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  1. Nope. The one on the screen is not this miniature either. Still a good guess. I will tell you it was screenshot from an actual episode so I could paint it on the screen.
  2. Good guesses but nope. Also thank you for the compliments! 😄
  3. God this one was a fun one to paint. 🥰 Anyone know which miniature Anne is painting on the right screen? 😄 Jon Overton, Dave Pugh, and Anne Foerster I tried to do justice. Lol
  4. Currently working on Reaper Virtual Expo mini. Got to reset the eyes on the skull and repaint "NO ACCESS" on the TV monitors. Still more progress to go after that.
  5. This is Reaper related. I emailed Ron Hawkins a while back ago about a character idea for the next Kickstarter. And he told me it might just show up in bones 6. Followed up by a winky face. want to see if we can get a pole going to have this character introduced into the next series. My suggestion was to have a Leviathan whale sizably to the pirate ship from bones 5 thats currently underproduction. It could be possibly the biggest miniature they've ever made. It doesn't have to be the full size of the pirate ship in length. But it would be the largest and coolest mini to paint. Plus no other company has made a Leviathan. Pictures below are concept ideas I sent him. If we can get enough likes on this maybe we can get this miniature pushed through. Monster mini!!! I don't know about others but I would easily pay $100 or more for it during a Kickstarter. Especially if so many people were already willing to spend $100 on the ship. inbound9181087185912300539.webp I post this on Facebook also. Where Jon Overton commented about how it would be cool to have a mini island on its back. So I'm all for that also.
  6. I needed something that looks like it could capture a creature inside. Lol
  7. Spent the last three days doing new techniques I've never done before. First-time face texturing, using an airbrush, and first time NMM.
  8. I love painting these dice people! Painted the wizard to be an unpainted die, and the familiar as a die made of ivory (bone.) I now have these joining the gang, and only two left to paint. :D
  9. This one was pretty fun to do! :)
  10. I'm sorry that's weird. I don't know why you'd need that to view it. Although the good news is it's not making it so that you have to log into my specific account. You just have to log into Facebook in general. So there shouldn't be any harm to it. There's supposed to be pictures I had censored here... Update: For some reason they took down my pictures that I had up that were censored, and then as everyone can read on my post where it says "images removed for" they put "nudity." The censor bars were big enough to be bikini tops so there was nothing being shown. They told me that you're not allowed to have censor bars??????.......??? I ended up asking them why the exact company that runs this forum has an issue with a figure that they sell themselves and to top it off is shown topless on the sales site. It's not painted or sculpted sexually and by the end of the day the figure isn't a real human, and should be seen instead as art. They kept refusing to answer me directly on this topic, and repeatedly told me I have to use links. So there was pictures here. but for some reason they have an issue with censoring pictures. Which was a good thing to do and not a bad thing to do. Lol. So I can't show the pictures on here even if I wanted to. I have to send links now. Their own product can't be shown on here. This system is comedicly broken when it comes to the logic. "We'll sell them visually nude but we don't want to see them after they're painted." XD
  11. Painted her to be a vampiric white witch! The Violet Witch is an Elvin protector to the forests. Not quick to trust most, and will kill as quick as wolfsbane if prompted. For some reason the metal around the Jewel on her staff is showing up hardcore blue. I only lightly dusted the inner area, but all that metal is showing up as blue in pictures compared to in person. And I have no clue why. Lol There's more pictures uncensored in my group at this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/447509039179230/permalink/531957040734429/
  12. Had an hour to decide what I needed for the group. Decided to paint up a drowned zombie horde! :D
  13. I had this figure sitting around for awhile and thought I'd paint it. I went for the stereotypical National Geographic look for Rexy. Still have to decorate the base.
  14. I'm sure you're going to do great on it. I finished it in two because it was 4am and I still didn't sleep yet. Lol
  15. Thanks! It took me two hours to do this one. Was really tired but I kept telling myself to finish it. Lol
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