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  1. I really like your take on this. I have it on deck in my workspace to do soon and really appreciate how you differentiated the oxidation effect on the different metallic finishes. Are you using it as a proxy for a Warhammer set?
  2. Thanks. All credit goes to the folks at Frontier Wargaming who made the case they came in... just got it for Christmas to help keep my equipment and paints together (picture attached). Makes for a great mobile hobby space.
  3. 03843 Aurelio Endrino, Bonehenge Warlock 03847 Kelainen Darkmantle, Evil Wizard This was our second crack at a paint project where my boys lay a base coat with a color scheme and I touch them up and detail them. My oldest did the wizard and gave me a good challenge of doing an all white cloak for the first time. My younger son kept looking over my shoulder and asking me to adjust colors on the warlock (though I am pretty happy with how the patchwork cloak turned out). I’m having a lot of fun with these tag team paints! As always, C&C welcome.
  4. Thanks for sharing @rubegon and @Warlady! To the points you’ve made, my goal is to make it fun and help when/where they want me to without overstepping. I’m still pretty new to the hobby myself but am interested in going to a convention or two to further experience the community. Thanks again.
  5. This is really what I would love, if anyone else has done this with kids. Thanks!
  6. I really like your dueling light sources on this, especially since you did a warm and cool one. Great work.
  7. After I started painting minis a couple months ago my sons (Ages 7 and 9) got super excited about them too and asked for some for Christmas. Here are a couple they received and painted themselves (top pic) and then asked me to touch up (bottom pic). This was a really fun process with them as it gave me the opportunity to teach and take them along for the ride of painting a mini. They picked the color schemes and laid the base coats, I helped with paint thinning and some technique pointers. Have you ever done this with kids? What are some other ways to help them along? C&C welcome on the finished product and process.
  8. Recksnfx

    Bones 4 Gauth

    I like your concept for this model! A group member of mine handed off the same model for painting and I’m working up to it; I hadn’t seen it posted yet so It’s fun to see it done as opposed to in pieces in a bag. Great job.
  9. The red one is a repost but had to post them together for the holiday. Decided to do the second one in a fel green theme. Merry Christmas mini community!
  10. Thanks. My issue on past models has been not thinning my paint enough but after making a wet palette things have trended in a good direction. I’ll post the next one soon. I settled on doing its twin a fel green theme instead of red to make them a festive holiday pair.
  11. Apologies for the lack of model specificity. A member of my D&D group handed me a box of Bones IV models and asked if I wanted more painting practice... well, yeah, of course I do! I took a traditional color approach to this and tried my hand at going with thinner and far more layers to blend on the body contours. also made a first attempt at lava on the base (have since added some black to the center and high spots to simulate ash). C&C welcome as I prepare to paint his partner models from the kit... might go with a different color gradient for them to change it up.... more to come.
  12. Thanks, considering the gem is the highest point on this figure I wanted to make it pop. This was my first attempt at edge highlighting and felt the cloak ripples were a great opportunity to practice it. For a medium shade I mixed a blue metallic to give it an iridescent look on the waves that were more subtle. Thanks. I was tempted to try OSL with the gem as a source but decided to stick with one new technique for this mini.
  13. Here is the full set with three prior. I started with the demon on the left, using a ghast model I painted it as a barlgura and then added the zombies as a speed painting study.
  14. This is my 4th mini after some practice on a demon and some zombies for my first D&D campaign. I’m playing a Raven Queen Warlock and so tried to capture coloring to match. Future needs: basing and a raven familiar. Until then, here he is!
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