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  1. I'm trying to assess my base boss needs before i close out. I am getting a large order considering I play Ad&d , but do not have much painting experience. Have only a few metal and plastic minis myself, I am not sure by looking at a 2D rendering which minis are made that really ought to have a base and which ones should be able to stand on their own. What are some good assumption some of you could recommend that I make? Some examples of decisions I need to make: item 1006 looks like his built in base is sufficient, but item 1010 looks like it might not balance well without a 1 inch ba
  2. Does anybody know where i can see a video with the Deathrattle Ballista in it, not just the rendering? Or at least the rendering with a size indicator of some kind? I looked back at all the Bones 5 Live videos and saw no demos. I pledged rather a pretty high amount compared to the average pledge (call it temporary insanity), and I am trying to decide how many ballista add-ons i would like. Reaper has been good about showing most everything else, at least over time. Friday's showing of the dragon Wolf rendering was promising. Any info on the ballista would be appreciated. The Catapult is
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