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  1. As someone who's mostly playing Pathfinder these days: 1. Goblins. Goblins are an official PC ancestry in Pathfinder these days, so Pathfinder-style goblins in a variety of styles matching different classes. 2. Barghest, in Medium and Large 3. Boars 4. Brain collector 5. Various drakes. 6. Alchemical golem 7. PF-style hobgoblins 8. Various linnorms. 9. Various proteans 10. Various psychopomps 11. Redcap 12. Shining child 13. Various flavor of xulgaths/troglodytes (in particular, check out the variants in the Extinction Curse adventure path). In addition, if you could coordinate with Paizo and see what sort of stuff they're planning to use in future adventure paths, that'd be really great.
  2. I don't know if Army Painter has changed their ingredients or something, but when I tried priming bones with it earlier this year they got very tacky. It took a few days for the tackiness to reveal itself, though. Another thing I've noted is that if I use Citadel's Wraithbone primer on Bones Black, it adheres fine but it doesn't seem to give a primed surface. If I try painting on it, it's just as hydrophobic as the Bones Black material itself (or close enough to not matter). This is unfortunate if you try to paint them using contrast paints. It would be really awesome if Reaper could whip up some form of guaranteed Bones-friendly spray-on primer. At the moment, all we have is basically unconfirmed lore - "I heard this lady tried that spray and it worked fine", and unfortunately not very much in the way of actual knowledge.
  3. I got a set with a recent order, and while they seem to be perfectly cromulent dice, I was slightly disappointed that they didn't come in differentiated colors like on the Kickstarter picture. If they had had differentiated colors, and those colors had been consistent from set to set, I would have bought like ten sets. It would have been great for quickly finding a bunch of appropriate dice for various spells and other effects in D&D and variants. Hunting through your various dice sets to find 8d8 for a Cone of Cold can take a while, and the next round you need 5d12 because someone else is upcasting an Erupting Earth or something. But if I know I need 8 of the blue ones, and 5 of the green ones, that's much quicker. I assume they have gone the traditional route with single-colored sets because of how the molding process works (I guess the whole set is made as one sprue, which would require it to be the same color, and that making one d8 sprue and one d12 sprue and so on would be more trouble than it's worth), but I still wish it were otherwise.
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