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  1. Will try to get some when I get home, currently being bad and on the forums while at work.
  2. Well, it looks like I might have lost most of my tomatoes to bugs - something appears to be eating or at least taking bits out of the tomatoes. One of the three plants seems okay last I looked. Any suggestions for prevention/getting rid of what is eating them. No sign of what is doing it will quick inspections.
  3. I've looked over this a few times and I still can't tell what comes in a "set" for each region.
  4. Hoping I don't loose my tomatoes. 2 plants bent/broke with one of the wind/thunderstorms over the weekend. Both have tomatoes trying to grow above the bend. Pepper plants have had lots of flowers but we haven't seen any peppers start.
  5. Got some raspberries from the raspberry bush that we didn't plant before the weekend went wrong. Hoping to enjoy them over some ice cream tonight. Looks like there are still a lot more raspberries to come.
  6. Interesting texture on the face. What was your inspiration for that texture?
  7. How deep are you containers in the raised beds? We have been trying to look at ways to get the plants up higher and this is one of the best solutions I've seen. I'm going to have to take pictures of my small garden (only have 7 plants and a few herb pots.
  8. The Reaper Con boxes will be onsale - they are talking presale. They haven't put out the details of what else is in the Hobby Box. There are 3 Boxes, they gave details for the first 2 (blanking on their names). They are still working out the details on the box. Reaper Live last week gave good details on the other two boxes. For the Hobby Box, the only thing mentioned was the 3 paints that would be included.
  9. The Hobby Box is the Reaper Con Hobby Box - not a paint box. This is the third box associated with Reaper Con.
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