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  1. No garden for me this year. Travel for work and vacation got in the way. At least I get to enjoy all of yours.
  2. No garden for me this year 😞 Travel and work isn’t allowing enough time at the right time of year. Now to learn how to help things along for next year…
  3. Bard from Bones 5 Dragonfolk, came out with Dragonfolk Thief as 44145. I added the recorder or as D&D 5e calls it a songhorn.
  4. Well here goes, first post of a painted mini. I painted her as part of a community challenge for an online community.
  5. Not entirely sure but probably going between cute baby brother to annoying baby brother…
  6. And the fire is followed by the first significant snowfall for Boulder County.
  7. As a child my parents but paper mouse hole/family on the wall and we hung little stockings (about 2 maybe 3 inches big) and on Christmas Day we would find a little something from the mouse family if we left bits of cheese for them. I still have momma mouse and the little mouse hole with baby mouse and one of the stockings. Your story made me think of that and I hadn’t thought about the tradition in years, just that I wouldn’t get rid of the paper mice.
  8. Mages in regular clothing (non-robes or dresses, non-cleric), male wizards without beards, bards with instruments other than lutes, fighting types with different weapons (example non-dwarf with a war hammer)
  9. Thoughts finally being processed Con: Meet and greet - no options for vegetarian - had to go find someplace else to eat at the last minute No map - as a first time attendee - bit lost on where to find things No single place for information, especially on Con website - would expect to find details there Pro: Hobby Hijinks had large number of seats Classes - learned so much - really liked the cameras - made it easy to see
  10. Home safe after an overnight with relatives. @bill.faulkner and I enjoyed our first ReaperCon
  11. With the rest of the pose, either works - could be about to take off or about to pounce...but I like the general look of fully folded.
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