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  1. Heisler: Thank you very much as the confirmation regarding the artist was extremely helpful. :) So, I did a series of online searches and used the "wayback machine" to view the old website for Barony Miniatures. While going through the archive of that website, I saw the "about" page and the "links" page and used that information to located the website of Classic Miniatures and was able to successfully reach out to them. Tonight, I received an email response that confirmed that the piece was uncommon and was made by Heritage as part of a set that included the fighter (human), a damsel, and a dragon. As further confirmation, he was even able to send a photo of an identical piece! I am so happy right now. I am hoping that he will send the part number, but even with the information I have I am beyond ecstatic at the moment. It's almost 2am for me at the moment, so I'm a bit sleepy at the moment.... but wanted to post and let you all of you know what I was able to find out. I am so happy right now!!!!!
  2. I really appreciate everyone who has is trying to help me identify this piece. I have spent more hours trying to identify this miniature than probably is healthy or safe for anyone's sanity. Lol! *grin* Before posting here, I thoroughly looked through all of the images that I could find from Heritage and wasn't able to find anything. I was desperate, so I even looked for possible things related to Tolkien because the symbol on the shield kind of reminded me of the Tolkien symbol or maybe an artist's interpretive rendition of the Tree of Gondor (or maybe even some kind of world trees based on mythology like Yggdrasil etc.) but wasn't able to find anything. The observations I was able to make were that the body of the miniature is very detailed, but the artwork on the head was clunky and awkward. The artwork on the body and such is very detailed so that even the backside of the shield has the hand and arm that is gripping the straps, and even shows the rivets where the straps attach to the shield using rivets. Compared to the crude artwork on the head it is worth mentioning. TGP: Thank you for the blazon for the shield. In real life, I've had a bit of a rough day and it actually made me very happy to see someone else who speaks herald. *warm smile*
  3. There are two weapons. One is a sword that is held in his right hand with the scabbard still at his waist on the left. The other is what looks like a dagger that is still in its sheath which is slung around his chest (hung from left shoulder and at the right hip). In his left hand he is holding the shield. I am attaching addition photos as requested. Photo 1: Sword (Please ignore the blue paint.... I'm still working on getting it cleaned off. Blue paint was added many years ago.) Photo 2: Sword (mostly shows the hilt from the figure's front) and the sheathed side dagger. Photo 3: Sword Scabbard Photo 4: Shield Photo 5: Front of Head Photo 6: Right Profile of Head Photo 7: Left Profile of Head
  4. I have a miniature that I can't identify. I have searched through all of the associated miniature related websites and asked various people both in real life and online and no one seems to be able to identify it. I have spent countless hours trying to identify this miniature. So, I thought that I might try posting it here to see if anyone is able to assist me. I have included both a photo of the miniature itself and the underside of the base. I have a weird nagging memory from decades ago of a conversation that I had with its original owner that it could have possibly been a part of a game set (i.e. like a game board) but that was several decades ago and I don't trust my memory. Anyway, the figure is holding a shield with a symbol on it, so maybe someone might even recognize it? The bottom of the base is really hard to see and I have spent literally hours staring at it trying to decipher it. The shape of the bottom is irregular. There appears to be a dotted box (or circle?) around an identification mark or symbol and a three digit number that appears below it. The year is shown as ©82. The three digits could be 601 or even 60T. The inscribed info is really hard to read and there is a chance for variance so it might even be 1001, or 001, or even something else. The height measures 28 mm and it weighs 24 grams. I have included a photo of the miniature and also two photos of the base (the one with the red cloth was taken without a camera flash and the other one was with the flash.... this was done to show different details that can be seen depending on the lighting). Thank you for any help that you can provide.
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