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  1. Pin vise... dang, THAT'S what I forgot to get at the hobby shop today...
  2. I think he's talking about the Dark Stalker: http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2800s/2840_G
  3. Already there... http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2800s/2887_G ... though I was disappointed to discover it is only a "toy" sized miniature.
  4. I was over at the Hasslefree site; some of their pictures are painted, some unpainted. I'm in awe of the person who painted the Strumpet... she's wearing a see-through top. I doubt I'll EVER paint that well. Reaper's site is about 250% sharper looking overall. Sure, I'd like to see more painted, but I'm happy with what's there now. I come to the forums to see painted mini's...
  5. I'd like to see SOME of these: http://www.humandescent.com/index2.shtml ... apologies if this has been posted already, I don't have time to read 70 pages right now ...
  6. This is why I use UPS whenever possible. True, they do have limitations on delivery, but they are much better about hanging on to the package until it can be picked up. If I can send something to a friend's office, it works great. Heck, I can even get my pickups arranged online now... UPS has done a real good job in upgrading their online services in the last year. ... and I can track what I ship, online. They've never lost a package of mine yet ...
  7. I haven't seen her in person yet, but I assumed that fuzziness was a photographic artifact. Does she, in fact, need industrial-strength moisturizer for her skin condition?
  8. http://www.reapermini.com/gallery/2800s/2892_G Huh, can't imagine what you see in her... :D
  9. I'm looking forward to the elephant-man myself... I may have to create such a race for my game just to give me an excuse to use him. My daughter may well get the baby elephant, that's kind of her thing.
  10. I see it clearly now! Quite possibly perfect for the character I've created...
  11. ... I found it! ... eastman: I can't tell from either the painted or unpainted picture... did you add the eyepatch or is it part of the mini? If it's "stock" she doesn't fit my need. ... or am I seeing it altogether wrong? her right eye looks a lot darker than the left to me ...
  12. Showoff section? Where's that? ... i'm new in town, y'know ...
  13. Check the "Fantasy Fig Finder" on the Reaper main page. You'll find a few to pick from. Thanks... I've used that before but never had much luck with it, but this time it came through for me: Samantha The search results page should provide links to the gallery (and the store too). I cut and pasted the figure number to get to the gallery page, and I screwed it up... and landed here: http://reapermini.com/404.php After I stopped laughing I noticed the "refresh" option, which led to a whole new round of laughter. Samantha is just what I'm looking for. I hope I can find one, that being one of the older numbers. I hate to mailorder...
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