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  1. Amazing work on the detail. I love the sheer design and underlayer you created for the shirt, the denim texture on the jacket, and the multi-hue highlights on the hair. Great paint!
  2. All I can think of when I see this is Penguins of Madagascar: ”Rico, Dibble me...”
  3. Just searching “beholder miniature” on Etsy it shows up in the top 5 results. Also, for those of you with your own printer, this file appears to be available on Thingiverse, listed as Megs3d Beholder/Eye Tyrant.
  4. The DM of my D&D campaign introduced us to this guy at the end of our last session and then asked me to paint him! He gave me some color scheme guidelines and then left me to my devices to see what I could come up with. As I started to lay some base colors down, a really fun scheme started to emerge that I rolled with and embraced: Synth Beholder! I welcome CC on this as I tried some new-to-me techniques on him.
  5. Looove the volumes you created in the blue. It’s easy to lose shape in dark colors and you did a great job coaxing some contrast to bring out the subtle shapes in the form.
  6. Thanks! This was a fun one to paint. I had fun planning the layers to ensure the different features/weathering/etc went on in the proper order.
  7. Hey Reaper family, It’s been a minute since I posted. I got lost in yard work and the beautiful weather for the summer but am back with a vengeance now that the weather is turning. I had started this model months back and dove back in on him this past weekend. Inspired by some others I’ve seen, I tried to tell a story of a necrotic golem that has seen his share of encounters. I welcome any CC you can give. It’s great to be back.
  8. I would agree that the YouTube videos helped launch me into this hobby a ton. From learning about good products to use to techniques unique to miniatures. Without them my first few would have been a much bigger struggle.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. I was an art/design major in college for a couple years and my favorite part of it was rendering shape/form with shading. This hobby has been a great catharsis. That said, I need to keep pushing myself to not use wash as a crutch, get brave with NMM and basing, and move into airbrushing (currently only using brushes).
  10. These are my first four (about 7 months ago) to support my first D&D campaign. Reaper Satheras (warlock) with a Ghast (barlgura demon) and Zombies (undead). The Ghast was technically my first model that I did in which I tried base coat, wash, and dry brushing on. Speed painted the Zombies next and then took some time on the Satheras. I’ve painted and posted a bit since, but lost pace once the warmer weather arrived. I have a couple models currently in a semi-finished state that I need to wrap up.
  11. The fungi was one of my favorite details too. In retrospect I should have replicated it with green stuff further up the model. Painting aside, I need to broaden into basing materials and get a light box for better pictures.
  12. The DM of my D&D group asked me to paint a mini for our campaign (pre-social-distancing). This guy is a Treant from the WizKids line of figures and I had a lot of fun telling his story with paint. I tried to capture this guys transition from a good/living Treant to one that is corrupted and decaying. So there are colors indicating life intermingled with the subtle presence of a dark purple glaze in the shadows. Would love your feedback on this one, he was a detailed paint.
  13. Like others, I love the skin and overall contrast in this model. The taught and worn areas are pink and are great contrast to the blue skin tone. And then your use of metallic finishes next to other textures and effects brings this to life. Great work.
  14. I thought these were a really fun set to paint, too (mine below), and I like your interpretation on them.
  15. I love that you made the skin cool and necrotic while keeping the shading warm, it’s great contrast.
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