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  1. They have. I bought all their books at once in their last KS.
  2. I hate the "Forest" maps that just look like medical photos of Kermit's zits, and think that in general these maps are much less impressive than their previous campaigns', but I've bought all their other books so may as well stick with them for this one. Hopefully there will be some nice stretch goals.
  3. Oh thank you. I knew there were a few Bones USA figures out there but didn't realize they were making these little silhouetted ones too. I'll be sure to test it out.
  4. Does anyone know why I might have received what seems to be a miniature silhouetted figure of Sheriff Drumfasser (44018) with my latest order? I don’t own the Sheriff but Reeve Irremborg Planomap (44019) (who seems to be a related figure) was included in the order. Is it meant to be used for something? Thanks.
  5. This was my first Reaper Kickstarter and I ended up more than doubling my initial spending budget. I'm almost thankful I wasn't around for any of their earlier ones. Anyway, here is my final tally: * CORE SET EXTRAS: - Player Characters - Catfolk - Dreadmere Personas - Boulderkin - Kobold Swarm - Extra Elves * EXPANSION SETS: - Dungeon Dwellers - Greek Odyssey - Dark Depths - Brinewind, City of Pirates * OPTIONS (ENCOUNTERS): - The Spiders of Emrith Kul - The Dwarf King's Crypt - Shadows of Ravenhome * OPTIONS (DRAGONS): - Valfuryx the Vile - Aganzarax the Foul - Shavynra the Slayer - Ildraedis the Devourer - Kalanzar the Wicked * OPTIONS (CREATURES): - Fire Giant - Storm Giant - Goroloth - Arakoth * OPTIONS (CHARACTER SETS): - Dragonfolk - Townsfolk - Henchmen & Hirelings - Henchwomen * OPTIONS (TERRAIN): - Pirate Ship - Hippocampus Figurehead TOTAL: $786.83 (@ late backer prices)
  6. Westfalia Miniatures have a line of tribal Elves that may be what you’re looking for.
  7. I also received these figures through that Twitch contest and my much less scientific opinion is that they're really good. The detail is great and I like their firmness. I haven't got the Bones versions of these models to compare them to, but I also think these figures seem slightly smaller/thinner than comparable models I have in Bones Black. On a related note, does anyone know if Reaper is planning to phase out Bones and Bones Black? Seems like the inevitable outcome of this development. P.S. One of my figures' sword had broken off (during postage I assume) in case anyone finds that detail interesting. My uninformed guess would be "Yes", since some of the figures they have already made (remade?) were the Bones figures from the Learn-To-Paint Kits.
  8. Oh wow. “Useless” of course. Haha I was typing that at 3 am so that’s a good example of what a tired brain does to you. Thanks also for all that great information about the giants. The Reaper and Nolzur’s giants seem to fit together quite well. Now to decide whether I can afford to add more money to the PM for them...
  9. I have a question about the giants in this set that I hope some people might be able to help me with. How accurately do their sizes match the "official" D&D scale? And how do their sizes match against previous Reaper giants and those made by Nolzur's? (I realize this may be hard to answer without actually seeing the giants in person.) I'm basically wondering if, if I bought these minis, whether they'd mismatch with other giants I might buy or be otherwise unuseful for gaming. (Why is spellchecker having a hard time with "unuseful"? That's a word right?) Thanks anyone.
  10. The Reaper Kickstarter hasn’t stopped taking orders. You can still sign in as a late backer and get that Fire Giant for $10.
  11. Well I finally caved and bought the ship. At $125 (I'm a late backer) that is far more than I would ever normally spend on a "toy" but knowing that it might never come to retail, and that I would therefore miss out on it forever, spurred me into action. AND THEN, because I bought the ship, I had to buy Dark Depths, Brinewind, Goroloth and the Hippocampus to replace the Maiden (no guns in my D&D world) to go with it too! I had no initial interest in any of those items and now I've just doubled all of my previous spending in this KS! My name is Kalibak and I am an addict. lol
  12. Loving the Hydra. I ordered that one too. I'm kicking myself for not ordering that halfling on the flying carpet now that I see how cute it is.
  13. Have you tried emailing their customer support: [email protected] ? In my experience they’re usually pretty quick to respond. Edit: Whoops. I see from your earlier posts that you have been in email contact with them.
  14. I just emailed them about an unrelated issue and got news that my order has not left the warehouse yet. They are apparently trying to complete the EU orders before any others (understandably). I was also a late backer so that may have affected things.
  15. @Reaper_Jon Thanks very much for the response Jon. I'm sorry if my tone seemed short but time is also running short now that items in the KS are being turned off. I did catch a bit of last week's (I think) Bones V Live Update wherein @Reaper Ron mentioned that the Elemental Scions will be Bones Black, but that actually increased my frustration regarding communication on this issue. Firstly because, if that information is known, then why isn't it being posted somewhere for customers to easily find/see, rather than requiring us to trawl through dozens of hours of Twitch videos to catch a few seconds of information that may or may not be there? And secondly, because that's another instance of a large item conflicting with the repeated assurance that "large items will be Bones and small to medium items will be Bones Black" (assuming you're defining "large", "medium" and "small" by their standard TTRPG 1" grid measurements?). I'm sure the products will be great either way, but for those of us who like to be fully-informed before making purchases, I hope communication on this issue will be a lot clearer in Bones VI.
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