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  1. Meanders Modular Battlemaps: WILD WEST: Now Live on Kickstarter. Meanders Modular Battlemaps: WILD WEST
  2. 'Tis two weeks 'til christmas and it is a very sad year - I felt everyone could do with some good christmas cheer. A village mapset of four by night and by day, With blank interiors to decorate your way. Sized for Meanders, Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds, Go inside or outside adventure with no bounds. I hope these free battlemaps will bring some delight, And to all humankind, much love and good night. (If you should want to bring extra cheer, you are entirely welcome to share, share, share.) Meanders: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14HEKOLAhfTyR87lk2BiHLb_rIeZaiUAv?usp=sharing Roll20: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kFtFALz6KEv5xDx2KTrGs6qrGSGNcIGo?usp=sharing FantasyGrounds: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1a6VsU5CjOM211b0KxhXGQ-u8s8n_Dw07?usp=sharing Merry Xmas from Game Tile Warehouse and thank you Reaper and our customers for your support.
  3. Campaign preview now fully built. Launching Oct 18th.
  4. Hello :) I'm here to share a preview of my October Kickstarter coming soon: Digital modular maps featuring Four enormous Dwarven Citadels. Vehicles, Mines, Deep Roads, Forge, Homes, Drinking Hall and much more. Please check out the campaign preview and join me when I launch. Meanders 5 Dwarven Citadels KS Preview
  5. And now, the hour is here, when over 100+ new Lovecraftian Meanders are being unleashed upon the unsuspecting tables of DM's and players the world over - and a new wave of cosmic horror ushered in for tabletop RPG. MEANDERS 5: LOVECRAFT MYTHOS KICKSTARTER https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/meanders-5-lovecraft-mythos-maps Behold, if you will, the biggest, baddest Meanders campaign yet - with another expansion of all-new digital maps - and in time for your Halloween extravaganza. Kind Regards, Kris (MapHatter)
  6. MEANDERS 4: The Lost Scrolls A New Wave of 60+ Digital "Meander" Battle, Regional and World Maps for your RPG Adventures, featuring some extraordinary art + Nighttime + RPG Tokens - the last campaign of the year that finally takes the total series of my interchangeable battlemap series to its goal of an incredible 1000 giant maps before 2020. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gametilewarehouse/meanders-4-the-lost-scrolls
  7. Hi :) I'm pleased to present my new 5e adventure series : Explore a sentient twin-planet where high magic is forbidden, war rages and the world is being dragged into a Lovecraftian abyss. Geas: Broken Gods offers five One-Shot adventures for levels 1-5 - or a huge campaing that chains them together in any order - that introduce players to a new world of my own creation that takes place on a living planet with unique physics, materials, weapons, equipment, monsters and more. Geas, is a Sentient co-joined planet: one half (The Found) knows next to nothing of the other (The Lost), eternally separated by the Bathyal Sea and Tsunami-sized waves that divide them. In fact - the History of Geas is one of its greatest mysteries. Records in the 'Great Planasthai' - a gargantuan and elaborate book of lore of tremendous import with its entries only readable when certain stars and planets align in special conjunctions - reveals that a visitation in the deep past from a particularly cryptic set of entities saw the reigning Gods of Geas simply walk away, abandoning their positions of power without a fight and choosing to instead walk amongst the mortals as Broken Gods. All modules are lovingly mapped, tokened and written providing everything you need + if you use Fantasy Grounds VTT you're in for a beautifully laid out and automated adventure using their excellent software and with maps and features specially designed to compliment and capitalize on their VTT. Find out more here: Geas: Broken Gods Thank you, Kind Regards Kris
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