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  1. Have they said if the figurehead options will be available in glow in the dark?
  2. Has their been any update in the past month on how the different types of ships will work in the pledge manager? Currently it appears as if their is only the option for different figureheads and no options for different plastic types with the ships themselves. I was thinking of getting one regular and one transparent and I know the courtesy deadline for locking in the order for them to produce accurate production numbers was approaching, so wanted to get that figured out.
  3. It looks like they are having problems identifying capitalization in emails. Mine was showing up as a non backer. I went into edit account and it was showing as [email protected] I changed it to [email protected], put my password in, and hit update account. It then recognized me and and I showed up as a backer. Going back to the main page seemed to reset this however.
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