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  1. Campaign preview now fully built. Launching Oct 18th.
  2. Hello :) I'm here to share a preview of my October Kickstarter coming soon: Digital modular maps featuring Four enormous Dwarven Citadels. Vehicles, Mines, Deep Roads, Forge, Homes, Drinking Hall and much more. Please check out the campaign preview and join me when I launch. Meanders 5 Dwarven Citadels KS Preview
  3. And now, the hour is here, when over 100+ new Lovecraftian Meanders are being unleashed upon the unsuspecting tables of DM's and players the world over - and a new wave of cosmic horror ushered in for tabletop RPG. MEANDERS 5: LOVECRAFT MYTHOS KICKSTARTER https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/meanders-5-lovecraft-mythos-maps Behold, if you will, the biggest, baddest Meanders campaign yet - with another expansion of all-new digital maps - and in time for your Halloween extravaganza. Kind Regards, Kris (MapHatter)
  4. MEANDERS 4: The Lost Scrolls A New Wave of 60+ Digital "Meander" Battle, Regional and World Maps for your RPG Adventures, featuring some extraordinary art + Nighttime + RPG Tokens - the last campaign of the year that finally takes the total series of my interchangeable battlemap series to its goal of an incredible 1000 giant maps before 2020. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/meanders-4-the-lost-scrolls
  5. Hi :) I'm pleased to present my new 5e adventure series : Explore a sentient twin-planet where high magic is forbidden, war rages and the world is being dragged into a Lovecraftian abyss. Geas: Broken Gods offers five One-Shot adventures for levels 1-5 - or a huge campaing that chains them together in any order - that introduce players to a new world of my own creation that takes place on a living planet with unique physics, materials, weapons, equipment, monsters and more. Geas, is a Sentient co-joined planet: one half (The Found) knows next to nothing of the other (The Lost), eternally separated by the Bathyal Sea and Tsunami-sized waves that divide them. In fact - the History of Geas is one of its greatest mysteries. Records in the 'Great Planasthai' - a gargantuan and elaborate book of lore of tremendous import with its entries only readable when certain stars and planets align in special conjunctions - reveals that a visitation in the deep past from a particularly cryptic set of entities saw the reigning Gods of Geas simply walk away, abandoning their positions of power without a fight and choosing to instead walk amongst the mortals as Broken Gods. All modules are lovingly mapped, tokened and written providing everything you need + if you use Fantasy Grounds VTT you're in for a beautifully laid out and automated adventure using their excellent software and with maps and features specially designed to compliment and capitalize on their VTT. Find out more here: Geas: Broken Gods Thank you, Kind Regards Kris
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