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  1. Here, Sir Forscale looks at the latest work of art from Artist Sophie (03990) - POTATO JON! As a side note, that's my first time doing freehand in over 20 years...
  2. Wow, the tones really remind me of some of Paul Bonner's color artwork.
  3. Decided to paint this sucker yesterday as my first of the kit. I really like how it came out... And this is a photo to show how much a difference two years can make. I had a fifteen year gap from 2003 until April of 2018, and the figure on the left was one of the first I painted when I started back again.
  4. I'm depressed I can't enter - my first figure was in 1984, and I have no clue whatever happened to it. On the other hand, there is some seriously impressive growth and improvements throughout this thread!
  5. Well, that'd put it squarely at the end of Citadel's non-slotta base figure runs. Been looking, but not seeing anything in the catalog. However, the Partha Imports 1984 catalog only had maybe 1 pic for every 3 figs.
  6. To be fair, I'm also an airbrush n00b. I didn't intend for the green to cover as much of the lower belly as it did, but my aim is still not perfect. :D My concern was making sure the illuminated part was at LEAST the same luminosity, preferably higher, as the rest of the belly, in order to make it appear illuminated. And looking at it in B&W, I succeeded. :D
  7. Well, I saw the hippo at a FLGS, and just had to get it. And after painting the base color, I decided to try my hand at OSL around his lil' amulet. I know I have a little more work to do on the veggies on his hip, but I REALLY like what I have so far.
  8. Correction - they announced it this evening... ... ... Aaaaaand... ... ... I came in second in both customer walk-in vote, and staff judging. And since the same guy won both, with me a close second, it pretty much was a flat out second place. :D This means I beat several local pro commission painters, too. The competition was structured so that we signed up, and drew a number out of a jar. The number was a Reaper product number, and that was the figure we had three weeks to paint. I was lucky enough to get the Dracolisk
  9. Dadgummit... the customer voting was done last Saturday... but staff voting finishes today. I don't find out how I did until Tuesday, they're closed on Mondays.
  10. Yeah, that was pretty much the intention. "Why me?" Also, his feet might be cold from standing on ice barefoot like that...
  11. Sculpted in ZBrush, printed on a resin printer.
  12. And painted him with my airbrush as my second airbrushed mini ever. :D Enjoy!
  13. The same way I made the base and the broken statues - I 3D printed them. :D The base and stumps were printed on an FDM printer (an Ender 3), the statues and nameplate were done on a resin printer (the Anycubic Photon).
  14. Voting is over in two and a half days... then I find out...
  15. I agree, though I would have been ecstatic if it had ended up looking more metallic, like the kind of NMM you see in the big painting comps. BUT! I am trying not to compare myself to them. I've started painting a few "orphaned" Stormcast Eternals with NMM gold, and I will only compare myself today to myself yesterday. I promise. Honest. Really.
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