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  1. Thank you both very much!
  2. It's weird how Bizarro-world Bones 6 is in relation to Bones 5 for me. Last time I was all about the expansions and this time I'm all about the Core set. Maybe it's because the Core set seems to be the Dungeon Dwellers expansion from last time turned up to 11. I'm surprised how into the Briarwood expansion I am though considering I don't care much for fey-themed stuff. But those redcaps, sylphs, will-o-wisps and kelpie are all very exciting. However, I'm very disappointed in how basic and uninspiring the Green Griffin expansion is, especially considering that the whole Kickstarter is named after it. There are so many other interesting things that could have been added to that set to make it more interesting: a whole music band of bards really should have been a must, card players, brawlers, a noble patron, a pickpocket, a bouncer, a passed out drunk, a mysterious stranger, a cat or dog, a rug, a candelabra, a standing shelf with bottles or books, a stable, horses, a rat swarm... the list goes on. Where is the creativity that went into something like the Dark Depths expansion from last time? Get the person who created that one back! I do like a few of the options though and the Egyptian expansion is my second-most anticipated one, so I'm hoping that one renews my interest in the expansions.
  3. The Ukrainian Relief mini reminded me that I’d like to see more of the most under-represented D&D class in all miniatures lines: Bards, Bards & more Bards! Of as many different race and instruments combinations as possible. Maybe Reaper could release them as wandering/battling band sets?
  4. Are these sort of event-specific miniatures usually temporary or permanent additions to Reaper’s line? I’d really like to buy it (and support Ukraine) but am a bit broke at the moment.
  5. Thanks for that wonderfully informative answer Wren! It all sounds great so I’m definitely going to grab one of the few left on the website. 🙂
  6. Some questions about the Bones 5 Learn To Paint Kit: 1. The box says the figures in it are Bones, but those figures were all Bones Black in the Kickstarter. So is that a typo? 2. Is there any new information in here that wasn’t in the previous kits or is it just a repeat of those lessons? Thanks.
  7. Thanks very much! Was my first Birthday with family in a while (due to covid) so that was nice. And one of them got me a case to carry my miniatures in so it was a win on that front too! 🙂
  8. They mention in the comments that that option isn't available with this KS unfortunately.
  9. I would love to be able to get the Town Council separate from the Expedition.
  10. I'm still waiting but I'm a dirty late backer and we are less than scum.
  11. I hate the "Forest" maps that just look like medical photos of Kermit's zits, and think that in general these maps are much less impressive than their previous campaigns', but I've bought all their other books so may as well stick with them for this one. Hopefully there will be some nice stretch goals.
  12. Oh thank you. I knew there were a few Bones USA figures out there but didn't realize they were making these little silhouetted ones too. I'll be sure to test it out.
  13. Does anyone know why I might have received what seems to be a miniature silhouetted figure of Sheriff Drumfasser (44018) with my latest order? I don’t own the Sheriff but Reeve Irremborg Planomap (44019) (who seems to be a related figure) was included in the order. Is it meant to be used for something? Thanks.
  14. This was my first Reaper Kickstarter and I ended up more than doubling my initial spending budget. I'm almost thankful I wasn't around for any of their earlier ones. Anyway, here is my final tally: * CORE SET EXTRAS: - Player Characters - Catfolk - Dreadmere Personas - Boulderkin - Kobold Swarm - Extra Elves * EXPANSION SETS: - Dungeon Dwellers - Greek Odyssey - Dark Depths - Brinewind, City of Pirates * OPTIONS (ENCOUNTERS): - The Spiders of Emrith Kul - The Dwarf King's Crypt - Shadows of Ravenhome * OPTIONS (DRAGONS): - Valfuryx the Vile - Aganzarax the Foul - Shavynra the Slayer - Ildraedis the Devourer - Kalanzar the Wicked * OPTIONS (CREATURES): - Fire Giant - Storm Giant - Goroloth - Arakoth * OPTIONS (CHARACTER SETS): - Dragonfolk - Townsfolk - Henchmen & Hirelings - Henchwomen * OPTIONS (TERRAIN): - Pirate Ship - Hippocampus Figurehead TOTAL: $786.83 (@ late backer prices)
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