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  1. Here is the initial render of the sorcerer and the current “updated” one. Now the first one isn’t exactly a teenager but he’s clearly much younger than the second one. And it looks like that aging-up process is the only change between the figures so I guess they must have had some reason for doing it. I’m just so disappointed because it’s hard to find good, interesting halfling miniatures to use as a PC figure, and this one would have been perfect, but now it’s got NPC written all over it. It’s also annoying because I’ve already bought and paid for the miniature based upon its initial design and render, and then they go and change it. I guess I should be thankful I learned an inexpensive lesson in waiting for the final, final render of something before paying for it.
  2. ^ That Titan is indeed a showstopper. The more I look at that Halfling Sorcerer, the more annoyed I get. He looks like a totally different character to the one in the preview art AND the initial render. Why did they change him from a young man to yet another “wizened old male sorcerer” figure when the market is already flooded with miniatures of that archetype? I’ve sent an email complaining about this change but, as a late backer, I can’t leave a comment in the comments section. Can I request/suggest that anyone who is similarly disappointed with this change leave a comment there?
  3. Another thing that kinda annoys me about the designs in this campaign is that, other than a few rags here and there on their bodies, there aren’t enough differences between the mummies and the skeletons. Mummy miniatures seem to be a lot rarer than the ubiquitous skeleton ones so I wish their faces were more covered to distinguish them. No complaints about the craftsmanship on display though.
  4. Hmm That Halfling Sorcerer looks a lot older than his preview art had led me to believe he would. I’m a bit disappointed about that. He looks well sculpted though. As do they all.
  5. Question re: the Kid Heroes: Are they appropriately children sized (i.e. the height of like a dwarf or a halfling) or are they full 28mm sized figures? Thanks.
  6. ^ Oh thanks! Not being too familiar with Kickstarter, because it didn’t say “Late Backer” I wasn’t sure if “Pre-order” meant the same thing or if those were store prices or something. I’ll get onto it now.
  7. ^ Well you’ve sold me! You just became the first Kickstarter I’ve ever backed (on time anyway; I’m unfortunately a late backer for Bones V)! It’s a great idea and seems like the perfect aid for when I finally bite the bullet and transition from playing to DMing. I also noticed that you’re in Kyle and since I’m in Austin I had to support local talent.
  8. ^ Ooh. That’s good to know about the catalogue. I hadn’t heard of that and it sounds perfect for me since I’m primarily/exclusively a Bones Black collector anyway. Thanks! I’m also encouraged to hear that the website’s search engine will hopefully be improved one day too.
  9. I more or less agree with the above few comments. I started with 2nd Edition D&D and for the first 10 or so years I played, if we did use physical aids at all, it was things like bottle tops, coins and erasers. And that was a lot of fun. But I must say I do like how visual and “board gamey” D&D has since become with the emphasis on miniatures and maps and scenery and stuff. I find the eye-pleasing, tactile nature of modern D&D enhances my theatre of the mind rather than detracts from it. And since I like the lore of D&D, and there are so many options for visually accurate miniatures to choose from, I say “Why not use them?” I’m not bothered by things like slight size issues or minor physical discrepancies though. I just figure that since there’s a lot of variations within species’ in the real world, why wouldn’t there be in a fantasy world too?
  10. Thanks everyone! That’s super helpful info. Of course, I’m slapping myself for not recognizing some of the more obvious ones like the Galeb Duhr and Krampus. But I’m glad to see there are more figures that I can use in my game than I’d realized.
  11. I have a question I hope some of you kindly folk can help out with. Does anyone know if any of the following figures are actual D&D (any edition) creatures? CORE SET Boulderkin Dragon-wolf Gem Dragon Three-headed Troll The Thing in the Well Dire Cabbage Overgourd Dragon-lion .... and the following numbers I can’t find names for: 1001 1016 1017 1020 1025 1029 OPTIONS Goroloth Yog-Sothoth GREEK ODYSSEY Leucrotta Cerberus Thanks.
  12. ^ Yes! I’m new to collecting Reaper (and minis in general) and I’ve been surprised at how difficult it is to find a conveniently organized catalogue or database of figures for them. I’d have thought it would be a given for any company that trades in something ‘collectible’.
  13. I so wish I’d got in on this KS in time. (And their previous one!) Halflings are my favorite PC race and it’s so hard to find good, interesting minis for them, especially sculpted like this rather than in their hideous 4e/5e forms.
  14. To Grimheart: It’s a hard choice I know! I’ve never painted a large mini so take my recommendation with a grain of salt but I like Valfuryx and Shavynra.
  15. Wow! This sounded like so much fun. If you do it again at ReaperCon 2020 count me in.
  16. ^ That was super-interesting. I never knew about that origin for those classic monsters. It’s another example of how natural the development of D&D was, rather than as some horrible corporate, market-tested thing.
  17. I know a lot of people here say they don’t want more PC/NPC miniatures (and Lord knows I never need to see another Elven Ranger, Half-Orc Barbarian or Dwarven Fighter again either) but there are sooooooooo many character race/class/gender combinations that have always been woefully under-supported by miniature makers. And with so many new people getting into D&D 5e, I think this is the perfect opportunity to redress that issue. So my request for Bones I’d like to see are uncommon character race/class/gender combinations. Particularly: * Halflings (hobbit-style; NOT 4e or 5e style) - anything but Rogues or Fighters * Half-Orcs - any spell casters (preferably Clerics and Warlocks) * Dwarves - Druids, Warlocks and Monks * Gnomes, Kenku, Dragonborn, Genasi, etc. - anything Thanks. If you make those, I’ll buy them!
  18. Hi all. Sorry to pepper you with so many questions but I’m new to Nolzur’s and this thread is a bit too long to find quick answers in. 1. I notice that, at the beginning of the thread, a few people complained about the (apparent) poor quality/detail of the sculpts, particularly for the PCs/NPCs. Was there a particular wave where the quality improved? If so, which one? (In other words; if I buy early wave figures, am I going to be disappointed?) 2. A lot of people have mentioned/complained about the mold lines and therefore the risk of buying these figures sight unseen (i.e. online). Is that still an issue? 3. Can these figures take any paint? In particular, the Reaper Master Series Paints? 4. Lastly, is there a checklist of all of the WizKids unpainted miniatures and sets anywhere? I’ve tried using the official website but it feels incomplete (or else I’m just not navigating it properly). Thanks for any help.
  19. Hi all. Please forgive me if this question has already been answered somewhere in the depths of this thread. The FAQ states that “some of the options” will be cast in Bones Black. Do we know which ones? I’m primarily wondering about: Dragonfolk The Spiders of Emrith Kul and Encounter at Mandupar Pass ... but info about all of them would be great. Thanks.
  20. Thanks for the help everyone. If I’m understanding things correctly, as a late backer I will eventually be invoiced (to my email address I assume since the Pledge Manager doesn’t allow me to input any other personal information) a slightly higher than Kickstarter price for those items I have selected in the Pledge Manager. I’ve kinda stretched the budget on these items so I just want to clarify that invoice date so I’m not caught off-guard. The FAQ mentions that the Pledge Manager will stay open for approximately 6 months from November 2019 and everyone is able to amend their selections during that time. Does that mean I (and everyone else who adds to their order I guess) won’t be invoiced until that date 6 months in the future?
  21. Hi. I’m sorry if this has been answered elsewhere and I couldn’t find it. I’ve never been involved in a Kickstarter before and unfortunately only discovered this one two days after it finished. I’ve signed up with the Pledge Manager (as a “late backer” I guess) and chosen three items (Core Set, Dungeon Dwellers and Greek Odyssey) and... now what? Will someone email me with an invoice? If so, will that occur during this same period that the official backers are being charged or at some later date? Since I’ve backed late but within the 2 week payment reconciliation period at the end of the Kickstarter, will my chosen items cost as advertised or will they incur a higher fee? Thanks for any help.
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