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  1. Wow. I'm going to have to seriously rethink my plan to not get those dragons. They look great!
  2. ^ She might be on mobile. I want to pull my hair out when I use that site on my phone.
  3. ^ A bit of both really. The creativity of bringing these little pieces of metal/plastic to life with color appeals to me, as does finally being able to use cool-looking models with my D&D games rather than the makeshift stuff we've been making do with. Of course, the irony is that COVID has forced my game to go online (and who know's when that's going to change) so I may never actually get to use them for that second purpose.
  4. 3 hours ago, Gadgetman! said: ^ Good advice and I actually do plan on doing that - with all four of them! I intentionally chose miniatures that would allow me to see how my skills had developed with a variety of different surfaces and techniques: skin, scales, fur, soft fabric, leather, metal, wood, OSL... Bergamot is possibly a little redundant (except for the OSL) but I love halflings so just had to get one with my first selection. :)
  5. Wow! I just noticed that the Dungeon Dwellers Expansion comes with a new free bonus figure! That was already the expansion I was most looking forward to so this is just a cherry on top.
  6. Great report! Ghost Archipelago (and Frostgrave) look like SO much fun! Can't wait for the quarantine to be over so I can hopefully find some people to play with at my FLGS.
  7. Thanks again for all that great information everyone. Especially to Gadgetman! and MoebiusStrip for taking the time to write out such detailed and instructive posts! Sometimes the simplest guidance like "Wash. Prime. Paint. Protect." is exactly the sort of help a beginner like me needs. I've attached a photo of my first ever Reaper Miniatures. The next time you see them they'll be painted (hopefully well, but no guarantees haha).
  8. Thanks for the wonderful advice everyone! They all did. Great to know, thanks! Thanks for putting my mind at ease and the glue recommendation. Thanks also for all the great information. Hmmm liners, varnishes, thinners, washes, primers, sealers... I think I need to read up some more to learn what these all do. Haha And I saw brush soap recommended somewhere else so that's definitely something else to put on my list. I don't think they do so that's definitely an option, thanks. And thanks again. Look for my first faltering attempts at painting soon! One thing I've already realized - this hobby is not going to be as easy as I expected! Haha I'm amazed at the level of detail people are able to add to something that's no bigger than my thumbnail!
  9. So, after months of floating around this forum, watching YouTube videos and collecting miniatures, I have finally taken the first step of joining you all in this great hobby by buying some paint and brushes! And now I’m excited... but scared. And I have questions! Paints 1. I bought all 6 Reaper MSP Bones Paint Sets (the first and only paints I own) and it’s too late to second-guess that decision now, but I’m still wondering if I made a mistake by not starting with the Triads. Will a first-time painter (of literally anything) be OK with these paints instead? Any tips for using them? 2. I thought the Reaper MSP Bones paints were new and different to the old Reaper MSP HD line (which I had hoped to avoid after watching this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jrJ1Yb2QI1g) but after reading some stuff recently, I’m not so sure. Can anyone confirm/deny? 3. I bought the paints from a company in California and they were transported to me in Texas. I have read that some paints can go “bad” in too cold (and too hot?) conditions. What should I be checking for to ensure I haven’t bought paints that might have frozen in a California winter? Miniatures 4. At the moment, I have a mixture of Reaper Bones Black and WizKids Nolzur’s miniatures. Do I need to use different techniques on them or will those materials react the same way to the paint? 5. One of my Bones Black figures (Anthanelle, Female Elf Wizard) is a much darker shade of grey than the other Bones Black figures. Is there a reason for this? 6. Another figure (Shadoweyes, Catfolk Rogue) is bent quite far forward, almost to the point of falling over. Is she meant to be in that position? Will the Bones Black material respond well if I try to bend her back the other way? Her ankles seem quite thin so I’m worried about snapping her. Supplies 7. Other than the above-mentioned paints and miniatures, the only other hobby supply I own is the Army Painter Wargames Mega Brush Set. I have an X-Acto knife and a wet palette on the way and I have my eye on the Army Painter Warpaints Quickshade Wash Set. What else are must-have supplies for this hobby? 8. The YouTube videos have been great but I prefer to follow instructions I can hold in my hand. Are there any written tutorials anywhere? Thanks for any help! I’ll be sure to post photos of my progress.
  10. I don't have this figure myself but I remembered that this thread had some good information about this issue: https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/88800-rescuing-droopy-the-dragon-bones-4-gauth-updated-march-2020/&tab=comments#comment-1892333
  11. I think the concept of “Fear of Missing Out” took off on a wider way with the rise of social media sites like Instagram.
  12. Mission accomplished in my case! If this KS goes off without hitch then you'll definitely be on my radar for the future (and I imagine a lot of other peoples' too). Now about those traditional halflings... ;)
  13. Well I've jumped on board this one. It currently sits at 107 figures for $65 for the basic 'miniatures and stretch goals' tier, which translates to about $0.60 cents a figure. And with 11 days to go I foresee it easily dropping to lower than $0.50 cents a figure. That's a good deal IMO. Especially as I'm a newcomer to the hobby of miniature collecting/painting and don't already own many of these D&D 'essentials'. I do have two minor-ish nit-picks with some of the figures though: 1. There's something 'off' about that dragon but I can't work out what it is. Is it the large sharp ridges instead of scales? Is it the lack of detail in the wings? I'm not sure. Maybe it just has a general aura of unfinished-ness about it? Does anyone else feel that way? As it stands, it's probably the piece I'm least excited for in this Kickstarter, which no one should ever say about a dragon! 2. I hate this modern style of depicting halflings as indistinguishable from humans in any way except size (instead of the separate race that they are). I've been wanting more choices for a male halfling monk figure for forever, but I don't see myself ever using this one since it y'know, doesn't look anything like an actual halfling. I know I can't hold this company responsible for this new design abomination, but I forlornly wish they'd just ignored it and kept designing old school halflings, like Reaper does. Other than that, I'm excited to see what else gets added to the box before the kickstarter ends.
  14. ^ Nice site. That company had some good stuff.
  15. I remember hearing mention somewhere (FaceBook? The Kickstarter comments? Reddit?) that a list or something would be released informing us of which material (Bones or Bones Black) the different Options and Add-Ons would be made of. Has that list/information been released yet? If not, is there an ETA for it? I prefer Bones Black to Bones and would like to know which Options will be which before buying them. Thanks.
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