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  1. Do they have an active FaceBook page? I find companies sometimes resolve issues quicker if you question them publicly there.
  2. I was just looking at an online gaming store's website and saw the following message posted on their WizKids page: It then goes on to list the minis that are going up in price, all of them large-size creatures and a few terrain pieces (there may be more but those were the only ones available from that webstore). That is an almost 100% price increase! I find that kind of outrageous. Price-point was the major appeal of WizKids to me, so with more and more affordable miniature (and STL) companies entering the market they'd better be careful not to greed themselves off people's radars.
  3. @Reaper Ron Thank you for the information. If I can ask you one more question while you’re here, people have been asking for clarification as to what material the Add-Ons will be for months. All we have been told is that bigger stuff is in Bones and smaller stuff is in Bones Black. This is too vague. Some of us would like to know what material we are actually purchasing. Is it possible to get a table showing the materials of the various pieces in this KS, particularly before December 1st?
  4. This KS has ended up doing quite well I think. Lots of stretch goals unlocked, including a couple of ever-popular beholders. And I really like the Female Dwarf Paladin that got unlocked too; Fantastic runic sword! I ended up increasing my pledge to the "Entire Tomb Guardians Catalog in Resin".
  5. I’m excited for this. These look really good.
  6. ^ Yes. Kind of a letdown, hey? I hope the next stretch goal is at $20,000 for the nice round number of it but also so we can quickly move on from these salamanders that all have way too similar of a sculpt. On another note, I know there were a lot of people complaining about Tomb Guardians' excessive advertising earlier in this thread, but I think the unfortunate truth is that advertising works. This seems to be their most successful KS to date, by some margin.
  7. Hopefully, this is an OK spot to ask this question. As someone who doesn't own any tiles or terrain pieces and is therefore attracted to this KS, do the tiles from this company fit in/match with those of other companies (e.g. Dwarven Forge, TTCombat, Deathray Designs, etc.)? And do those companies' tiles fit with each other in turn? I guess I'm asking: if I buy this or any other company's tiles, am I locked into only being able to use that company's tiles per set-up?
  8. OK That was fast! Tomb Guardians have dropped the “refer a friend” clause and are now including the winning figure in all pledges above a certain amount. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tombguardians/28mm-fantasy-dwarven-miniature-collection-ii/posts/2936792 I was pretty critical of them this morning so I have to give them props for listening and responding to our complaints so quickly. That’s good customer service. I’m actually starting to find the “growing business missteps” of this company sort of charming. And the figures are very nice of course. I hope they don’t get discouraged by these stumbles and hang in there. One thing I find interesting though is that this turn-around was in response to “everyone that we have upset over our announcement this morning.” But there don’t appear to be any complaints or upset people in any of the commentary areas on that KS. In fact, the only place I’ve seen people upset about the “refer a friend” clause is in this thread. So it seems there might be someone reading/posting in this thread who has some connection to the company. I wonder who it could be?
  9. I totally agree! I’ve probably been the poster in this thread who’s been most interested in / excited by this KS from the start (besides “No. 1 Tomb Guardians Fan” Gamer Princess of course ), and then, after hyping up this vote for a “free” miniature AND the one I voted for being the winner, they suddenly add in this last-minute clause! This is really annoying! I don’t have any friends into miniature collecting/painting so there’s pretty much no way I can get that figure. (Unless someone in this thread wants to be my friend and pledge. ) This company needs a much better customer engagement planner. Besides all the recommendations I’ve already posted in this thread, this competition should have been handled much better. Number one is that all of the rules should have been explicitly stated up front. Number two is that the competition should have been launched at the start of this KS and therefore run longer, building natural excitement. Launching on the random day that it did and then only being open for what? four days? always seemed weird to me. How many people never even knew about it because they only pay attention at the beginning and end of a KS? I’m still in this KS for now but I doubt I’m going to upgrade to the much more expensive “Complete Collection” like I’d been considering. Thanks for the links. I’ll check both of them out even if just for future reference.
  10. Okaaaaaaaaayyy I'm relieved now. I was feeling a little left out that you were all getting these emails and I wasn't. haha Even if none of you wanted them. I guess I can look forward to getting spammed when their next KS starts. A few people have mentioned that these dwarves seem generic to them, but what initially attracted me to them was that they actually seemed kinda unique. haha (Revealing my newness to miniature collecting here.) I haven't seen many Dwarf wizards and monks and rogues for example. What were these recent Dwarf Kickstarters that I missed out on?
  11. How did people get on an email list for this? I pledged and haven’t received anything.
  12. Well, since I seem to have the ear of someone at the company , I'll offer an example of something else that Blacklist did to maintain excitement during their campaign. Rather than just revealing one stretch goal at a a time (as Tomb Guardians are doing here), they arranged it such that the next TWO stretch goals were visible at each milestone. That was effective because it meant that if you were less enthused by the next stretch goal (someone not interested in the zombie dwarf for example) you might still get excited and want to pledge (or increase your pledge) because the stretch goal after that was one that you wanted (that person's lessened enthusiasm during the build-up period to the zombie dwarf might have remained high if they knew and wanted the hobgoblin that was coming up afterward, for example). P.S. If you're still listening TG, I'm always up for an interesting variety of halflings and an Amazons II would be nice too. :) I agree and I certainly didn't meant to imply that this KS should (or could) reach anything like the numbers of dollars or backers of the Blacklist campaign. And the company's stretch goals should always be within their means of course. Always better to under-promise and over-deliver than the reverse IMO. I was just thinking that lower stretch goals (only initially if necessary) along with my recommendation re: reveals above, would help create and maintain excitement/interest that didn't seem to exist a couple of days ago when I pledged. I'm happy to see that, for whatever reason, the pledges seem to be coming in faster now.
  13. Well this is exciting. I wonder if they read my post?
  14. ^ That Blacklist KS is still open for late pledges if you want to jump on board. The $ value per miniature is INCREDIBLY good.
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