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  1. I might be weird but there are some sets where I don't want to preorder them just so I can find new fun stuff when I go to my flgs later....
  2. I think I was just the 69th person to get their order in, but if it makes you feel better I'm wave #9.
  3. Cool. Pm, everything went smooth for me...and my order #?......69 *lol*
  4. To reply to what Doug said, while they would be useful in the interum, what I like about the forrester favorites set of colors -is- the delivery date. I tend to use a limited pallet and figure i should have enough paints to get me through the minis I have, plus some. I don't have to worry about being out of colors when the sudden influx of minis arrives. The savings is nice too though.
  5. the only one i'm getting is dungeon dwellers. I just love the sculpts. I'm torn between Greek, Japanese, or favorites for number two. Some fun creatures but not quite enough for a solid sell. Mostly I'm buying add ons and one offs like the dragons.
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