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  1. Thank you. Some of the flowers are dried flowers that my wife did and other s I made with paint brush bristles and fall flock..
  2. Here is my latest video about this adorable murder machine. I hope you all enjoy it. https://rumble.com/vnnvmk-cuddly-ball-of-feathers-and-death-diorama.html
  3. Here is the latest diorama that I put together using some of the the awesome Bones 5 minis. Video lnk: https://youtu.be/rloyS94nhug
  4. Just an Ogre I painted up for my new basing videos. Ogre video at https://youtu.be/2Q1wEz3RE18 Basing video at https://youtu.be/XtdYpUzpKzo I hope everyone enjoys the mini and videos.
  5. Video is up! https://youtu.be/6w-JqZcQCTE
  6. My painting video for this will be up next Saturday at https://youtu.be/6w-JqZcQCTE
  7. Just got around to painting the new Bones 5 Core set reaper. I hope everyone likes it.
  8. Thanks everyone. I'll remember the pic taking advice for the next minis I post.
  9. Just finished this guy. I tried to make it look more underwater by adding coral and shells. He is also glossy to make him look wet
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