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  1. Well that is sucky! I had quite a low initial order number and have just received delivery notification from DPD. Might get my goodies tomorrow with any luck....good luck with yours and hope its very soon!
  2. Good for all you people who got your stuff direct from Reaper US who clearly pulled every effort to ship your stuff asap. Unlike for the rest of us, as we are still waiting on Reaper UK and AU with no idea how long it will take to fulfill. Wave 1 UK, low order number, and still nothing. And NO lock down or restrictions in the UK as an excuse. Just an acute lack of planned manpower by the looks of it. Something like 25% of Uk hub orders (maybe 750 out of 3000 orders?) processed in 2 weeks ...... although the lack of official updates with any real info makes it hard to be sur
  3. I get the distinct impression that Reaper changed their mind about "whatever hub is ready first will start shipping" and "hubs will only start shipping when everything is received" when it appeared that both the AU and UK hubs would be shipping first........ Suddenly news on the AU and UK hubs went quiet and disappeared into limbo and then the US hub miraculously starts shipping even though stuff is not all there. If Reaper had said from the beginning that nothing would ship until the US hub was ready then I'd be fair enough......as it is I feel this is a joke, deliberately ho
  4. Dragons, lots of dragons in this KS and its hard to choose which ones to have! So, going to ask for some assistance to narrow it down :) If you were only only to choose just TWO dragons from the addons, which would you choose: Valfuryx Aganzarax Shavynra Krateryx Ildraedis Kalanzar Any opinions warmly welcomed. ps - New to Reaper and Bones so I have nothing from previous KS etc.
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