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  1. The one that always sticks out in my mind is Twister (1996) The other one for me is not so much a blooper or mistake as it is a historical error, Braveheart takes place in the 13th century and the Scots all wore kilts; however, the kilt was not invented until the 18th century.
  2. Probably my least favorite sculpt that I have personally encountered would have to be GW 40K 2nd edition tyranid warriors.
  3. Tortoise mount...might not be quick, but I still want it. I haven't felt confident enough to paint it yet though.
  4. You know, a little flower on it would be a nice touch, make it pretty but dangerous.
  5. Like so many others have said this is a near impossible question, there are so many good ones. My top three are: The Kid Heroes by @Rainbow Sculptor (specifically the girl with the ram, the guy with the toucan, and the girl with the dragon) The War Mammoth the Powder Monkey from Brinewind II The one I am looking forward to using the most is the Wall of Thorns.
  6. After seeing the great Kid Heroes images in Bones V, I would like to see that line expanded. Kid Villains Kid Heroes with more races Kid Monsters @Rainbow Sculptor did such a great job with the kid heroes I would love to see more.
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