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  1. ^ My request is for figures in Bones Black. (I have assumed this thread is for that material too but I apologize if I’m wrong.)
  2. All from D&D: 1. Lycanthropes: Wereboar Werewolf Werebear Wererat Weretiger etc. 2. Bullette 3. Trapper 4. Piercer 5. Gnolls 6. Halfling PCs 7. Half-Orc PCs 8. Gelatinous Cube 9. Ochre Jelly 10. Green Slime
  3. I think I would be a lot more excited about this KS if it wasn’t for Bones V. But between the Core Set and Dungeon Dwellers in that I feel like I’m already getting almost every one of these exact figures.
  4. ^ Hey, it’s not so bad! At least we get another geriatric halfling.
  5. Thank you both so much! I get it now. I had been thrown by the listing that called them both “new” (and since I’m brand new to Reaper myself, everything is new and confusing to me anyway!) but now understand that: 1. one set is “new” colors (or previously released limited release ones anyway); and 2. another set is someone (a professional painter?)’s favorite colors that they’re making available as a special group for less than their retail price. Still both tempting options then.
  6. I was just looking at the Reaper Bones V Kickstarter (for about the 500th time in the last week alone) and got confused by something: Some of the “New MSP Colors” in the Options section seem to already be available for sale on the Reaper website. 09137 (Blackened Brown) and 09188 (Ultramarine Blue) are two examples but I’m pretty sure there are more. What gives? I had planned on buying both of those “new” color sets through the Kickstarter but would I be better spending my money on something else if I can already get those colors now?
  7. And even when you finally see the renders of the elves, you can’t be sure that they won’t just arbitrarily change them the next week anyway. Not that I’m still bitter about the Halfling Sorcerer or anything. lol Ohhh. Sure. No problem. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. ^ I was actually thinking the same thing. I’m getting some Elves (Golden Guard, Slayers and Shadows) with the RPG Booster set and would be happy to swap some of them for some of your Halfling Bows and Swords and maybe a couple of your Elves (Spears, Hexes, Crossbows or Swords) too. I’m also getting some mummies (Shambling, Classic and Halfling) in that set and one of those crocodile men (can’t remember what they’re called) in the RPG Oasis Monsters set that I probably won’t have a use for, if any of them are of interest to you.
  9. ^ That reminds me, has there been a ranking of people’s interests in the Expansion Sets in this thread yet? I’m interested to see which ones are the most and least popular here. Here’s mine: 1. Dungeon Dwellers: I’m new to Reaper and mini-collecting so this is a great opportunity for me to get a big selection of popular and useful figures all at once. 2. Greek Odyssey: Greek mythology is a big interest of mine and these will be super-fun to have even if I never get to use them in a D&D game. 3. Dark Depths: I’ve always wanted to play a heavily sea-faring based game and these would be perfect for that. 4. Brinewind: Similar to above but loses points for having too many skeletons. 5. Fan Favorites: A pretty much 50/50 mix of stuff that could be useful and stuff that I’d never unbag. 6. Daimyo: I want to like this one more but it just doesn’t seem to have enough variety. 7. Chronoscope: Cool stuff but I don’t think I’d get any use out if it.
  10. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s my first Kickstarter or not, but I’m having a lot of fun following this one! It’s racing through the stretch goals and has a couple of really fun-looking ones coming up. I really hope it gets to a “A Dozen Shocking Betrayals”. Here’s the latest update if anyone’s tempted to jump on: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/102137316/a-dozen-troubling-rumors-for-use-with-fantasy-rpgs/description
  11. I had the same thought process as you but ended up choosing the below set. The price and number of figures was more manageable and it offered a better selection for my D&D table. I just wish it could have swapped the halfling mummies for some gorgons or jackals or something.
  12. Haha I’m glad you could find the silver lining with that Candy figure. I’ve bought a bunch of the other figures from this campaign though so I hope it doesn’t come true for this one. I think I’ll wait and see if anything changes by the close of the pledge manager and then decide about this Halfling Sorcerer figure. As things stand though, I’m leaning toward asking for either my money back or a change of figure. They seem friendly so hopefully they’ll be OK with it. I just wish Halflings were more popular characters for either/both players and painters and then there might be more people speaking up. Imagine the comments if the ‘Elf Queen’ figure suddenly looked like a 70 year old woman. (Not that there's anything wrong with more aged figures. They’re great as NPCs. I just don’t find many players want to use them.)
  13. Here is the initial render of the sorcerer and the current “updated” one. Now the first one isn’t exactly a teenager but he’s clearly much younger than the second one. And it looks like that aging-up process is the only change between the figures so I guess they must have had some reason for doing it. I’m just so disappointed because it’s hard to find good, interesting halfling miniatures to use as a PC figure, and this one would have been perfect, but now it’s got NPC written all over it. It’s also annoying because I’ve already bought and paid for the miniature based upon its initial design and render, and then they go and change it. I guess I should be thankful I learned an inexpensive lesson in waiting for the final, final render of something before paying for it.
  14. ^ That Titan is indeed a showstopper. The more I look at that Halfling Sorcerer, the more annoyed I get. He looks like a totally different character to the one in the preview art AND the initial render. Why did they change him from a young man to yet another “wizened old male sorcerer” figure when the market is already flooded with miniatures of that archetype? I’ve sent an email complaining about this change but, as a late backer, I can’t leave a comment in the comments section. Can I request/suggest that anyone who is similarly disappointed with this change leave a comment there?
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