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  1. I did get in and got the many tickets we needed, even some unexpected fun ones to make up for the ones we were too late to buy.
  2. I've done everything everybody said and it's not looking any different than it did yesterday. I Can't see anything related to class signups. It did briefly before Noon Central time but now, it's really nothing but disdain for me. Clearing cache is only an inconvenience that often is not even needed. Yes, waiver signage I have verified. I'll go to a different PC now to try. Would be a lovely world in which that were not necessary.
  3. Never been to ReaperCon or ReaperU but bringing family of 6. We got a lot of Bones V treasures to paint! I plan my finances out in advance as best as possible in this recession, but I really would like to know a ballpark on the cost of ReaperU classes. I know I will find out Friday, and I should have posted this question here weeks earlier, but I have no idea if the classes are 10, 25, 100 dollars each? It was hard to make a list of hopeful class registrations to sign 6 people up for (with not-unlimited funding), with no idea if the cost will be a major or minor factor in determining how many we each get to take. Granted, my fault for not asking on the forum sooner, though I did searches but didn't find answers. Any info would be appreciated to help prevent the sticker shock on friday (if there is any).
  4. For a noob, I made a huge order and got my rewards only about 9 days ago. I have been assembling but don't know what to do when taking my inventory and I discover a part missing. Anecdotally, I'm told they will fix anything wrong, even if i don't discover it for a year or two, but i have no way to be sure that they will even have in stock what is missing. Especially since per Kickstarter backer agreement, they really don't have to provide anything (but to keep reputation where it is). I found one dreadmere villain that was missing a torso and one arm, and maybe more. I had a huge order and it will take a while. Is it is better to wait until done with entire inventory to report missing pieces to Reaper? Also - I know about mould release and washing, but it that a factor when assembling with CA glue? I've not been washing before assembly, but plan to do so before painting. Nor do I feel grimy. If my bonds break later, maybe that will tell me I should have washed them.
  5. I'm trying to assess my base boss needs before i close out. I am getting a large order considering I play Ad&d , but do not have much painting experience. Have only a few metal and plastic minis myself, I am not sure by looking at a 2D rendering which minis are made that really ought to have a base and which ones should be able to stand on their own. What are some good assumption some of you could recommend that I make? Some examples of decisions I need to make: item 1006 looks like his built in base is sufficient, but item 1010 looks like it might not balance well without a 1 inch base. Then there are the many humanoids that are on ellipse shaped bases, not on bases at all really, like 1019 and 1024. I realize the Core Set comes with some bases, but i'm also getting a lot of options and expansion sets. Are all the dragons going to need 3-inch or larger bases? I can't see item 1030 balancing at all without one, but i don't know if it needs 2 inch or 3 inch. Once I get my order, I don't want to buy anything from Reaper (except paint supplies) for years. I will be set for retirement nearly. (I know, I say that, then Bones 6 will be tempting me.) So anyway, I was hoping to get these bases and not have to order them later and don't want to tell myself to buy minis just because i over-purchased on bases. Any pointers would be appreciated. I will be working on my own estimations in a spreadsheet, though it will feel like a shot in the dark.
  6. Does anybody know where i can see a video with the Deathrattle Ballista in it, not just the rendering? Or at least the rendering with a size indicator of some kind? I looked back at all the Bones 5 Live videos and saw no demos. I pledged rather a pretty high amount compared to the average pledge (call it temporary insanity), and I am trying to decide how many ballista add-ons i would like. Reaper has been good about showing most everything else, at least over time. Friday's showing of the dragon Wolf rendering was promising. Any info on the ballista would be appreciated. The Catapult is too big for me to consider for my purposes but if the ballistas are much smaller, i might get 3 or 4.
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