bones miniature and cut pieces off of it (head, bits of torso, arm) and see what I can fit. Here they with the bases dried. I am content with the results (sorry for the washed out image). Next up, priming!
  12. Geoff - Good call on the calendar. I've got a journal that I am devoting to this project. I'll put in a calendar at the beginning and also put in pacing benchmarks so I can easily see if I am ahead or behind. Glitterwolf - Yeah, I definitely want to keep the right mind set and not be harsh on myself. In fact, the first thing I wrote in my journal was "The ultimate goal is forward progress." As long as I am making progress, I think I will feel good. There will certainly be weeks when I will not be able to paint at all, but hopefully that is balanced out by weeks where I get a lot done. If I don't hit the end number, but feel I was productive, I will feel like it was a success. One thing I definitely don't want to do is see that I am 30 miniatures off and just do a rush job on a pile of miniatures just so I can meet some arbitrary number. If I fall behind because I end up spending 3 weeks on a single model, so be it. I will certainly be happier with that one model than I would with a bunch of hastily done, crappy paint jobs that I wouldn't want to look at later. Thanks for tips on working with the bones material. I don't plan to work on bare bones as I don't like to work with undiluted paint. So, I am going to test some different things out. I've got brown liner, so will certainly try that. I've also got that tile glaze medium that was mentioned in the old thread about undercoating bones, I'll try that out. I'll also try just priming it as I do other models.
  13. Hi there, I'm Peter, I am brand new to the forums. I was drawn here because of the recently completed Bones 5 kickstarter. I followed the recent kickstarter pretty closely, and it reminded me, like I am sure it reminded many of you, that I have far too many unpainted miniatures. I participated in the first bones kickstarter and got the core set and a few extras. At the time, I had no need for them, I wasn't playing much D&D or playing any miniatures games. But, I figured it was too good a deal to pass up and I would eventually find a use for them. Well, fast forward to today, and I still haven't painted a single one. When the subsequent bones kickstarters happened, I couldn't justify going much into them since I hadn't even touched my bones 1 figures. I mainly just got paint and an add-on or two. Well, while following this kickstarter, the bug is biting me and I really want some of this stuff. The designs this time around are outstanding, and from what I have seen, it looks like the bones black line is a big step up in quality. So, in order to give myself "permission" to buy more heavily into this kickstarter, I've decided to give myself a challenge. Bones 5 is supposed to fulfill in April, 2021. April 11, 2021 is exactly 75 weeks from today. That is a nice number, so my challenge to myself is to paint at least 150 miniatures in that time. For me, that is a very, very high output rate, but I think it is doable. I am hoping that by challenging myself on this public forum, I will have a better chance of following through. In addition, I am adding an extra part to the challenge. At least 50 of those miniatures need to be from my bones 1 haul. Since I still really don't have much specific "need" for these miniatures, I am thinking that these will be an excellent playground to try out new painting techniques and stretch myself without feeling nervous about "ruining" them. I've been painting on and off for 30 years, so I am not a novice, but I still feel I have a great deal to learn. My thought is to use this thread as a "home base" to track my overall progress in my challenge. I will create separate wip threads for the specific projects I take on (and link to them from here). I'd like to try to take photos as I am working to post in those threads in order to garner critiques and suggestions for improvement. Okay, sorry for the long winded post, but I am really excited about doing this. Got started today, in fact, so you will be hearing from me again soon.
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