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  1. I'm painting a set of minis and would like to have a very diverse set of representation in it, the problem is that I am colorblind (not a metaphor, I am physically not able to distinguish between many colors) and am not able to really "know" that I got something right. I've had too many instances where I finished something only to be told sometime later it was not what I expected it to be to not ask before getting started ( once I went a good year before someone told me that the sand I based my minis on was orange, even longer before I realized everyone saw my beastmen being a lot more red than the natural skin tone I was going for :( ). So my request is can I get some recommendation of Reaper Skin tones that would be appropriate to different ethnicities around the world? I'm looking for 5 or so (for budget reasons) and I know they have the skin tones sets, but I'm scared that some are for more fantasy based tones and I won't notice if they are. The flesh wash intrigues me as well as I love washes, but I wouldn't know if it would only work with some skin tones and not others.

    thank you for you time and knowledge

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