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  1. Hello everybody, I'm a new Reaper addict, I pledged for Bones5 as my first Bones KS, but I've been acquiring some minis throughout the year from the web store. I already seem to have unpainted minis all over my desk and shelves and I'm beginning to have real storage issues... Before the PM closes I will have gone almost all-in (no war/siege machines), I fear and since I just completed an order for Black Friday Sophies and 12 Days Xmas specials, I also think I'm having some, err, controversial time with my significant half in a few days (of course this is nothing compared to what will happen when a helicopter will land a large pallet in front of our door in 2021). Now, where is the addiction thread?
  2. Hi everybody, I'm a new user after pledging in Bones5. Please bear with me, I'd start with a question :-) I was ready to confirm an order this morning (didn't pledge last year and I'm waiting for most Bones4 retail every month, plus all of those Sophies!!!) and I see both the 12 Days free minis as well as the usual Bones Black ones I can choose from. I know it's Christmas :-P but is it right? I mean, N xmas minis plus X bones black promotional ones in a single order? Has it been done before? Or do you think it's as website update problem? Yes, I sent an email to Reaper support, but I received an out of office till 12/8 automatic reply. I forwarded it to another Reaper business email account, but still waiting for a reply. So I thought I might ask the veterans around here while I go in an F5 loop on the website... Thank you. Edit: P:S. of course I did not read the home page news. It's Christmas :-))) Sorry for the useless question.
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